Jump Start/Plateau Buster that totally works for me!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I don't know what diet you're using but my mother went to a weight loss clinic which seemed pretty expensive to me. $300 for consultation/exam/first treatment then $70 a week for checkup and antihunger/metabolism boost pills and a combo shot of B vitamins and something else.

I opted to just follow the eating schedule they gave her, for two reasons. First, No way could I afford that cost! Secondly, to see how much more she lost than me while she was recieving the extras they were giving her to help boost her (and their wallets)!

Amazingly, I lost the same amount of weight she did, without the pills and shots. I think that what we do during the first 10 days of this clinics diet is what jump starts our metabolism or gets us out of our plateaus, giving us new hope to know we CAN lose weight or get past our plateau and lose more which will encourage us not to give up and stop where we are.
Hope is a great kick start!

Expensive diet clinics use this quick start to make people think its the extras that they need to purchase each week, that is going to help them continue their great weight loss. I'm living proof that its a misconception. I do have the advantage that I have been in sales most of my life and while listening to them pitch my mother, I could tell they were hyping it! And let me add, I am good at sales, but I never mislead anyone! Thats what builds good long time customer relationships! (Personal ones too..lol)

For many people, this schedule could be a better jump start for you to handle for ten days or so to get a good start to your diet. Please be aware that this isn't a DIET to use for any long period of time. It's only to jump start you, or get you moving off your plateau! See important notes at bottom of the page!!!

It's the jump start or plateau buster of the expensive 'pay out of your pocket' program. Basically it puts you into KETOSIS where your body uses stored fat for energy. I would strongly encourage you though to first check with your Dr. to get clearance or guidance on this, ESPECIALLY if you have any medical conditions!

If, while you are in ketosis, you add any playtime with your children, going out dancing, house cleaning, work outs or walking - you will lose alot more weight faster.

A walk with your kids or loved ones could be quality time spent with them, and an excellent boost for your metabolism and mood. Getting others moods around you boosted is always a plus! Double blessing! Read on.

First thing to know is you MUST drink your water! And you must supplement with multi-vitamins! These two things are extremely important and a strong part of your solution!

You'll be dropping your caloric intake way down to 500 calories a day..and all you can eat is basically 6 oz of meat, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese. Proteins of that nature, 5 times a day with no eating after 8 pm, if possible.

Whenever I hit a plateau I go back to this method and within days I've dropped another pound or more and am on my way to losing about 10 pounds over the next 7-10 day period. The longer I stay true to it, and the more exercise I do during those 7-10 days, the faster I drop weight. Trust me, knowing that I am losing weight and might see a weight change each day makes it really easy for me to dedicate myself to those 10 days!

Another thing to think about when it comes to exercise, that will energize you into wanting to exercise, is that exercise will build muscle up where fat was. Muscle burns fat even during rest times. In addition, it helps prevent wrinkles from the fat loss under the skin, by replacing fat with muscle.

I suggest, so that cooking family meals doesn't seem too hard for you, to make your regular healthy meals for your family, but serve yourself only the meat/protein portion you're alotted. You won't feel you're missing a thing once you see the fat start melting off and feel your energy start coming back. Maybe before or while you're cooking dinner, have a piece of cheese so you don't feel hungry.

And while they eat, instead of sitting at the table with them, go work out for 15 minutes. It will boost your metabolism, and suppress your appetite while boosting endorphins! And have a glass of water while you're at it! lol Good stuff!

by drinking at least 10 8 oz glasses of water each day, more if you can, for the following reasons: it keeps your metabolism boosted, helps with cravings and cleanses toxins. Most importantly, Consuming too much protein puts a strain on the kidneys, which can make a person susceptible to kidney disease. This is why you MUST drink that water and you must not stay on the diet much longer than 10 days. The water must be water, not in the form of tea, soda, juice or coffee. You can drink coffee or tea or diet soda during that time, but in addition to the water. The water is necessary!

You also MUST take your vitamin supplements because while you are taking in so little food in the form of protein only, you are not getting any of the additional nutritional supplementation your body needs, through your food. Your body still needs all these additional nutrients to run strong. You need a full spectrum multi-vitamin, time released if possible.

After a couple days I felt a lack of energy, and because I wasn't getting the vitamin B shots, I added a time released multi B vitamin in addition to the regular multi-vitamins I was taking, I also added an additional B12 supplement. The B vitamins boosted my energy and my mood. (Especially helpful if you have high stress, moodiness or demands of a job or a child!) I also added calcium with D for bone density, in ketosis your body excretes more calcium than normal, and calcium helps to lose weight, as does vitamin C which I take in addition to whatever C is in my multivitamin to take a total of 1500mg. All of these are water soluble so they don't build up in your system. Your system takes what it needs of these and if there is more than it needs, which probly wont be the case, it disposes of it.

I've also had a hysterechtomy and found that I cannot take regular hormone replacement, it causes breast cancer and strokes. Within a short time after they started me on HRT I had breast cell changes, and a biopsy which said I was growing precancerous cells. I dropped HRT then and there! Soon after, my daughter who was on HRT got 5 blood clots in her lungs! That's scary! She's not on it anymore either!

Europeans have used Black Cohosh to boost hormone levels naturally without side effects for hundreds of years. Keeping your hormone levels up helps to stop the fat storage process female bodies go thru during menopause or from lack of hormones. Hormones also control our moods, energy levels, and metabolism.
I take Black Cohosh also, but every other day, instead of daily.

I started keeping my vitamins by my computer, and I never forget to take them now! LOL

Everyone I have shared this with had to try it to believe it, so did I. Take the advice or not...It was a gift that I just happened to recieve by going with my mom and learning about this jump start/plateau buster. I've lost 20 lbs since November 12, 2007.
After 10 days I go onto a low glycemic diet, to incorporate vegetables and nutritious foods back into my diet and my body. You can read more about low glycemic at a link below also. Its very interesting knowledge which will help you not be a yoyo dieter your entire life!

I pass this information along to you in hopes it will be knowledge that helps you pass a plateau or give you an encouraging jump start. Once you've experienced the results for yourself *Pay it forward* share the information with others to enlighten them! I'm sure you will meet others along your journey, who might be glad to learn something so life changing!

The following information is a must read in order to be fully knowledgeable about why you musn't use this as a diet!


Weight Loss: High Protein, Low Carbohydrate Diets
High protein, low carbohydrate diets have been widely promoted in recent years as an effective approach to losing weight. These diets generally recommend dieters receive 30% to 50% of their total calories from protein. By comparison, the American Heart Association, the National Cholesterol Education Program and the American Cancer Society all recommend a diet in which only 10% to 15% of calories are derived from protein (nutrients essential to the building, maintenance and repair of tissues in the body).

The Atkins diet is an example of a high protein, low carbohydrate diet.

How do these diets work?

By restricting carbohydrates drastically to a mere fraction of that found in the typical American diet, the body goes into a different metabolic state called KETOSIS, whereby IT BURNS ITS OWN FAT FOR FUEL. Normally the body burns carbohydrates for fuel -- this is the main source of fuel for your brain, heart and many other organs. A person in ketosis is getting energy from ketones, little carbon fragments that are the fuel created by the breakdown of fat stores. When the body is in ketosis, you tend to feel less hungry, and thus you're likely to eat less than you might otherwise. However, ketosis can also cause health problems, such as kidney failure (see below). *This is why you MUST DRINK YOUR WATER!*

As a result, your body changes from a carbohydrate-burning engine into a fat-burning engine. So instead of relying on the carbohydrate-rich items you might typically consume for energy, and leaving your fat stores just where they were before (alas, the hips, belly, and thighs), your fat stores become a primary energy source. The result - weight loss.

What are the health risks associated with high protein, low carb diets?

High protein diets can cause a number of health problems, including:

Kidney failure. Consuming too much protein puts a strain on the kidneys, which can make a person susceptible to kidney disease.

High cholesterol. It is well known that high protein diets (consisting of red meat, whole dairy products, and other high fat foods) are linked to high cholesterol. Studies have linked a high cholesterol levels to an increased risk of developing heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Osteoporosis and kidney stones. High protein diets have also been shown to cause people to excrete more calcium than normal through their urine. Over a prolonged period of time, this can increase a person's risk of osteoporosis and kidney stones.

Cancer. One of the reasons high protein diets increase the risks of certain health problems is because of the avoidance of carbohydrate-containing foods and the vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-oxidants they contain. It is therefore important to obtain your protein from a diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Not only are your needs for protein being met, but you are also helping to reduce your risk of developing cancer.

Unhealthy metabolic state (ketosis). Low carb diets can cause your body to go into a dangerous metabolic state called ketosis since your body burns fat instead of glucose for energy. During ketosis, the body forms substances known as ketones, which can cause organs to fail and result in gout, kidney stones, or kidney failure. Ketones can also dull a person's appetite, cause nausea and bad breath. Ketosis is prevented by eating at least 100 grams of carbohydrates a day.

Is this diet right for me?

These theories remain unproven, and most experts are concerned that high-protein, low carb diets can cause a host of problems, particularly for the large segment of the population that is at risk for heart disease. What's more, the plan doesn't permit a high intake of fruits and vegetables, recommended by most nutrition experts because of the numerous documented health benefits from these foods.

The experts say to achieve permanent weight loss you must change your lifestyle. This means following a lower calorie diet that includes grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables combined with participating in regular physical activity.

Before starting this or any diet, be sure to talk with your doctor to determine what approach is right for you.

Never hurts to have full knowledge of how your body works and what diet may maintain your weight once you reach your goal..and why!

Once I reach my goal, I plan to go on and stay on a Low Glycemic Diet. Again, only resorting to Ketosis if I need to drop weight.

For the best explanation I could find on LOW GLYCEMIC DIET , in a short search, here is a link to explain what it is and why its important for you to read and understand how our body uses food, gains or loses weight and why this diet is an excellent weight management program.


I ended up putting alot more information in this article than I had originally intended. But to know the pros and cons is very important! I also suggest in any instances, that people can do their own research as well, and not take anyones word for something as important as our bodies! I wouldn't, which is why I did the research while trying this method. It's good to understand how to reach your goals and then maintain them, and have a fast way to drop it back down if you start gaining weight back, rather than waiting! We all know what putting it off does! Back where we started!!

I've tried lots of diets, this is the closest to a magic pill I could find, and believe me, I tried many of the magic pills that are touted as the real deal...all I lost was money!

Remember, I got serious and started on November 12, 2007. I went off diet and ate regular holiday foods during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but smaller portions. The first day or two after both holidays, it looked like I put about 6 pounds back on, but the second or third day I was happily surprised to see that I was back where I was before I went off the diet. I think its healthy to have a day once every couple of weeks to eat what we like, in small portion, so we don't feel like we are starving ourself. We need to treat ourself once in a great while..but then be diligent about our diet the rest of the time. I did walk on Christmas day and Thanksgiving, to help myself not feel like I was totally ignoring my bodies health.

I'd like to hear if this article helps anyone. Best Wishes for your success! I think you will succeed this time! Knowledge is power!
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    I really don't think this is a good idea. Sorry. When your body goes into ketosis it actually will eat your muscles and not so much the fat. Plus on top of that it will starve your brain proper nutrition causing memory loss, mood changes, and coordination problems. Sorry, but I would suggest you seriously reconsider this idea.
    2207 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/9/2012 7:43:48 PM
    thanks for the advice, Im going to try this! emoticon
    3070 days ago
    Thanks for the info, it was very helpful!
    3186 days ago
    I am going to try the high protein diet, but only this week. But, there is no way I could only do 500 calories a day. I have been counting my calories, and after two large eggs with nothing else, I would already be at 200. One light Bonbell mini-bell cheese is 50 calories. So, that tiny amount of food would already put me at half my daily intake. I am working out heavily and can't see how I would have any energy to continue. But, even running/speed walking 4.4 miles every other day and biking 15 - 24 miles on the days I don't run, I have hit a plateau. I hadn't taken a day off from working out in nearly 3 weeks and can barely walk today, so I am taking a break. I biked 24 miles yesterday, ate less than 1900 calories of only healthy food (I am 5'9" and weight 178, so 2500 is my maintenance calorie level), drank 10 glasses+ of water and even tried a organic vinegar/lemon/green tea mix to try to detox my system. I got on the scale and it went up 1.2 pounds. I know I have replaced a lot of fat with muscle, because I can feel it in my clothing. Normally I wouldn't be in such a rush, but I am trying to get back into the Army, I am at the age limit at 47 (I get a break since I have 9 years prior service) and I need to get the scale down 8.2 pounds (I am shooting for an extra 5 on top of that for insurance). I can't get it to budge (I was 174 when I started 3 weeks ago and have watched it go up instead of down), so I am going to try what you suggest with only protein and cheeses (which I love), but maybe at 1200 calories so I have the energy to work out. I am concerned about two things--I read we need carbohydrates to help balance our metabolism to burn fat and I am concerned about putting my metabolism into the starvation mode where I will be cutting my calories severely and not see any results. Comment? emoticon Once thing for sure, I am not going to let myself to get discouraged and give up. I want this too badly!
    3240 days ago
  • FOX2566
    Important to remember...not for everyone. There are other ways to break plateaus.
    3243 days ago
    Thank you for the helpful information. I have always heard of ketosis and wondered how to get there.
    3245 days ago
  • PAMELA702
    I would love to know more about this....if you could please contact me, my email is smithsonp37@yahoo.com and my sparkpeople name is pamela 37. I am at a plateau and i want to try this diet, but i was not sure exactly what to eat and how much of it. If you could contact me i would be so grateful. Thanx, Pamela
    3687 days ago
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