Is the glass half empty or half full???

Monday, January 07, 2008

Well the water challenge continues and I have met my challenge every day so far...

But it has not been easy.

I have tried to figure out why I have such a hatred of water and I have come to this conclusion:

water is bland... it does nothing for my taste buds

my taste buds have been use to the tingle of tiny bubbles from Pepsi or Coke.
my taste buds have been use to the warm bitterness of coffee loaded with flavored coffee creamers
my taste buds have been use to ice cold milk with chocolate syrup

So when I decided to do the water challenge my taste buds said must be kidding

Since my taste buds have gone on strike when it comes to drinking water, it was not an easy transition from the things I love to drink to the water I hate to drink

The first thing I did was to take a look at the glasses I was using to drink my water.

I got technical. I found out what a glass of water was and I went straight to the measuring cup. I am going to drink 8 glasses of more and no less.

On my first day of my challenge, I measured out 8 glasses of water and put them on my desk. It took me close to 10 hours to finish those 8 glasses of water. I found that the visual aspect of 8 glasses of water was to much for me and my striking taste buds.

The second day of my water challenge I put all 8 glasses of water in one container and decided to sip my way to my challenge.
Again this was to much for me. When I picked up the container to drink the water, it felt like I was drinking from a horse trough. The more I sipped on my straw it seemed like I was not making any progress.

The third day of my challenge I decided to go down the middle. Instead of looking at 8 individual glassed or one big jug, I divided my water into 4 glasses.

Ahh the happy medium. When I complete one of the glasses of water, I have already drank my two glasses of water and my taste buds are adjusting.

Hey Cassandra....cry me a a bridge...and....get over it...
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    I had the exact same problem!! I hated that water was basically tasteless - unless I was thirsy and or it was really hot on that day - or I exercised and needed to drink it. I also, tried divying up my water thru the day and - what I found that worked was I bought a water container (Nalgene) with a screw off lid and if I drink three of it full - daily I have a little over my water intake for the day. It makes me feel better not finishing it on some days - knnowing I dont need to and on other days actually finishing it because I want to.

    Good luck on the water goals! the nicest thing about drinking more water - to me is I am full all the time!
    4396 days ago
    I had the same problem when I started, but I added a wedge of a lemon into the water and it made a world of difference! I am now drink 9 glasses of water, and I don't need to add anything! My taste buds actually cry out for water when I wake up in the mornig! They have been deprived for too long!
    Good luck with your water,
    4398 days ago
    Well, if you've been drinking out of it, the glass is probably all the way empty, and if you do that eight times you will continue to get your full spark points :) :) :) Sorry, I'm humor challenged today :) More seriously, it's okay to add a little flavor. Some people put in a squirt of lemon. On our team, someone - maybe it was Heather? - discovered that freezing fruit in icecubes and putting them in the water tasted pretty good. Personally I don't like cold water and have found that heating it up a bit helps. Anyway, you are doing GREAT to be consistently meeting the 8x8 goal.
    4398 days ago
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