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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yesterday was officially Day 1 of what I like to call my new life style. I decided that it would be helpful to keep a journal of what I eat so that I could look back and figure out where I'm going wrong.

I carefully counted my calories and fat...every last bit! A whopping 923 calories and 19 Fat! Huh? How is it possible that I am darn near 75 pounds over weight, yet I eat half the calories they suggest to lose weight, and the amount of fat that is practically allowed in 1 meal!

It just doesn't seem right! So now what? Eat more to lose weight? Guess so. I really never imagined eating too little would be a problem! lol
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    I had to change it to holy poo cause it wouldn't let me post it the way I had it.. Ooops
    4764 days ago
    It's weird isn't it? I do the same thing, i have a piece of paper on the fridge divided into 4 sections.. Exercise, breakfast, lunch, dinner and total calories.. I give myself 4 lines for each day.. I write it all down.. Bowl of cherrioes with milk? 160 calories.. How the hell am I going to eat the recommended caloric intake at 8am? lol I'd have to eat until lunch!! But it is helping because at lunch and dinner the meals are bigger and I'm seeing calorie numbers in the hundreds and when I see those tiny powdered donuts the kids have, and want one, I look at the number and suddenly just can't bring myself to writing down 'One measly powdered donut....90 calories) *sigh* Just licking the little cardboard thing they sit on must be 100

    It's going to be alright.. Today the kids and I were out all day, so we had fast food.. They rarely get it and Matthew wanted boingy (curly) fries from Arbys so I gave in.. I had the cheese sticks, I got home and looked on their site for the nutrician info.. 426 stinkin'' CALORIES IN 4 CHEESE STICKS.. Holy Poo! I was floored.. lol I fell and hurt my leg yesterday and have a 8-9 inch bruise on the outside of my calf, I want to ride my bike but it hurts to darn bad.. So the calories I burned today came from pulling the wagon with Aubrey and Hunter and pushing a cart with Matthew through 3 stores.. The cart was loaded with groceries so maybe that did

    4764 days ago
    Hey girl.. I am SO glad we joined this. It has been VERY informative for me. I am having the same issue. I started writing everything down but just like the last reply said we need to start sneaking in little healthy snacks. I have read some AMAZING stories and many people have read the "You on a diet book" I'm gonna purchase it tonight. I read it helps with the new life style change. I am so ready for this change its gonna take us all a while but watch we WILL do it!! I rated my fridge today threw out all the sweets- thats my weakness!! Thats a great step for me!! HUGS!!!
    4764 days ago
  • MRS_JRS6494
    It is amazing that you can eat too little, isn't it? If you get too little, then your body stores all the fat it can get. Try to get some healthy calories in there, like nuts and such. Even some cheese would be a good way to hike up the calorie count a bit.

    Welcome to Ladies of Law Enforcement, by the way! :)
    4764 days ago
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