Christmas Crap but not too bad and Leg Magic Update

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmastime is a time to spend with family and with my big italian family, feast is putting it mildly....it was the holidays so i allowed myself to enjoy, i didn't overdo too much but regardless because i've been eating so excellent, the overdose of sugar in my system made me wakeup with a killer stomach ache this morning...

Christmas Eve:
I had 3 egg whites and a scoop of chocolate protein powder (in water) for breakfast figuring let me get my protein now so i stay full and its healthy...then i did my regular monday cardio workout (elliptical- i stood on for 60 minutes, wanted to do longer didn't have time) and hula hoop for 25 minutes and leg magic....

At my brother's house I impressed myself by NOT TOUCHING ONE HORS D'OEUVRE (you know, little appetizer thingies) i didn't take any cheese on crackers, not a thing till dinner....except 3 baby carrots bc i got so hungry i began to get dizzy....dinner only consisted of some baked eggplant parmasean and lemon chicken..

.i was proud of my choices and saved my calories for dessert since i like desser way better and it included (all homemade) 2 chocolate peanut butter bars (my bro said he used healthy PB yay), 2 gingerbread star cookies, some apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream my cousin made and only a handful of rainsets (which is good because usually i'm way worse with candy at family functions)..i indulged Christmas Eve but not too terrible...

Christmas Day:
I usually do strength training on Tues but bc of the holiday and knowing I wasn't doing anything today, I did my strength training this morning instead. I ran for 65 minutes on elliptical Christmas morning as well as do the hula hoop 20 minutes. I later did another 20 minutes of hula hooping after dinner. I skipped the leg magic b/c my thighs were sore as hell and i wanted them to rest.

Christmas morning I had 2 egg whites with a slice of fat free cheese on a 100 calorie english muffin- along with my protein powder....i should have went without the muffin but idk i was craving the whole sandwhich getup....oh and a gingerbread cookie and a whole wheat flour chocolate chip oatmeal cookie wound up in breakfast somehow =X that was bad

Christmas Day was at my house- I did have one cracker (whole wheat 1) and 1 laughing cow cheese wedge (35 calories) i was licking the cheese off the knife b/c i didn't want any more crackers after eating the 1st one. My uncle thought i was nuts. I also had a nice slice of mozzarella cheese i swiped from my bro making lasagna....okay maybe it was 2 slices of mozzarella...

Dinner I am ashamed of myself a little..I took dry salad (good), eggplant parm (again baked- and only 3 slices), a slice of white turkey meat (which was too dry for me and i hate gravy so thats why i didnt eat more) but i had lasagna...i never ever eat pasta but my brother makes amazing home made lasagna and he rarely makes it..it was good but PASTA?? i should have known better...not to mention the (delicious) ooeeyy gooeyy cheese that flooded out of it...i wound up doing the dishes for my mom i told her as a Christmas gift but really it was to burn calories from lasagna b/c i had to move around after ;) is that bad?

Dessert on Christmas Day- 3 chocolate peanut butter bars again (they are about 2 inches long,i measured the length lol), a cookie made with cocoa powder and peanutbutter chips, a mini brownie made with godiva chocolate (sinful, small but delicious..my bro made them) and a piece of this cake my sister in law bought in shop rite that was vanilla wafer like cake and chocolate mousse and pure sugar icing- it was really really really sweet so God knows how terrible it was for me, but it was delicious, borderline too sweet which is hard for me to find....i cut a small piece and savored it....

i am proud to say i didn't have any of my moms home made chocolate candies bc i been eating them the whole week (1 or 2 pieces after dinner) and knew that would over do it and i also didn't eat any homemade rosettes which is basically fried dough with powedered sugar on top my parents make (almost like zeppoles but not really) b/c well they are fried i know better

on a scale from 1-10 1 being terrible, 10 being amazing, i think for Christmas I'd give myself a 4 or 5.

I've been using the leg magic now for 10 days and of the 10 i rested 2...my thighs feel and look a little firmer. I feel it in my thighs for days, today is the 1st day I did it and it didn't really really burn after. I really like this machine and 13 minutes isn't a long routine to do. I'd recommend it. The woman on the DVD is kind of annoying but her body motivates me lol

so Christmas day could have been better, but it also could have been worse right?? i mean i did work out in the morning too and i worked out as usual this morning and i'm back to my better eating habits again today

except after dinner i probably will have a peanut butter bar instead of little piece of chocolate =X
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    I don't think you had a bad Christmas at all (eating-wise I mean). Only a few days and you still worked out, so don't worry about it. New Year is coming and I think we all naturally have more determination and enthusiasm after Christmas so you'll soon be back on track and aiming at goal. (those peanut butter bars sound gorgeous!)
    4687 days ago
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