brother's wedding, strained bicep, 0! 0! 0!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

okay so i've been meaning to write every day but with school and finals and work and stuff yea i haven't had time...

my brother's wedding was on 12/1 which at this point was a week and a half ago...well the size 4 dress was big on me =D i should of had it taken in but i didn't realize how big it actually was until 2 days before...i wish i looked better then i did, especially my arms but too late now..family and friends who haven't seen me in a while did notice i lost weight so that made me happy...

that night i decided was a night off from dieting, especially because the week before i exercised over time and ate super duper strict so i felt i deserved it...coconut shrimp (omg delish) stuffed cabbage, one perogy (haven't had these in years), DESSERT!!!!!!!! and 5 malibu bay breezes (i never drink bc of calories and bc it flares up fibro- i was pretty drunk and on top of it puking when i got home that night but family function and an open bar does not a good combination make)

anyway so the wedding was nice, sunday i cheated a little bit too bc out of town family was still here- 2 slices of thin pizza (haven't had a slice of pizza in months!) i blotted them didn't eat crust and carvel ice cream, figured i might as well enjoy the rest of the weekend...

monday i was back on track as far as eating goes but i went for a massage and my therapist told me i strained my bicep (probably from over working it prior to wedding) and i needed to let it rest a few days..so last week i did cardio 3 days last week (lower then normal i know) and no weight lifting until the sunday that just past bc i was scared of ruining my bicep and by the time sunday came around my arms looked like hell- its hard to believe resting them for 1 week can really make a difference in the muscle tone, but i didn't want the injury to worsen so i didn't see another choice

now i'm back on schedule with cardio and lifting regularly again because I REFUSE to become a statastic that gains weight during holiday season..i weigh myself every other day and i'm still at 118- those damn 3 pounds won't leave me!!!

the past 4 days especially i've been eating even more strict then i normally do so hopefully by xmas they will be gone,new years the latest...here's a nice example: my dad brother and mom were devouring a bag on peanut M&Ms as we all watched TV..oh how i wanted an M&M but i didn't have them..nope i didn't even eat one!!! the bag was then gone and i was uber proud of myself for not giving into that temptation =D

my thighs are starting to annoy me more then usual- i ordered the leg magic off ebay..well actually my mom got it for me for Christmas, I hope it works, it looks like it has promise

still love my slendertone belt...i use it every day for like 2 hours...and the MBT shoes are also fantastic, you can't pinch fat off the back of my legs- i think that's why my inner thighs are more noticeable now LoL..they were worth every cent

so i went into express the other day (fave store) and decided bc my size 2 jeans seem big to be brave and attempt the 0...i was expecting the worst but they zippered...they buttoned!!!....i was shocked..they were a wee bit tight so once i lose a little more you better believe that will be how i reward myself...me a zero..i was a size 6 in the same store in january and the size 6 was tight on me..what a great feeling...im succeeding, slowly but surely

okay have to study..one more final tomorrow but i will update more and i keep meaning to take more recent bikini pix but i wake up every day frustrated
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