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Still poppin' in... still on Day 1 LOL!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thank y'all for your encouragement and support. I SO need y'all! :) I come here and read a little and think... I can do this!

My Day 1 of Induction didn't go too great. Started off great, but then I bought these delicious little dark chocolate ball thingys and ... had one. Also, my hubby bought beef jerky... ok, so that's ok when you're low carbin' if you have ONE serving and not FOUR! (do I have to mention the sodium and water retention?) ;)

Well, same thing today. had another one of those chocolate balls (not sugar free, and 5 carbs each) and that darn beef jerky, but at least it's gone now. I also had about a cup of raw cauliflower with green goddess dressing dip (1 carb per tbsp) and 4 oz of tilapia fish. If i could have just left the jerky and chocolat alone! So you know what that means for me... I blew it today, might as well have EVERYTHING I've ever wanted to eat today!

NO! I can't do that. I didn't severly blow the day, right. Ok... so probably 12 carbs with the jerky, 5 with the chocolate ball, 0 with the fish, 4 with the dressing, and...??? with the cauliflower. Is that a totally blown day?

Remember how well I drank water? at least 120 to 160 oz every day... well, guess how much I had yesterday... 0! 0 oz. I had diet coke and diet rootbeer and diet dr. pepper and coffee. What's up with that?

OK, I'm going to get working on that water again. I felt so great when I drank lots of water!

Hugs to you all!

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    What if you did modified lo-carb? Or carb/calorie cycling? These are techniques used by weight lifters to get cut for their competitions. I did Atkins btw and was hard-core and I went from 235 at the time down to 185 plus was also working out with weights and doing cardio. I wish I had taken more info down at that time to see how much of the loss was fat or muscle. I lost hair, felt tired a lot, was cold a lot, cranky and irritable a lot toward the end. I was also doing induction too long and over-exercising. So I did not stick with it. In the end, something has to be livable for life. Atkins, if done correctly is probably ok but for me a more liveable approach was to get rid of junk and processed foods, eat fruit earlier in the day in moderation, eat veges and drink water, eat lean meats, eat healthy fats in moderation (like avacados, salmon, walnuts, olive oil) and live by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time eat healthy and on special days (BD) or Holidays-in moderation have something you like. Over time eating healthy is what you will crave all the time. Anyways, if you are working out, sleeping, getting water and doing the healthy eating most of the time..now and then having a chocolate is not going to hurt. Even on Atkins (after induction of course) one of the ways to get out of a plateu is to do a planned cheat...then go back into induction and go from there...so don't fret. try getting vitamins if you are doing atkins hardcore...that is something he says to do and I didn't which was part of the prob.
    3790 days ago
  • JNORMAN1969
    I know it is hard to get back into it, but you just have to. I am feeling in for another employee at another store today, and everytime I walk down the hall there is this big bag of minature candy bars staring at me, so far I have had none, as long as my will power will hold out it will stay 0.
    3793 days ago
    OK, remember how I said you need to still stay with the challenge? LOL You need to do your water, girlfriend. Gulp, gulp, gulp!!!! All that diet stuff was just making you more thirsty. LOL Anyway, I blew it today, myself. I had so much salad, that's not the bad part though, I still ate everything else, that's the bad part. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. People on crack have to put the pipe down, I on the other hand have to put the fork down. Good grief.
    3794 days ago
    See...you're just practicing so you're REALLY good at Day 1!!! It's great, though, that you're still here and continuing to work on being healthy. You're determined....you'll get there!!
    3794 days ago
  • LIBRA73
    Chocolate! My favorite diet sin! I have a pc everyday! I just don't deny myself!! Love the diet Dr Pepper too! Wanna have lunch???

    Hang in there! You are on the right track!
    3795 days ago
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