It's been almost 3 weeks...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Well, I think I officially came back to Sparkpeople 10/22... so it's been almost 3 weeks of me "trying to be good" (I don't say diet... I don't like that word! :-)
I feel like it's been going well. WOW does it take a lot of work though (I know, I know... creating bad habits takes a lot less time than breaking them). I've lost a pound a week since my first weigh in 2 weeks ago (although... my weight can fluctuate 5 lbs within a single day, so I'm taking it with a grain of salt and trying not to let myself get too excited... although... that's 2 weeks in a row that the scale has gone down!!). I've really had to focus on what I'm eating. I don't think I ever realized how many times I'd pop a little food in my mouth during the day until I started recording it! No more grazing for me!
It's also been hard to count calories b/c I don't always know the nutrition info for what I eat. For example... I went to a football party last week and had some of the chili a guy had made there. How am I supposed to know how many calories are in that??!?! I estimated using some other chili listed as a choice on the nutrition tracker... but I'm finding that I really enjoy tracking my food and want to get it right, so not knowing frustrates me in a way! It takes me about 5 minutes everyday to track (some days more than others if I have to enter a food myself), but I really think the time is worth it b/c it REALLY helps me hold myself accountable for every bit of food that goes in my mouth!
This past week I started the couch to 5k program, so for one week now I've officially gotten in the 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week that I said I'd do when I first put my info into sparkpeople. I'm going to continue on to week 2 this week. I just hope I don't give up on it. It's not too bad, but I really just don't like exercising. I'd much rather sit on my butt and relax. :-) Maybe that'll change as my body adjusts and gets used to the running. Maybe, like so many people have said, I'll actually start to feel like I NEED to work out to feel normal during the day. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for that to happen and until it does, I'm going to do my best to make myself do this!
The fact that it's only 3 times a week seems to really be helping me. In the past when I've started exercising I've been too gung-ho about it and started in with 5 times a week or so. Then, when I burnt out and couldn't maintain 5 times a week, I'd get upset with myself and frustrated and just give up all together. Having every other day off from exercise (I told you I DON'T like it!!) really makes it seem not so bad. Obviously the goal would be that eventually I'd do some kind of exercise on the in between days as well, but for now... I'm content to know that on those days I'm on my feet all day at work, so at least I'm not sedentary... and gosh darn it... 3 days is WAY better than none at all.
So there you have it. I'm really happy with where I'm at. I'm slowly working exercise back in to my life... slowly shrinking my portion size... and slowly dropping the weight. Let's just hope it continues with Thanksgiving coming up!
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  • GETTO140
    I love to record food in the nutrition tracker, too...I've been at this a while now and I STILL get surprised now and then at the nutritional value (or not) of some foods after I put them in.

    I can relate about not always knowing what is in someone's homemade something (maybe you could ask for their recipe then put it in for your own calculation??). I also use a website called and that has helped me with several things.

    Keep plugging away at this...change slow..step by step and you'll be rewarded in a huge way!
    4176 days ago
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