A month of learning, & some doing!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 will be a month tomorrow that I made my last blog. It's just not something that I like to do. Maybe with time, that will change. Lots of things have changed for me since joining Sparks!

I'm losing weight slowly, but at least it's a steady loss. I've learned that when you have hypo-thyroidism, weight loss can be a slow process. I'm fine with that. I've learned that people that lose slowly, tend to keep it off better, than if you lose it real fast! So--that's a positive!!

I've learned that you have to start excersizes, especially crunches, at a slower pace! I was in a challenge that got me all excited. I jumped right in, & did 120 crunches for 2 days in a row, then a day of rest, then 120 the next day. Now--that would have been ok, IF I had been doing some all along---but I WASN'T!!! Let me tell you--my abs were SCREAMING at me. They were telling me NO MORE!! It took my abs a week & a half to start feeling normal again. So now I know--go at things a little at a time!

I've learned that this is no longer a "diet" to me. It is now a true Lifestyle Change. It's become a habit to be aware of what, & how much I eat, & to check the nutritional values. Recently, I visited my mom in Ohio. We went to the county fair, & I had given myself that day to eat WHATEVER I wanted. Yeah, right!! I was somewhat careful of how many goodies I shoved in my mouth. Even though I had given myself permission to have a "free day of eating"--I could not, would not, eat with abandon like I used to.
My mom thought that was just hilarious! She even said to me, "June Ann
(whoops-both names-now I'm in trouble-lol), you gave yourself this day to eat what you want, & you're worried about it. What's gotten into you?"
Well mom---I'VE BEEN SPARKED!! That's what got into me--LOL! She's proud of me for what I've accomplished so far--but she had a good laugh over my cautiousness (is that a word?).

I've learned that I can do more things that I want, now that 25 lbs. are gone!
On that recent trip to visit my mom, I did something I've wanted to do for probably 30 years. My home town has a small "mountain" (or at least that's what the locals call it) of sorts. It's a huge rock left behind by the glaciers--eons ago! There's a path, & large rock "steps" leading to the top, & as a kid
& teen, I used to go up there all the time. The view is fantastic, as you can see the city below, & the landscape beyond. I decided that NOW was the time to go up to the top again! I'm proud to say--I MADE IT with no problem! I know that never would have happened before I lost weight. I could not have made it up the steep path, & over the rocks near the get to the peak.

I've learned that losing weight can actually be a fun journey. I am getting so
much joy from surprising people, when they notice that I'm a little smaller than the last time they saw me! Especially my doctor! The last time I went to see her, I was so excited for her to weigh me. She had to look at my chart, & the scale, several times to be sure her eyes weren't playing tricks on her!! I got the biggest kick out of that--I loved it! Now, I'm of the attitude that--"I'll show them--I'll show them all what I can do!!" It definately has strengthened my "backbone"--given me more determination!

Sorry this blog was sooooo long--but--well--that's just the way it is! I'm a
talker--at least when I'm talking (or typing as the case may be)--I'm NOT EATING! LOL! Ya'll have a sparktastic day!
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    Awesome, June! Thanks for sharing all you've learned with the rest of us!
    4929 days ago
    Wooooo hooooooooooo!!! June, I'm SO happy for you and SO proud of how far you've come in such a short period of time! Yay for you! I just love your attitude and your dedication, and the way your mind is changing its way of thinking just like mine is....makes me think I'm not going quite so crazy! LOL Go you!!
    4929 days ago
    You sound WONDEFUL. I am so happy for you and the accomplishments you have made. Have a great day!
    4929 days ago
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