Monday, October 22, 2007

I am trying to get my weight under control in a healthy way. Right now I do not eat right. I have just one meal a day because usually I'm not hungry until evening (dinner time). I know this is not healthy for me but I can't seem to eat during the day. I try to drink the water, but never make it pass 4 cups a day. This really fills me up in no time.

I have Lupus and depression. Wondering if the Lupus and the meds keeps me from eating. I think my depression comes along with the Lupus, because there are some days I'm in so much pain, and eating is the last thing on my mind.

I need to learn how to do better. Hopefully the Lupus will let up long enough for me to get some type of control in my life, then go from there with the depression. Will keep you posted on how I'm doing with this.
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    I do the same thing about the eating. About the depression
    what I do is wright down all the blessing I have.I once listed
    550 things,that was incueding people.

    eventually I stated to look for things. If I woke up and that
    was all I could think of,than I thanked God I woke
    2906 days ago
    Hi, I came to visit and saw you had a blog entry so here I am reading it. You seem to be doing good on your weight loss, hang in there, things will get better. Keep trying and you'll get to your goal.
    3434 days ago
  • KAT7457
    hi, my daughter has lupus and it and ra&oa runs in the family my younger sister found out she has RA now i knew she did just how she described things to me becuz that is all what i have and painful and stressful, there are days i stay in my jammies all day. i am still trying to get over the loss of my fiance so thats why i go to my classes and counselor i have to pry myself out of bed to go. hang in there, i am on ssd so i sit home all day playing on pc or turning tv on and listening cuz i live alone now, lost the house do to foreclosure they didnt let me put my name on house since we werent married so the va i didnt get anything from them or the SSI office. nothing at all and only his family could but i didnt tell them i thought the way they treated me they dont deserve it, his dad even told me at the funeral home. i shoudlnt have to pay for my sons funeral and wanted me to pay for it all. what an a@@ and i told him that so. i did finally give him $800 out of the 1680.00 that was left cuz the funeral director knew me and gave me what the county would have paid him. his dad also got the flag that mademe so mad. i called to see if i could get one and he said yes so my daughter took me there and i got one. and on memorial days i got some shells. so i have his flag in an oak case with glass and had a small marker with his name bday etc. on it. sorry i am venting and took up all your space when it is yours. i am so sorry. take care kat
    3527 days ago
    I was looking at your sparkpage and you are doing really good. You do need to try to spread the food out. Have you ever tried a smoothie or protein drink for breakfast?? That way you would have something in your body. On the water, have you tried the Crystal Light packets?? They give your water some flavor. I generally use one pack in about 10 bottles of water. You may want to use more. But it could help you drink your water. I wish you all the best. Take care.

    3895 days ago
  • GECKO140
    Best of luck and keep trying to spread your food out. I personally love to starve all day long and then eat lots after the sun goes down. Maybe if you try lots of really small, healthy snacks instead of 3 meals a day it would be easier. I can't eat breakfast and I get so mad at myself because it is the most important meal of the day -- and one that does help people lose weight. So do try to find some small, healthy things. It is just an idea. I'm sure all your health factors do play into how you feel about eating, but think of how much better you will feel when you get some weight off. Work hard on trying to eat right and the best of luck to you.
    3895 days ago
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