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Monday, October 22, 2007

Well here I am, after months of being on the site and this is my first blog entry. I don't know why it has taken so long, but better late then never.

I am loving SP so far and I have found that it is really helping to keep me motivated, as well as the amazing people on here. This whole thing really and truly is a life change, they are not kidding when they say that. After being the "fat kid" my entire life I am ready to finally be the skinny woman I always knew was inside. I am so sick of being the one who can't go to the beach with her friends because she doesn't want them to see her in a bathing suit, I am so sick of feeling uncomfortable when my boyfriend goes to put his hands in a certain place because I don’t want him to feel that fat roll, I am so sick of being the chick with a "pretty face", I am so sick of having to try on 50 thousand different outfits before I can leave the house because nothing seems to fit right or it accentuates my pooch, ultimately I am just sick of being sick and tired.

One of my best friends moved into my apartment complex and we started walking 2 miles every night which is really helping to get my energy up and I can already feel a difference, plus I am really starting to like it a lot. I have found I am looking forward to our walks and it's much better than just sitting around my apartment watching tv. I have also started eating a lot better and I have found I like this food even better than the crap I was eating before, I don’t feel so bloated and gross anymore.

So far I have lost 6 lbs and while the weight hasn’t been coming off that quickly, I am proud that I am doing this on my own. Before I found SP I rtied every fad diet in the world, and while the weight would come off rapidly, it came back on just as quickly as soon as I fell of the wagon.

This time is going to be different; I am going to do a complete overhaul on my entire being, not just the outside. I am going to revamp my mind, body, and soul. I have been an unhappy person for far too long, and the sad thing is no one ever knew. This has made my life even harder because I have hidden the fact that I dislike myself. Well no more. I can tell a change has already begun, and I LOVE IT!!!!!

So here is to me, here is to you, here is to our dedication to making our lives better.

Thank you to everyone for your support, I know I am going to need it.
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  • BABEL.
    Bloody murder...reading this is like something I would’ve written. Everything you said...everything that’s happened to me...that’s how I feel.

    Good for you, you took the 1st healthy step a while ago by signing up for sparkpeople. Never EVER go back to fad diets, I’ve only lost 30 pounds in one year but I’m pretty sure with all the I’ve learned I won’t gain it back this time. You are taking great 1st steps: walking with your friend, eating healthy foods, having a positive outlook.

    I just want to give you two pieces of advice: you’re going to make mistakes, lots of them. Never feel guilty or bad about them. It’s going to take time but there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. As long as you get back on track right away.

    And the leads me my 2nd point: Don’t give up! I’ve seen wonderful ladies drop 30, 50 pounds start to do bad and then they disappear. No matter how bad it gets, tough it up and don’t give up. Like you said: you are doing this to look better, to feel happier and to live and healthy long life.

    3862 days ago
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