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Stressed,Angry, Shocked...wait...you got to be kiddin!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yep, that's been the past few days for me!

I'm part of the PSO. In short it's like the PTA where parents and teachers get together to deal with school issues. Our PSO sucks. We got these two ring leaders who act like we are all back in grade school. You know the gossip, comments, snickers. . Well, I try to stay away from them. I don't call them, email them or hang out with them. I know for a fact that if they talk to me about everyone else, they sure are talking ABOUT ME to others.

Well, we had a meeting on Wednesday. Due to the meeting the other PSO board member was forced to stay at the school. This is the person who watches the baby while I go to the gym. Well, I brought the baby up there to the PSO room since it's been done before with the other two board members and we figured that if they could do it we could too. I went to the gym and came back with dinner for all of us. I got back at about 5:10 and soon as I got in the phone rings and it's one of the "Two" and she wants me to do some work for the meeting and keeps me on the phone for about 15 mins to go over it. I get off and change the baby before dishing out the food to the kids. Now mind you, the lady helping me is elderly and partially blind, she can't work on the computer or make copies. So I give the kids their food, type up the work, make the copies downstairs, go to the bathroom, come up and eat, while eating I go over the stuff for the meeting, rechange the baby. while I'm changing the baby the two "Leaders" come in and start with the whispering. Now I'm sick of it and I don't care who they are talking about and I confront them and they say that all is ok. We head to the meeting and these two keep up with the whispering and making rude remarks while others are talking. Finally I blow up.

I just stand up and boom out "That's it, I can't take anymore, this is too much, it's stressfull and a hassle, I'm leaving!" And I go to leave but some of the members want to talk to me and so the team leaders head to the room. I walk in the room to clean it up and get my stuff because with all the rushing I not only didn't get a chance to do it, but I was 16 mins late to the meeting. I tell them that I'm resigning and they don't understand why and I didn't want to talk about it and began to clean. Baby trips over my foot, bust his lip, blood everywhere, I'm in tears. Everyone is all nice and lovey dovey to me and telling me to calm down and it's alright and yada.

Well, I wake up the next morning to this nasty email! I'm told that the room was a nightmare, food all over the place, drawings on the white board, toys out, homework papers on the table and yada. Now this isn't a classroom, this is a room just for PSO. Mind you that the baby had 2 inches of a sub because he shared with me and I had a 6 inch. Mind you that I wasn't the only adult there watching the kids and that my children were not the only ones there eating or using the room.

I'm angry! Her excuse is that it's my deal. My kids drew on the board. Even the other parent said that it was not my girls, that they were doing their homework and it was her grandson who drew on the boards. But they defend him and simply say that no way he could have done it! He tells them that he did and they say that it's not the point, what about the lettuce on the floor where the baby sat. I'm thinking to myself- I didn't have a chance to pick it up because he spilt it, while I was making the copies and the other lady was watching him. I grabbed him up, he was dirty, I changed his diaper because I felt that it was more important to have him not covered in POOP, then to have 5 pieces of lettuce from a 2 inch sub on the floor.

The email was just nasty! They blamed it all on me and I was there for less than an hour!!! I was on the phone with them, doing their jobs, changing diapers and all! I was so far behind that I couldn't even get in on time! They come up for 5 mins out of the whole day and just so happen to come BEFORE, I'm able to clean up the mess. I wasn't sitting at the table with my feet up and eating ice cream while the children ran around crazy!

Totally shocked that they wouldn't even listen to the other members who stood up and said that another child was in that room along with another adult.

More shocked that they said that I lashed out at them for no reason (I refused to tell them why I was upset, how's that lashing???) and that they don't want to hear about how they took the budget out for child care for board members and that I feel it needs to be in because my husband has been gone for4 months and won't be back for another 14 months because he is in Iraq, because they have issues with their husband too so I have no right to say a thing cus they can deal with their husbands and the issues so can I......

Wait....You got to be kiddin....

No one else has a husband in the military....at all....in fact only the one lady has her grandchild there and she brought him so he could play with my kids.....Everyone else's kids are at home...doing their homework....playing with their toys and games...drawing...making projects....at their tables....eating dinner....with their dads.........

My kids at cold sandwiches in a empty school room while their mother ran around doing the jobs of others and their father sat in a desert fighting for his life and the freedom of others. I couldn't believe that in this email they went from bashing me and my kids to making comments about my husband and my marriage. I've never once said anything bad about my husband. I never complain about him being gone and have said many times that there is no need to complain especailly to people who can't relate because they have never and will never be where I am.

I haven't even responded...I've gotten tons of phone calls from other members saying that they are leaving. They can't believe that I was the only one called on something so petty as homework papers, drawings and lettuce when I wasn't the only one there with the kids and my kids weren't the only ones there to make the mess. One said that she couldn't believe that humans could treat another human this way. They all felt that it was just a bash and that the comment about my husband didn't fit in anywhere and was just an attack, a way to bring up a touchy topic and hurt me with it.

If they had come in 5 mins later, none of it would have been there. I would have told the kids to put away their homework and wipe off the boards and I would have cleaned the food pieces up and put away the one truck. I did do it when I got back and it took not even 5 mins to do!

This was on wedneday and I got another email again today saying that they were sorry for the bashing and all but it was still all fully my fault and the fault of the kids. Granted, if she wants to blame me, fine. That other kid though did not sit in a corner and twiddle his thumbs and him and his grandmother both stand by and say that he was doing it all to. They say that they are sorry and have always been loyal to me and have always liked me and yada....but the other members have told me that they talk badly behind my back. One even read me an email that they sent her.... I can't do a thing right in their eyes!

I never bring up enough snacks for the baby...sorry if I didn't believe in feeding a 4 month old "snacks" and sorry if I believe in breast milk only or that my child should only eat at certain times and not when he is upset or bored...hello, handing them a "bowl" of cookies because they fell down and bumped their head or because you don't want to deal with them just sounds like teaching your children to become emotional eaters and eaters who eat out of bordom and are allowed to eat whenever and however much they want.

I'm really offended that they question how I feed my kids...this isn't the first time. Mind you, I don't even call these people! They don't even have my address, never been over, we don't hang out or even eat together! Is it because I'm overweight and they assume that I don't know how to eat so I'm not feeding my kids right????

I mean, I'm a bad person because I bring a 10:30 snack of strawberries, bananas and mushrooms (baby loves mushrooms, he's 19 months now so he can have all that) and they bring animal cookies, chocolate pudding, corn dog bites and those crackers with that nasty cheese spread and red stick deal. Yuck! I don't even own those nasty crackers...My girls won't even eat that stuff.

I'm not saying that I have never given my kids any of that (well never the yellow goop and crackers...gag) but corn dog bites are part of a meal and I've only seen them once bring ONE apple....and the kid didn't eat any of it and they gave the pieces to my child....and left the rest of the apple on the counter....along with the knife....and I know this because on monday when we came in that morning there was a rotting apple on the counter and we found it cause the baby went to get it and knocked the knife and went to pick it up off the floor.....

Fine...Lets say I had the PSO room a mess...But I don't leave rotting food and knives within the reach of a 1 year old....

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good for you Katrina. way to go. who needs them, if they dont appreciate you. Maybe now you can focus on yourself with less stress. Stress is a killer. Its good you're simplifying your life. Good Luck! sincerly JUDYSR
    3900 days ago
    That is horrible! Life is too short to be dealing with that crap!
    I too resigned from a similiar group...in fact, I resigned from ALOT of the groups I participated in, including the weight loss group I had been with. Who needs to feel like that?

    Keep the emails. Don't respond to them. You don't want to get into a pissing contest but you do want to have the emails on hand because down the road? You may want to re-read them in case they change their mind and 'invite' you back and then you can remember how they treated you. Thank everyone for calling and move on. Don't let it bother you.

    Focus on your family and the positive support from your true friends. You're doing great and isn't hubby home soon? Positive thoughts!
    3900 days ago
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