My day off.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I should call this "rant" instead of blog...

9:30 am

I started my day off taking my son's father to an appointment that he had to go to, then back to his house so he and Nicholas could spend time together a.k.a. Nicholas coming to me for everything and his dad reading the paper and ignoring Nicholas (not so much, but compared to what I do...).

2:15 pm

Take Nicholas to Burger King (which I completely disagree with for food for my child but it was the only thing nearby that was quick quick quick) and when I placed the order for his meal, instead of asking for a kids meal, asked for a pack of cigarettes..

2:45 pm

Realizing I have NO MONEY and am running on empty emotionally, I order a FREAKING cheeseburger. Why does this happen to me???
Then off to buy wedding supplies with my best friend, which I was SO happy to do, but beforehand ran into 3 people from work so we got caught up in pre-wedding talk...


Finally arrive at Pat Catans...not too many issues here except its STILL my day off and I really haven't relaxed at all...Nicholas is HANGING all over me and Jonelle (my best friend/work partner/bride-to-be) decides to SPOIL my child...buys him a webkin and now he's asking her for everything...


Oops...still need to buy color for my other close friend who is coming over at 5 for me to take her BEAUTIFUL blonde hair to all over dark almost black...so I run to buy color


FINALLY, arrive home, clean up really quick, and my son decides that it's time for his medically necessary laxative to kick in. Yuck. Bath time. Change of clothes then "mommy I'm hungry"


Joanny arrives with pizza. I ate some. I suck at dieting right now. Whatever.

11:00 pm

Finally, after 2 heads of color on my 2 friends (technically 3 if you include the highlights I put in the natural blonde after she went dark) I get to sit down and read my e-mail. Still have to watch Grey's. Thank the good Lord for DVR.

What kind of day off was this??? I think I am a people-pleaser.

All in all though, seriously, I LOVE doing things for other people but I am really stressed out right now. Food takes a lot of time to prepare and when I am running on empty I just forget and eat the damn cheeseburger.

I guess I shouldn't give myself a hard time because although I've been a member here for about a month or so, this is really the first week that I have been consistent for coming on.

Thanks for listening to me rant!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    From one people pleaser to another, BREATHE! For yourself and for your son. You sound so much like me Michelle. Its almost like you are afraid to say no to anyone and then there is no time left for you. Something we both should try to do in addition to losing weight is try to take some time out for ourselves. Lets make a pack to do so. OK!

    4955 days ago
    OMG....OMG.....OMG....Girl you really need some time for you! I'm glad you are at least coming here and doing SP/weightloss for yourself. That is a step in the right direction. Don't be afraid to say "No" once in awhile, be selfish!!!

    Reading your post made me think of when your on a plane and they go over the flight rules and precautions. They say if you are with a child and the oxygen bag comes down Don't give it to your child first........you need to take that oxygen first so you'll be able to take care of your child, you will be no good to anyone if you are passed out. Try to squeeze some YOU time in everyday, being kind to yourself will make you a better mom, and friend and a better you!

    Hope your friday was a little less busy. Hug's, Chrissy

    4955 days ago
  • SKAYT77
    Your day off sounds alot like my days off. Friends want me to help them (usually something with fixing their computers).. and my days off are the only days I have time. So I'm constantly running here & there & don't get to just sit home.

    Relax, take a deep breath... and learn to say 'NO'!! lol.. sometimes you just have to have a day to yourself!! My friends have heard it alittle bit lately.. I just can't keep going!

    Sometimes a day spent at home.. either doing housework or preferably nothing at all... just helps you feel so much better about everything!
    4955 days ago
  • NOR1498
    WOW.....and you think I am busy!!! You HAVE to learn to make time for yourself. When I was younger I was like you a 'people pleaser' I finally began to resent everyone who wanted my time ......because I had no time for myself!!! Sit down and take a deep breath and start small with an hour a day you don't anser the phone, your son is napping, in bed or in his room for "quiet Time" qnd go form there. Keep coming here everyday for support! Hang in there and remember if your not happy ......no one is happy!!
    4956 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2238588
    I understand the need to rant! I was thinking as I read your blog about something. You give so much of yourself, when do you take time for yourself? Something to think about (After the shower) is trying to carve out some amount of tme for yourself during the day. It will make you a better mom, a better woman, a better you!

    And yes, you have been coming on here daily and you are being honest with yourself, which is a step in the right direction.

    Now totally selfishly, it makes me feel better that someone else had slip-ups today. It makes me feel like it just isn't me who does it!
    4956 days ago
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