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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I had a great weekend visiting family/friends and bottling the 1/2 case of wine we split. My wine labels are fantastic and the bottles look wonderful. The box was much lighter when we got home from Tampa!! I got some disturbing news on Thursday evening from my doctor's assistant, and the weekend was a wonderful distraction. Now that work is backed up and busier than ever that makes it easy to keep it out of my mind. I don't want to mess up the progress I've made so far. The challenge in the Phoenix club really seemed to give me the push I needed to switch things around so I could see some progress. So I am going to keep doing what I have been and TRY not to dwell on whether I will have any surgery this year. Now they are tell me I need two surgeries, not one and the one they want to do first I had done in 2005!! I am going to wait for the doctor to call and whatever they sort out I will listen to and then make my own decision. I am not going to let a mistake on their part push me around and stress me out. This has been going on for way too long and I dont 'think they realize if I have to postpone the whole thing I WILL rather than put my life into a tailspin to make up for their mistakes - without even a fair explanation or apology before the holiday weekend. Whatever happened to thoughtful healthcare providers???
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    Cool on the wine making. I tried it years back but we didn't realize that you cannot use plastic containers. As a result all the wine was tainted. Never did try it in an actual wine making place though.

    With the health stuff, have you heard back from the doctor? There are many thoughtful health providers out there, its a matter of finding them. From what I understand your system in the USA is much more limited than our system up here. Continue to be your own strong advocate and stand up for what you believe should happen. That's how I move through all my health issues and now, I have an awesome medical team behind me.

    Hope things sort out how you want on the health front.
    4967 days ago
    WOW! Sweetie..I don't know what I can possibly say that will make the whole health care thing be better for you. I wish there was something. Everything is so "automated" anymore, even the people who are supposed to provide care for us. Although there are good ones out there, you just have to dig for them. I am certain the the medical system of my parents HMO shortened my Mom's life. It was a doctor's zealousness to do surgery - one that his team mates had told him "no" to - that caused her stroke. He caused her brain to hemorrhage on the operating table and almost killed her. Although, he did apologize to my father later on. Said he had nightmares about what had happened that night. I believe that if she hadn't been in that condition when the cancer came, she would have been able to fight it more proactively and would very likely be here today. (Yes, I know, the 'what if' game that gets us nowhere. Sigh...) The cancer she had was the 'best' one to have - the slowest growing and all of that. But her body was already so compromised and she wasn't aware enough mentally in order to catch it in time. For those reasons and many others I don't go to doctors unless I absolutely have to. And then only after I've done extensive research into what ails me first and all the possible treatment angles. I've been blessed with fairly good genes and haven't had to have anything major done. No broken bones, even. I hope everything works out for you in the end. It's the walking through the process that is so difficult, but I'm here to give you pep talks/support (hopefully they'll be peppy :-D) anytime you want. I'm really glad that you survived the accident, joined Spark (or was it vice versa?) so I could meet you and all of that stuff. Hey [TOPIC CHANGE] - is it difficult to make wine? I was thinking about trying my hand at it. It sounds like fun! I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend with family & friends. The people around us are the most important things in life and I bet you have a ton of support on hand, eh? Your bubbly personality just pops through the pages here so I bet you put a smile on a lot of faces in person. Hang in there with your foot and don't let them railroad you into anything you don't believe is good for you, okay? As always, I have you in my prayer book and am sending you healing energy. With much love, light and laughter, Your friend - Jane
    4973 days ago
    Good for you for having fun this weekend and not letting the news get you down! Thoughtful healthcare providers are few and far between, unfortunately. BUT you are always welcome to a second opinion! That's the good thing about there being so many of them out there! You're in my thoughts and prayers, Heather! Thanks for being such a great friend!!! (HUGS) --Amber
    4973 days ago
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