Friday, August 03, 2007

My husband looks innocent, but he is a diet Sabateour (sp?) this week! He says he's supportive, but since I made my goal weight he's been bringing home food and drinks he knows I like or that might tempt me. I really don't appreciate it at all. He says that he'll continue to do this any time he knows I go below 150 lbs. because "You're getting all bony". My solution, if I'm not already dead from the gym, is to go out and run a couple of miles. It's crazy though, he brought home ice cream, gormet olives, cheese and crackers and my favorite beer this week! Yesterday I was strong enough to "Just say no" and only eat dinner, but I feel like I'm having to avoid strategically placed food like it's an IED in my own house! Ok. I'm done venting--I will perservere!!
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    Oh this post made me laugh! Lately my husband has been getting up early with the kids on Saturdays and making a run to the "Donut Store." Invariably, he'll send one of the little ones up to say "Mom, wake up! I have a yummy donut for you!" Its one thing to ignore the food that DH brings home - its a whole other ball-game when your 3-yr old wants to see you eat the donut too.

    But reading between the lines in your scenario and mine is that our husband love us for who were are - regardless of how much much we weigh. So whenever I feel a little sabotage going on, I list in my head the supportiveness he shows as well: watching the kids while I run, celebrating the need to buy new pants, keeping us stocked on fresh veggies and fruits, etc.

    I'm sure deep down your DH is really proud of the healthy lifestyle you've adopted and does many things to support you too! Just keep them in mind when he's rewarding you with your favorite beer and remember, your favorite things (in moderation) won't send you horribly off course!
    3972 days ago
    Thanks Paraven and Missthang93:
    I appreciate the encouragement and support from you guys. You're both right, I make my own choices and will chose the better options. It just bothers me that he is doing this on purpose, not because he's trying to be nice. He says that I should try to make him happy by not losing too much weight. I'm not trying to lose more weight, just be healthy and strong, weight just comes off with it sometimes. I'm on it though--I don't deny myself anything--just keeping up with portion sizes, etc.,. Thanks again ladies!
    3972 days ago
    Just remember, you can have those things as long as you do it in moderation!! Which is the key to all things....Believe me I know about the temptations...Just try to make the healthier choice and be mindful of what he brings home, suggest he gets you a light beer or a low fat ice cream....don't let him determin your weight....Keep on keeping on!!
    3972 days ago
    Hey there - you have a good perspective on this! And you know you have the strength to stick with your new habits! Just think - by tempting you, he is unknowingly making you even STRONGER in this area! Since I've been in maintenance (Nov 06), I have found that I can relax the food I eat as long as I keep doing my cardio and exercise. So, it may not hurt to have a beer once in a while or even a bit of ice cream. You are right on track by doing the extra run to compensate! Best to you as you persevere!
    3972 days ago
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