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The Robin who never gave up!!

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Monday, July 19, 2021

For months now , we have been watching Mother Robin raise her babies---
Once we had to chase some grey little animal away from the nest, and we figured this bad grey guy ate --or killed one , or all, of her babies--
so, we figured it was all over---

The next morning however there was Mother Robin high up, under the steel roof, on a rafter, in the same nest, right outside our kitchen window-
So she sat there for another month--

A few days go, we saw a young Robin, or what we thought was a baby robin, standing up and eating the worm from the 2 parents-
We knew this baby was nearly ready to "Fly the Coup"-

I was cutting the grass about a week or so ago, and picked up a Robin's egg, close to where all this action was--outside-- on the ground-

"Oh no!" I thought--- "Somebody has raided her nest again!"--
But--- She continued to sit on this young bird who was getting really large by now-

Anyway, yesterday, at supper time, Himself said, "Look up on the rafter'"
There sat the baby bird, out of the nest, in the heat, panting with its beak open--
No Mamma Bird or Papa bird--but I could hear them, trying to coax their young one off the rafter--
And--not too long after, down fell this young bird-

"OMG". I said to Himself--"The baby just fell off the rafter---
It was on the porch and a huge fat baby it was!------
It did not look like a robin at all--

Do yu think there is any chance that this Mother robin was raising someone else's baby?--
Is there any chance that another bird might've deposited her egg in that nest?
This baby was all black and white--no red on it at all--and huge --and fat--like an enormous blob.

Anyway, Momma and Pappa Robin were on the fence, guiding their young one (whatever it was)_ to them--watching over it-- and this morning, I see Papa on the wire looking into the gully where I presume Mama and her enormous fat baby is!
So, that is the tale of the Robin!

And I know now that I never wish to return to this earth as a Mother Robin--They really have it tough!
Lord love a Duck!--She sat on that nest for at least a month, in all sorts of weather---and horrible events-
She reminded me of that story, "Horton hatches the egg".

This morning, Himself said, "You know, I kinda miss seeing that Robin,"
I sorta do too!
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