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SPARK360 and WOW if you are in the US, You will LOVE this!!! PART 2

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Monday, July 19, 2021

If you hadn't read my previous blog Today Met with SPARKGUY on ZOOM
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Tuesday, June 29, 2021 It can answer some questions you may have also. Here's the link:


In the first blog I feel it's important to remind everyone that we please keep ALL comments to me, in a positive form. I have no more power than anyone else. If you are upset (AND MANY are, I understand that, I'll also miss my very dear international friends) please write directly to Sparks. If you on the home page read the info, and you CAN leave any comments for SPARKGUY and Sparks also there about Sparkpeople itself closing. THEY DO read these.

I had met with SPARKGUY and Spark Jen as well as another member who as myself is a beta tester this week. There are others also.

We were asked some questions ahead of time.

1) What do you like about SparkCoach? Both of our answers varied of course, as they will with those of you who are or will use Spark360. I love the sliding scales, Spark360 does not take as much time, yet it helping me to see patterns I could of known, but I wasn't paying attention. When I eat, am I doing so when not hungry for meals? Or am I waiting until I am very hungry? I had been waiting until very hungry and have stopped that. It asks about my day stress from none to great stress. Such a huge help because after you also put the minutes of exercise you've done (each section has a box for you write the highlight or challenge for that part, food, exercise, stress, sleep) these are great. There's also a small goal you can change around as you feel fit. These are all positives.

This is the part most of you are wondering (apart of the nutrition tracker which YES is being worked on and has progressed very well. I had added about that the reason WHY I personally (and many of us) is due to health concerns I need to stay at 1500 mgs of sodium due to congestive heart failure, and I also need to watch my carbs for the same reason and diabetes could easily be again, my glucose numbers are crazy right now. BUT honestly and I shared this, if it weren't for my health concerns NO I WOULD NOT AT THIS point need a food tracker, I've been at this for 11 years (10 1/2 with Sparks) and I know what to eat now, since my food varies as all of ours does, only for the carbs and sodium am I interested in the food tracker).

Another question was" What specific issues or concerns did you have when using SparkCoach? Is there anything that deterred you from using SparkCoach?

YES!!! The human interactions. Community. Other people.

YEAH YEAH YEAH YES the community is being put into Spark360 and hopefully soon, though there's not an exact answer to that.

BLOGS!! YES I MISS BLOGS!! Chris (Downie AKA SPARKGUY) Smiled and mentioned how he had done one on Spark360 and he MISSED Not having any comments on it. That's being looked into because hey he likes reading them as much as we ALL do. The Community will start off small and go from there. If you were with Sparks from the beginning or close to the beginning what we have now, is NOT what we used to have. Oh and as Sparkpeople made some of those changes MANY GOT ANGRY and LEFT the site. If you have been a long time member you'll be able to think of at least 2 times it happened. But those of us here now on Sparkpeople love most of the features.

So if you are going to be able to use SPARK360 (Again we WILL Miss our International Friends!! Please get their info if you really wish to keep in contact) it WILL be familiar though different than Sparkpeople. It will have the food tracker (CHEERING) it WILL have a Community no doubt to our benefit. Sparkguy has always listened to the members, it WILL have blogs and well from there we'll see. Will it be SPARKPEOPLE? NO. But will we enjoy it? YES!!

AND IT WILL BE FREE and REMAIN FREE. When you join there the article on Sparkpeople Home page, it'll have you click on SparkAmerica, which Chris (SPARKGUY) explained is more of a campaign they use ,,, it'll take you over to Spark360 which I put into my browser to use. Companies pay use SparkAmerica which has other features a company can no doubt help their members to be healthier. He didn't talk about that. I've belonged to a group in my area when I worked for the City of Portland, and we had many benefits we used to help us be healthier. If we used a specific gym it was free for us as employees, if we used another one (it was much better) we had a greatly reduced price. If my weight was healthy (I was underweight) I got a nice discount on my insurance (actually since I was healthy mine was FREE whereas my coworker , smoker, obese had to pay some of hers). I have no idea what the companies do that's different with Sparkamerica but I am grateful because of Sparkamerica ,, in which companies pay for, income comes in and so we can use and other individuals can use Spark360 for FREE.

Hope this has been helpful.

Again ****** PLEASE ****** PLEASEEEE****** DO NOT LEAVE ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS on my blog. I can't do anything about what is happening. BUT YOU CAN,, by clicking on the home page with the This Isn't Goodbye, SparkFriends--It's A New Beginning and leaving such comments there, where they WILL be read. ******** It's also not at all helpful to me personally. I'm going through enough due to my own health issues.

For coming to my blog.
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