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So, That Happened

Saturday, June 12, 2021

I’ve started trying to catch up on stuff I let slide while waiting for the planet to come back on line. I just got got a guy that most of my neighbors seem to use. He’s fixing up the broken stucco, fixing the trim, ... with lots to go. Amazing how fast things can be fixed when your guy is not ripping you off. (I am feeling much better with the lying sack of ship gone.) I’m getting my extra car fixed up so I can get an evaluation on the best place to sell it.

Now my dogs needed their vaccines. Got little Shiloh her rabies, bordatella, & a doggy mani- pedi. I have tried in the past to trim my pups’ nails- scream! Wriggle out! Amazing how strong the little buggars and can be. The vet said since Sharona had her bleeding incident, she shouldn’t have anything but the rabies - & she said if the City didn’t push so hard on the rabies, she would advise against it. Sharona also has to wear a little muzzle, as she’s a fear biter. She also took offense to the nail trimming - they only got half of them done. The boys will go next week. I need to give Samurai a come out & bath - he’s my fluffy one. Sparky (Spartacus) is 20. He only gets the rabies, too. I need them to evaluate him for dogie dementia. He’s always been grumpy (& loving), but he gets this look like “who are you?” I’m hoping for a reversible problem.

So, I took the girls in. The office was packed, but they were giving great care & feedback. Paid the Bill. Popped them in the car. The car is keyless - has a fob. Really like it.Got home & I couldn’t find the house keys. Tore the car apart. Turned my pockets out repeatedly. Neighbors helped. No keys. Called an emergency locksmith $200 plus tax! Yikes. Then remembered the door to the inside door I haven’t used in a couple of decades. I moved the stuff in the garage, found the door, & kicked the ship out of it. Managed to not hurt myself (I’m impressed!). It only took 2 hours & an a threat of an expensive bill. Got my duplicate keys that were hanging inside. Got one of the duplicated. The store didn’t have the right blanks for the storm door - but I think I found another place to check tomorrow. So, that happened ...
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