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A Dog sure has a good life!

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Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Well, what a mess eh?--- Like, who would know that spark would drastically change?
I have written them to see if there is a way to be a part of them ---
I just wrote to-day , and I will let yu all know what they say.

I have heard from so many of you--- and my heart goes out to you all--
We all want to be in each others lives---
We don't like change--
But, as we all know, change is part of life!

I wish that I had the time to write a book-- (That makes me smile as I know my grown kids don't want any part of sharing in any such book!)-

But, no matter what, we joined Spark to get healthy----so, when "push goes to shove"--- as Mom used to say, I must remember to add up what I eat--tally up the calories-- eat healthy--move--exercise--- stay motivated---don't allow the bad stuff to get me down--remember that we are in this world only once (I think!)- so appreciate the small stuff--- --be kind to others, even when sometimes I look at some people talking and don't agree with them--do not get frustrated with people who can't hear such as Himself--and repeat whatever he needs to know, even if I must repeat it 4 times-

Life is really a wonderful bonus-- a joy--- so we must laugh a lot----and life really IS MADE UP OF " CHANGE"
And now that I've shared what is on my mind, here are some pictures of a German's (dogs) life , yesterday--

Lord love a Duck--- Perhaps in our next life , we should all be dogs--
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm still catching up, but I agree with all you've said.
    5 days ago
    Thanks for the great blog, and the photos of your pups enjoying their day. Brought a smile to my face!
    6 days ago
    7 days ago
  • no profile photo LINDALEE51
    Oh my goodness, I was shocked today to read about the changes. I'm so sad! I basically come to Spark to read your blog. It motivates me, keeps me going, and you now seem like a grand, old friend. I do WW and have for years, but have also gotten much information from Spark. But, I truly do come to read your blog.

    We have a little time! I'm behind in my reading and will catch up.

    Take care all, Linda

    8 days ago
    Life is precious, and it does change!!! emoticon I'm going to miss you, the Germans, and Himself!!!! emoticon Hopefully we can stay in touch somehow!!! emoticon
    9 days ago
    Change is hard, but sometimes it's worth it in the end.

    I joined the Spark group on facebook. There's over 400 members there. I also joined Spark360. It's a work in progress just like I am. emoticon
    11 days ago
    I will be missing so many spark friends when things change here. May you be able to share some of the joy your dear pups have.
    11 days ago
    I think you are right, "we must laugh a lot----and life really IS MADE UP OF CHANGE"
    Sometimes hard, but true!!
    11 days ago
  • no profile photo VIKRAMPAUL93
    I read this article! I hope you will continue to have such articles to share with everyone! thank you!

    11 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    11 days ago
  • LGRIF22
    As some have said...save your blogs! They are a book! ;You've made my days fun through reading your blogs. I just found SP and you since COVID began and I've looked forward to what you have to say. I may change over to MyFitnessPal as someone suggested and hope you're there.
    Love how your docks (and that boat) look in the pictures. You live in a beautiful place! Your dogs are lovely and such a part of your life. I relate to you and Himself as I'm going through some of the same challenges. Don't stop blogging. Though your children don't want you to write a book with them in it, they will really appreciate reading what you have said ....in the future (especially when your gone emoticon )

    This community is a learning experience for me. Posting things like this is fairly new and I haven't figured out how to attach pictures as yet since they're on my phone and I usually post on my computer. That being said, I enjoy sharing some of my life too. I don't know if I'll always have the time for it, but if I kept the things I post, I'd have a pretty good idea of my life too. Thank you for teaching me!
    11 days ago
  • JERICHO1991
    The dogs certainly look like they have a good life with you.
    12 days ago
  • MISSY455
    12 days ago
    I will miss your daily blogs. I hope you start blogging someplace else.
    12 days ago
    I will miss you, too! I love , "L-rd, love a duck!" I will miss that! emoticon emoticon
    12 days ago
    I hope you start a blog that we all can follow!
    12 days ago
  • no profile photo FITGREATGRAMMA
    Have you thought about doing an independent blog. I am sure that lots of folks would read them. You have quite a following.
    12 days ago
    I agree with SPARKUVU... you have already written that book! Save your blogs!!
    Really going to miss your daily blogs which I have seldom missed every day. Enjoy your sayings like "Lord love a Duck" and your ambition to meet your Queen.
    Stay healthy and be happy!
    I will emoticon
    12 days ago
    Time to reevaluate and make a new plan.
    I spiralled for a few days, but I’ve opened my parachute. The free fall is over!
    Even if SP wants or tries to keep us, I think the damage is done.
    We are moving on.
    12 days ago
    You are right about just letting other people be who they are. About thinking about the good stuff. About continuing the routine we learned by using SparkPeople.

    Tried to message you on FB, but the message screen came up blank. Sent you an email instead, titled SPARK FRIEND.

    emoticon emoticon
    12 days ago
    LOVE the pics of the GSD's having fun on the dock! We love ours and want more. I have enjoyed your blogs over the years and my hope is that we will see you somewhere again soon. You just never know? Just know that you have been the highlight of so many lives on SP, and I'm sure you are the same to your friends and family. I was thinking that it is funny how one of the most popular and loved bloggers on Spark won't be allowed on the new format?...life is strange. Take care and know you are loved! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    12 days ago
    we definitely will miss your enlightenment...LOL the world will miss your writings
    12 days ago
  • THINCPL2004
    I love reading your blogs, hope to read these until the end and then hopefully on My fitness pal.
    12 days ago
    Your blogs are always a highpoint of my day!
    12 days ago
    It looks like a wonderful day!
    12 days ago
    Am really going to miss your blogs - please consider moving over to MyFitnessPal - looks a little like Sparkpeople - it has food and exercise trackers, recipes, message boards, groups and you can also blog - just need to give it a try - a number of us have moved there and I have found many - even have 2 groups there all ready full of members - would love to have you join - if you do please look for me - I am under the name Marilynsretired - and give me your user name - would really like to stay in contact
    12 days ago
    I am going to miss your blog so much, feel like those dogs are part of my day.
    12 days ago
    I really have enjoyed reading your blogs and I REALLY love the pictures of your Germans ( as in dogs). They are beautiful and I will miss them and you. Maybe we will find a new sight that works for us Canadians( as in people) Cheers and Blessings - Miss Stella (Lin). emoticon
    12 days ago
  • no profile photo RACHNACH
    12 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    12 days ago
    Yesterday I told a friend, about dh & I not wanting to drive each other's cars. We used to share my car. Now he refuses to drive it, therefore I will not drive his. The friend said, 'your mind is more flexible, if you will drive his car.'

    So, it is time to exercise our flexible minds with health management. I love the convenience of just dropping in a food name and getting all the nutrition information. MyNetDiary has that capability. I haven't done much with it yet. It lacks a recommended calorie range.

    Cut & Paste is the only way I have found to save blogs. Good luck. (I will miss the Germans).
    12 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    12 days ago
    I always enjoy your blogs very much. I also have been enjoying reading everyone's remarks. Now I see there are still more people on here since COVID than I thought.

    So far I see people talking about various options, because some do not do FB. Speaking of facebook. I see there is the group cooperate set up and also saw one or two other groups on their just created

    Some of us wish to text, call, email, or find out groups. I am open to that. You can shoot me an email if you want this.

    I have also met a few friends from other countries. emoticon .
    12 days ago
    You are my number 1 read on here....and the thing that probably makes me saddest. I was holding hope that America meant N America, including Canada....but according to Dina (above comment) they replied to her that only the USA which is totally different. They really need to clarify.
    I saw a comment by somebody that joined using a VMP? Or whatever, that blocks your location, and it apparently worked. That was on Sparkguys blog, in a comment. The son (3?) that checks your cameras and fixes your phone could maybe set you up for that??? Or your daughter could join, give you passwords, and you could use that account maybe?
    Meanwhile, everyone needs to not dump it just yet. They are expecting to have at least the tracker up and running on the new site before the end comes here. They are still evolving there and at some point expect to have community and all that we have loved here. It may be a ways down the road, but there is hope.
    I havnt begun a search for new yet. Watching what others say, and where they land. I did join the new site. Have not tried the FB sites...they are too public for me, and I also do not use my 'real' info on here publicly as I do on my personal FB, so that has to be a no go for me unless someone comes along and says how we can make a 2nd FB with different (spark) identity.
    And meanwhile, 'while the Grandkids are away, the dogs come on dock to play'--not exactly what my Mom--or yours--used to say, lol, but close! Oh, how I will miss those Germans! And those docks!
    As I've said before all this bad change, please, please copy your blogs, or print them or something, your children deserve to see them, keep them, treasure them, those wonderful slices of your life--forever! You know, you've already written that book--right here on Spark--you just need to preserve it!
    12 days ago
  • JLAMING263
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    12 days ago
    Your dog s beautiful and we will find our way. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    12 days ago
    I've been off site for 2 weeks. This always happens in the spring while I focus on my yard and getting gardens planted. Needless to say, I was quite upset when I logged on this morning to see Spark People is ending. My feelings are all over the place for so many reasons. There were people from all over on SP. People from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain to name a few. The new name, I find, doesn't embrace all the people who were here. Maybe they should have thought of Spark World, rather than America. Years ago, I left SP to join Weight Watchers, thinking I would have more success. Nope. Though I haven't made any on line friendships on SP, I felt the people on WW were...cold and distant. People didn't comment, didn't cheer. There were groups with people in them, but no one participated. So, I came back here. The tracker kept me in line. It made me accountable to myself. I loved the community comments. The joys, the victories, the set backs. I made recipes and did work out videos. I will miss it. I will miss it terribly. SP is such a huge part of my day.
    12 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13953191
    Please let me know how this is going to Happen, I want to stay too. Let me know what you find out. I have written them a letter too. emoticon
    12 days ago
    CHANGE is one thing--often powerfully beneficial... Destruction is another thing entirely. Creating a 'new improved' site might be a good thing, but eliminating a substantial part of what made the current one so valuable to so many seems, well, wrong.

    SP Guy loves competition--all the spark points things--so he probably just doesn't see the same horizon many of us do.

    My dogs have a great life; my neighbor's dogs don't. Like with people, a lot of luck involved.
    12 days ago
    I accept change easily growing up a military brat and moving a lot and later facing a lot of life's challenges. It is an exciting adventure to see what God has in store for me next. I found SP because of a big change in my life 11 years ago. Change can be a blessing! I'm glad I met so many people from so many places that I wouldn't know otherwise. I enjoy your blogs with pics so much, Lynda! What a gift you have for drawing us in, making us feel we're right there with you. I could just step right into the pic with the Germans, pet them and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the dock. emoticon
    12 days ago
    Very well said.
    12 days ago
  • JUSTJ2014
    12 days ago
    I hate change! But I am working through it. I will have a plan by the time the end comes. I will succeed! We can do this together no matter what happens! We are strong!
    12 days ago
    12 days ago
    I bet you didn't realize how well you expressed your ideas to others , until now . When so many are expressing how you touch their hearts and thoughts . A beautiful remembrance you will always have . Well done . Take care . emoticon
    12 days ago
    12 days ago
    Thanks emoticon emoticon
    12 days ago
    I am going through enough life crisis and this change is not helping.

    I am sad I don't do fb. And I will miss you.

    I have spinning the wheel & stuff...

    Just sad

    12 days ago
    Your pets have a great life but I think that I would still rather be "people" any day.

    Looks like now you finally have enough dock space for all the family and their dogs at one time. So much fun!

    Let's emoticon as long as possible.
    12 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/9/2021 9:36:25 AM
    I am in the US and if I can not keep the friends that i have I may not stay I do not like face book but I will wait and see about how it all works out as they work out some kinks
    12 days ago
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