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My thoughts about SP closing/what's next

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Monday, June 07, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I'm sure you saw the site announcement about SparkPeople closing, so I wanted to share some comments from my perspective:

First, thanks for your support. We've been doing SparkPeople for about 20 years, and it's been an incredible journey working to transform lives and build an amazing community of people supporting each other. Thanks so much for being part of this mission. It wouldn’t have been possible without you believing in our program and then spreading the spark.

The article ( hits on what's been going on with us, but I'll share part of it in my own words:

* We have always wanted to provide a free resource for people to lose weight and reach goals in all areas of life. It's amazing we've been able to do this for 20 years.

* In addition to the many millions of dollars I invested into the company, we primarily earned revenues from advertisers and a much, much smaller amount from consumer subscriptions

* For the past 5 years or so, doing ad sales has gotten MUCH harder with the giant tech
companies soaking up most of the ad sales. This has led to even really large ad-supported publishers having trouble staying in business, and many of those publishers have had to sell to other companies at fire-sale prices. Consumer subscriptions also haven't gained much traction for us. This issue could have threatened the survival of our company.

* But, a couple of years ago we started offering services to companies and organizations to help keep their employees healthy and other services. With this business model, the companies themselves pay us directly. This business is going really well for us, has very promising growth and we're getting great financial and health results with our client companies and their employees. Honestly, this has made life less stressful for me and our team on the business side. Our focus on companies and organizations is a reason why you might see the option to select your company on the new platform. Note that you don't have to be involved with a company to use the new platform. The new platform is free for anyone in the US to join. Ultimately, this business has more potential for us to eventually be able to devote even more resources to build our tech platform in the future.

* For this business, we had to build a separate tech platform because there is a bunch of behind-the-scenes functionality and we needed to appeal to a broader type of audience than on SP.

* At the same time, we wanted to be able to open up this platform so we still have a free offering to help people reach their goals. Unfortunately, we can't maintain the expense of two tech platforms including salary costs to keep multiple platforms updated and large costs for a company to "host" sites/apps. For reference, Our annual expenses for SparkPeople are in the millions of dollars.

* One part I'm really excited about is that, in developing the new tech platform, we came up with new software called SparkCoach. Originally, this was intended to appeal to a broader audience, but then we realized that it may end up being a better weight loss solution than food tracking. Partly because of this, our new platform might end up being a better weight loss/weight maintenance solution than SparkPeople (it will take work to get there, but this is how we’re spending a good chunk of our time now). This will include adding a food tracker to the new platform and then community features as well. It drives me nuts not having community features available yet. To answer LIVELYROSIE's point below, SparkPoints will also be added to the new platform -- likely a better version than on SP now :).

* Another newer feature on the new platform is the Fitness Game. For this feature, I used the exact same process I used for my own fitness tracking and turned that into software with our team. This software helps people focus on both consistency with a 10-minute fitness goal and also tracks your daily average minutes. This regularly motivates me to do things like get on the exercise bike to keep my 10-minute streak, but then the daily average minute tracking makes it like a game to stay on the bike longer. Or it motivates me to take a walk with my dog late in the day when I'm feeling tired. I've done this hundreds of times and haven't once regretted taking Flash for a walk.

* I do know that even with this new option, there are some real issues with this transition like tracking data, blogs, and our international members. We've had so many tech projects for the new business that focuses on organizations in the U.S. that we haven't been able to do the legal expense and tech work to open the site up beyond the U.S. I'm really sorry we can't make this all super smooth for everyone. There is real pain with these trade-offs.

* I have been overwhelmed working on some of this new software and details of the business, but everything continues to go really well after my surgery about 2.5 years ago. This has been a crazy ride, but I’m more committed than ever to do my best to help other people reach their most meaningful goals and so is our team. Especially the team who works on SparkPeople like Denise, Merle, and Jen, there have been near-tears about this announcement. I’ve tried to stay focused on doing what we can to keep building the new solution, but it’s an emotional change for me too. Even as we’ve done much better as a business by helping companies and their employees, a motivator in my head has been to use this momentum to also help consumers.

* Finally, as part of SparkCoach, I will be writing highlight blogs on the new platform as well. Here is an example from yesterday:

So thanks again for helping keep the spark alive. We hope you'll join us in this next chapter, and bear with us as we build the new platform and add features. We truly believe that in the the long run, we are creating something better that will reach even more people and help them reach their goals.

Added 6/8: People have asked a logical question: “Why didn’t we share that our former business model wasn’t working well so they could have helped?” The reality is that we’ve had a consumer subscription service for 5+ years and honestly it hasn’t done nearly as well as we hoped. Next, we have no doubt that some of our incredibly passionate community members would have helped if we had asked them to subscribe to this service to increase our revenues. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of our total users are passionate community members, so doing the math we knew this wasn’t a viable solution to stay in business from generating enough revenues to cover our expenses.

Working directly with companies ended up being a very viable solution. And like I mentioned, this solution lets us still have a way to help individuals too in ways that may eventually be better than the current SP site/app though I know it will take us a while to get to that point especially with some types of features like community.

Added 6/8 #2: We just got confirmation that a food tracker will be launched to the Spark360/SparkAmerica platform by August 15. It will include all nutrients. We've been working to build this for a while. A food tracker and SparkCoach are meant to work well together. I've been spending a lot of time working on this personally.

Added 6/8 #3: I want to address a point mentioned by some people: We are pretty sure that someone accessed the article in an unusual way (i'm not going to share details -- it wasn't nefarious, but we didn't intentionally or accidentally release it) and then started sharing it over the weekend. Our team convened over the weekend when we heard about this and made sure we moved the plan forward as early as we could on Monday to alert everyone including me publishing my blog shortly after (I'm 3 hours behind them). So we were bummed that happened, but worked to move forward once we saw what happened. We do understand all the frustration though.


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Change is part of life. You either change or get left behind. I am looking forward and currently using the new site.

    It is more sophisticated, adult orientated. The challenges are truly challenging. Not sure yet on
    SPARK UNPLUG. Like the verb video presentation, the presenter, not so much.

    Healthy lining topic needs more indexing to reach specific subsections.
    2 hours ago
    Thank you so much for showing me the way. Wishing you lots of luck.
    5 hours ago
  • BONNIE1552
    I'm definitely giving the Spark360 a try. I've looked at other sites and can honestly say that none of them have the color and attractiveness that you've created in SP and now in the new site. Nothing else has the same appeal. I'll be active on the new site. Thank you for all your work!
    10 hours ago
  • _BABE_
    You don't realize what you had until it's gone. emoticon
    16 hours ago
  • JULIEA7201
    emoticon for creating this site and I look forward to the challenge of the new one! This mind set is something I have learned here!!!
    21 hours ago
    I was on this years ago and lost quite a bit of weight and kept it off for awhile but then went back to my old ways. I have tried other diets and nothing ever worked I love sparks and it is easy to follow and see what needs to change in nutrients and calories. I'm back on it again and have lost 8 pounds already. I hope the new one is just as easy to follow and understand. Thank you so much for being free for the people that want to lose weight but can't afford to pay an arm and leg to do it.
    1 day ago
  • THOMS1
    I for one cannot begin to thank you for giving us the spark for all of these years. I have lost a total of 187 lbs on my 13 years on spark. What I have gained has been much more then my total loss. The friends, all of the information on exercise, nutrition and all of the support I have received. I learned to live a healthy lifestyle and I will continue with that healthy lifestyle. Spark has given me my life back, My children and grandchildren their mother and grandmother and my husband the wife he deserves. Thank You again.
    I look forward to Spark America 360 and learning to maneuver the site better and of course that Nutrition tracker that is to come by August 15. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1 day ago
    I understand business decisions, but will miss SparkPeople beyond belief. I've been here since 2004 when my company purchased a private SparkPeople database. When you went free to the public, I joined individually in 2005. I use SO MANY Spark features that I'm having to re-evaluate each and every one to decide if I want/need to replace them elsewhere.

    First and foremost, I want to thank you for all you have done for everybody for 20 years! I know this has been your passion AND it costs a lot!! My 17th SparkVersary would have been in October. SparkPeople is the most robust and comprehensive site out there. I will keep my eyes on SparkAmerica/Spark 360 as I've signed up, but it's a long, long way from what we have here at this point.

    Here's what I use on SparkPeople:
    Nutrition tracker (LOVE the many nutrients you have available to track here) - and nutrition tracking is KEY to my maintenance
    SparkPoints (I'm coming up on HALF A MILLION SparkPoints)
    Fitness tracker
    Fitness videos
    Spark Challenges
    Calendar Challenges
    Message Boards (nearly 25,000 Spark posts)
    Spark Teams
    Maintenance team
    Task List
    My twice-daily gratitude practice (mornings on Message Board, evening in ThanksGiving Community team)
    Spark Community Feed
    SparkCoach (which I joined years ago)
    Weight and other tracking reports
    Many things I'm positive I'm missing in this list

    Over the years, I've purchased a lot of Spark gear, Coach Nicole videss, Spark books, Spark activity tracker, Spark cups, etc. as a way to support the SparkPeople site since it was free!

    This will all be VERY difficult to replace. I feel a great sense of loss and will process this through to see where I land. One thing I know for certain: I wouldn't be as healthy as I am now without you!

    Bowing in gratitude to you, Chris! emoticon
    Wishing you all good things, in SparkAmerica AND in life!

    And to all the Spark coaches and staff out there ... the very same wishes! You have ALL helped me become a much healthier person is so many ways!

    Stephanie LaSalle
    Kansas City, MO

    1 day ago

    Comment edited on: 6/11/2021 10:50:00 AM
    I can't thank you enough. What SparkPeople has done for me since feb.2021 I am down 37 pounds and my health has truly improved.. I am told by a surgeon that I had to lose 50 lbs before he would perform a surgery that I need. So if Spark People is gone I can only hope I have the fortitude to continue on this positive path.

    Wishing the best of success in your business endeavors, but hate to see you go.

    Paul Oliver
    1 day ago
    I'm sure it was a tough business decision, but I'm not sure why you had to eliminate everyone not in the US. Reminds me of someone who burned the US allies with their US first agenda. I'll be staying on to see how things go, fortunately I live in a US city represented. Thanks for 10 years for me, and hopefully more with new format(but I'll need coaxing!).
    1 day ago
    This is very sad news but I want to thank you for all you have done to change attitudes and minds to food, exercise and health generally. It has been a good thing for so many people and hopefully the great influence perpetrated by this site will continue.
    Sadly - as I'm in the UK I will no longer be benefiting from that.
    The best of luck to you, Chris - and to everyone here - you've done great things and I hope that you will go on to do more.
    1 day ago

    Comment edited on: 6/11/2021 6:25:11 AM
    I can sort-of get my head around why you are going to the new platform, however I don't seem to recall any explanation being given as to why those of us outside of USA (and remember, America isn't JUST USA) aren't invited to join. Even if you open up to ALL "Americans" that still leaves those of us who don't live in the Americas out of the loop.

    I have very much enjoyed my time on SP since I joined in June 2007, most of that time as a Team Leader on various teams, and also since October, 2012 as a Community Leader on the Community Message Boards.

    Whoever coined the phrase "All good things must come to an end" was right on the button. I guess now I will have to just remember those good times instead of living them. I wish you and the team well for this new, evolving venture.

    1 day ago
    All I can say is that I am very, very sad that this is happening!!!! emoticon
    1 day ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1 day ago
    Made some good friends here and will be keeping in touch even though I can't do sp anymore (in the uk...)
    1 day ago
    I am sorry to say I am not happy about the turn of events as most of the Spark members. I think if you had offered to have us SParkmembers start paying on a staggered basis ,you could have saved this site of HOPE for so many of us who stumbled across SP and saw that YES,INDEED , it WAS POSSIBLE to LOSE the WEIGHT for good. Chris,there are so many people in this world who are pessimists and we ,who are optimists, have to live with hearing statistics about losing weight and that it will invariably come back. The SParkneighborhood gave ME HOPE and I have posted a blog that list s ALL THE SPARKPEOPLE who have LOST ANY WEIGHT on this site and FOR HOW LONG they have kept it off!!!! I feel that had you said, ok~we can't keep going on FREE STATUS, and let people know within a 5 yr,period at the start ~ you've would have had MUCH SUPPORT~probably MORE THAN YOU KNOW since this is A SITE OF HOPE. In today's world, people realize everything CAN'T BE FREE~ and with HOW SUPPORTIVE SP is , I would bet you WOULD see SUBSCRIPTIONS if you offered it now as people will not want to lose what SPECIAL FRIENDS AND COMMUNITY this is. Just so you know, I DID SUPPORT PAYING for the no ads on my page and for SPARKCOACH. ALL of what I have LEARNED these past 11 years even though I tried to see if I could KEEP the wt, off and go off of SP, I finally learned I can't. I NEED THE ACCOUNTABILITY as I am sure many people do. I do not see SparkAmerica as a fit for me,so, I will not be joining,But I am pleased that I could help people through blogging [which I had never done before and even earning 3 Featured blogs ~though one of them is not recognized on my page ~always trying to share any information I had learned about weight loss,nutrition,exercise and sharing the trackers. I do want to thank you and your staff. I write lots of questions and that was mainly why I needed Sparkcoach. You did an important thing ~you gave PEOPLE HOPE ~that they COULD LOSE the WEIGHT SAFELY AND THAT THEY could keep IT OFF the rest of their LIVES. I plan to give people HOPE when I blog on the site where I will go to lose weight and maintain it,but IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME because I will MISS THIS COMMUNITY OF HOPE.
    1 day ago

    Comment edited on: 6/11/2021 1:17:28 AM
    i think i've been a member from almost the beginning. you asked me if i could find 10 min a day to exercise. i did and once i began it often lasted longer. now i walk 3 miles. i've been posting my streaks on the SparkGuy's 10 Minute Fitness Club as long as i can remember. i've achieved streaks of 100's of days over the years. emoticon
    coach jen was also very helpful.
    thank you for being there for me all the years.
    1 day ago
    TY TY TY TY TY Chris!! I've gone from 288 using a power chair in 2010 to now at 174 and last year I could WALK 3 PLUS MILES at ONCE!! Sadly I am in heart failure now and get short of breath, but my body COULD STILL walk if my heart would allow it. MOSTLY NO DOUBT if I had NOT lost the weight my heart would be so much worse off.

    I'm a grandmother as well as a Great Grandmother, they depend on me now and than. I LOVE THAT, but if my heart had lost it's battle these sweet people would not have me. My many friends in RL same thing as well as those here. So a very very deep personal TY TY TY TY Chris. I AM signed up on Spark360 and I DO ENJOY it very much. I know it's in the works and I am okay with that. I'll learn as I go. LOVE it though.

    I SURE DO Hope in time our international members can come aboard. I'm grateful for ALL you've done and will do for us.
    1 day ago
    I am sorry to see Spark go. I do want to thank you for the wonderful site while it lasted.
    1 day ago
    Still messed up
    1 day ago
    Thank you for the explanation.
    It hurts every time I hear that Spark People will is not the end.
    Please be careful in emphasizing that.
    It is the end for we Canadians and your numerous members from all over the world.
    This was a truly co-operative international community - we have been all there for each other.
    1 day ago
    I understand the need for changes, but I have a lot of thinking to do. Thank you for posting an informative blog about it. I will talk and read what others have to say. And do my own thinking, and see where I go from there. I've been a member since 2012. And I don't know what I would've done if I never have found spark people. I'm very uncertain about that many changes to such a wonderful supportive community site.
    2 days ago
    Thank you. For everything. I have been a member since MSN posted a 'blurb' on their homepage back in 2006.
    I hope I didn't say anything wrong in my blog(s) - but I'm not stupid and I know you had to have bandwidth problems. And I am thankful for everything you have done for me and the world.

    Thank you, OMG! Thank You, that we will still have the Nutrition Tracker. No other compares to what you offer. I'm hoping that returning members who join the new team might be able to pick up where they left off - but if I entered foods once, I can easily do it again.

    You have been a blessing to me. I was already 150 lbs at age 12. I am lighter today than I have been in close to 50 years! What an awesome gift you gave to me.

    I wish you success in every endeavor of your being.
    2 days ago
    ITICITIC - well said and I completely agree! I'd rather see this become a paid site for all users in order to keep it open than it close because it was free and isn't profitable.
    2 days ago
    Thank you for keeping me on track and helping me on my road to a healthy life. I will really miss my Spark friends but will keep with the programme.
    2 days ago
    Thank you all very much!
    2 days ago
    You and yours staff have a lot to be proud of. It's been a good haul and nobody is stranded with no place to go. That had been provided. Many may not adopt to change very well, but can. That is up to them.Without. change there is no growth.
    2 days ago
    What ITICITIC said!
    2 days ago
    One of the updates says you didn't consider presenting the need for a fee to maintain this site because the paid Premium service did not generate as much interest/income as hoped for. This may not be an accurate conclusion to reach, as what people would be willing to spend to keep something they value is not necessarily the same as what they would be willing to spend to add features that they may not see the need for. I did not get the Premium subscription because what was offered was not of interest to me. It wasn't that I objected to paying, but rather that I saw no point in paying for something I didn't want. I don't have a problem with ads--maybe I've just got a a very robust ad blocker on my computer, but my experience with SP has not included annoying or intrusive advertising. (My first reaction to hearing that Premium removed the ads was to think "Ads? What ads?") and I have no interest in the coaching aspect. For me, tracking and the community support have been the keys to making successful changes. While I am not willing to pay for added "benefits" that I do not want, when what I do want is free, I would not find it unreasonable to be asked to pay a fee similar fee to what the Premium program was charging if it is needed to keep the aspects that I do value available. From the general outcry/resentment that is being expressed at losing SparkPeople, I suspect that a lot more of us than you realize to feel 'passionate' about this site. Looking around the web to see what alternatives are available (since as a non-US person I am not welcome on the re-invented SparkAmerica, even if what is being described did sound as if it would be a good fit for me) I find that I will likely have no choice about paying a subscription in order to get a tracker that is as good/easy to use as the one SP has, and that even with paid subscriptions, other sites do not have comparable community involvement. It seems that SP was unique in being free, and I'm sure for some people, especially those on fixed incomes, being free was an important consideration. I think many of us, if we can afford it, find the tools and relationships we've been able to build here important enough that we would have been willing to reach into our pockets to keep them.
    2 days ago
  • JUNETTA2002
    Thanks for sharing
    2 days ago
  • PENNI68
    I think you should be proud of all you have accomplished and thank you so much for providing us all such a wonderful platform to come to every day to help each other, guide each other and build everlasting friendships. Without your selflessness none of that would have been possible and some of us would never have met. I wish I had joined the monthly plan several years ago. I would have been a member more than happy to pay a monthly fee, but also understand that it would not be enough. I am sorry I did not jump on that when offered! My mistake!!!
    I am disappointed to see this go away, however I understand your need and I know that you are doing what is necessary so that you can continue to help people because that is innately who you are! I am also so glad to hear that you are doing well and feeling well since your health issue 2.5 years ago!
    I just wanted to say Thank you, to you and the Spark Coaches for all of your help and guidance over the years. I have signed up for and will be sure to check out your new model!
    Until then take care of yourself!! Don't over do it!!
    A very grateful member,
    2 days ago
    I just want to say thank you Chris for all you have done with this website. You've been more than generous with keeping it going.
    When you reached out for paid memberships we all should have realized there was a problem. I wish now that I along with many others would have taken it seriously and signed on.

    So now, here we are and it's time to look forward to something new.
    I'm so sorry to see so many negative comments on various posts around the site. You deserve so much better. emoticon

    You gave it your all Chris, and thank you for that! Thank you for this wonderful website. I will truly miss it.

    Wishing you the very best!
    emoticon emoticon

    2 days ago
    Thank you SparkGuy for all you have done. I really love this site and am very saddened to see it go. I have been a Sparker since 2009. This site is a huge part of my daily life!! Hoping there is a miracle that maybe there could be a way of keeping this going. I am an optimist - the glass is always 1/2 full!!

    2 days ago
  • UPTOIT59
    Thank you Chris for all your hard work and dedication through a lot of personal traumas and all the changes that 20 years brings to life. You and SP have been a part of my life for 12+ years, 9 of which I logged in and spun that wheel everyday! SP has been fun, maddening, challenging and has just been there for me for all that time. I will miss this site more than is probably reasonable but I will! I have actually been in mourning since the announcement of the future closing down date but I will stay here to the bitter end.

    Thank you for dedicating so much of your life, time and money to others, like me. I will always be grateful for that and hold that close to my heart!

    9 AKA Carolyn
    2 days ago
    Thanks for creating SP 20 years ago!
    2 days ago
    Sad to see Sparks go.
    2 days ago
    I still feel speechless about all of this and am reading blog posts to find our more about it. I don't want to jump to conclusions without understanding what I am talking about. In the end we are all responsible for our own health journey.
    2 days ago
    I went to Spark 360 and it won't let me on. It says I need to give the last digits of my ss#???? Why? I put those in and I still can't create an account. I'm thinking the new site won't work for me anyway because I'm not in a corporation or in a major city listed.
    2 days ago
    Hmmm… well I’m in the south of France - says it all. Bye bye Amerika!
    2 days ago
    I understand sites change and evolve over time on the net. Some stay, some change and some shut down - it's like any business, on or off line, they need to shift and change according to needs of the community its serving and what makes the best business sense. I understand there were hard choices to make. I understand and respect the work done behind the scenes to keep this running for 20 years.

    Where I struggle is how the message is going out to those of us living outside the USA. It feels like we are being tossed out with the trash. I read your brief explanation. I don't feel we were part of the equation and again, that is your choice - you need to do what is best to create profit for your business.

    At the end of this what I want to state is, I appreciate having the opportunity over the years to have met some good people on the site, which for some have shifted to friendships off the site and that I will always feel gratitude for. Thank-you.
    2 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/10/2021 3:29:28 AM
    Thanks for what you've done.
    2 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    I agree with many of the comments about it is a loss. I too will miss my international friends.
    2 days ago
    Chris, I really appreciate what you are doing, and in concept, I don't have a problem with what you are doing to keep SP going. After all, you are a business.

    My problems are the lack of features, the loss of connectivity of certain activity trackers (Garmin, for instance), and the loss of the food tracker, which I now see is coming. I also bemoan the loss of my international friends. What a cruel ending to leave out these wonderful people from the opportunity of continuing with SP. All in all, this is a thoroughly poor substitute for all you offered before.

    What you have accomplished is having your members scramble to find a new home. It appears your competitor, MyFitnessPal, will be the major recipient of your loss, and it is your loss. Even if you make SparkAmerica as feature-rich and world-friendly as SP, a lot of us have long memories, and being slapped for our support isn't something most of us will let you do to us again.
    2 days ago
    not happy
    2 days ago
    Thank you for finally speaking up and out about all of this. I would like to say thank you for what you are endeavoring to do, however, your plans do not include the very community that made sparkpeople work and gave you something to work towards. You have forgotten US the PEOPLE who make spark ... spark ...

    II honestly think you have shot yourself in the foot so to speak, and your noble humble beginnings have crumbled because if you were REALLY interested in helping people get healtlhy $$$ would not have had anything to do with it. To me, its a copout ...

    I have benefited from this since 2008, made some amazing friends I can never replace from all over. I do thankyou for that. Cheers
    2 days ago
    Thanks Chris; my doctor has stop fussing at me since I joined SP. I have lost more than the require weight and I keep up with my workouts. I have more energy and I love the way my husband looks at me when we go out. I was on my way to a heart attack and diabetic.
    3 days ago
    I must say that I will miss this site. And to think I was just telling my bariatric team about this wonderful site!

    But in the end you have a business to run, and if the current model isn't working then you need to change that. I joined SP in January 2010. I've met some wonderful people here. I came to realize that my weight issues were a symptom of a much larger problem, and took steps to fix that just last month. I am now able to move forward and seeing the results. Yes, I will continue on with SparkAmerica (SparkCharlotte is my team now). The lessons are not lost. The friends may become parted, but that is the way of things.
    3 days ago
    Hi Chris......I have been really grateful for this site and ALL the folks around the world that I have met through it....
    I am totally gutted that effectively you have gone "corporate" and your site is "exclusive" to US....
    To be honest I am sure, going forward your new site will help a lot of folk in the US, however the rest of us it would appear can "go to hell in a handbag"....
    As you can see I am not at all happy with your decision, and while all the "corporate" jargen may not mean a lot to a lot of folks I fully get what you say....
    I don't have to agree with you and as BETHGILLIGAN Said...why didn't you wait till your new platform was fully ready for all to partake before closing this site.....
    I am fascinated to know where the pressure is coming from and what is really behind this decision!!!!

    3 days ago
    The words ... thank you ... do not express what you created and meant to sooooooo many across the world. Though many of us started using your platform to get healthy ... it morphed into a means to make friends.

    SparksPeople ... became just that.
    3 days ago
    Oh my goodness. I feel so sad to see SparkPeople go. I can't remember all the times I have said to people, "I love SparkPeople." I still do love SparkPeople, and although I have never met you in person, Chris "SparkGuy" Downie, I love you. You have given us so much and it has obviously come from a very generous and good intentioned place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will follow you to the new site, and am so glad to hear there will be a food tracker on the site. I don't suppose there's a way to move the recipes over to the new site? I have entered so many recipes so I can track the calories.

    I wish you all the best. I hope to stay connected to you through the new site. Thank you so much for the many years of service to us and our goals.

    3 days ago
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