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I Would Rather Laugh Than Cry

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Monday, June 07, 2021

My dear sweet spark friends: The sadness you are feeling, I am feeling too. The things you will miss, I will miss too. But I would rather find reason to laugh, and not cry. For that I am sharing something I wrote a few days ago--hoping it will bring a smile--or even a laugh.

Things I Learned After the sandbox

I didn't always learn about life through A textbook or in the classroom. Much of what I picked up in living life! I was the middle child-the girl stuck between two brothers. (Get where I’m going here?)

The girl hanging from the bars, with skinned knees depicted me. Chasing after boys, or being chased, on the school playground. Or hanging from the jungle gym.

#1. Always have an alibi—or a good attorney.

I was five years old when I discovered I needed a legal counsel! Let me explain. My first name starts with a J. But I could had trouble printing it. My J's were backwards. So my brother, three years older, saw the perfect opportunity to frame me! It's true! He took our dads blue indelible markers and made a blue backward J all over my wooden chest of drawers and on the bathroom cupboards!

It was curtains for me! If only I could return to my happy place. I wonder if hanging upside down in the formative years helped my brain develop. Lol

It was not amusing. My dad gave me a yank and snapped, “Now just look what you have done! " ... "But daddy! I didn’t …." "Remember what we said about telling the truth? You know you did it because you are the only one in this family that can’t make your J’s right!” ..."But Daddy......" It was no use! I got spanked and sent to my room where I heard my brother snickering in the next room!

#2. Don't ask silly questions.

Call it Karma because my brothers and I were playing in the uninhabited field behind our house. My older brother (the one who framed me) spotted this neighbor kid crouched in an oak tree! We three gawked before my brother asked him, "How come you wear your hair parted down the middle?" Guess that was not the thing to say! Instantly the kid sprung from the tree, lunged at my brother and smacked him sideways! ....Another life lesson … never ask silly questions.

#3. Be careful of who you trust.

I got framed again, when one afternoon our parents said they were going to visit the neighbors. “You kids behave yourselves.” ……….. Of course. No problem-o."

The moment the door closed, my brothers grabbed pillows and starting chasing me. In a futile attempt to escape, I jumped behind a chair, that sat in front of a draped window. I got tangled in the drapes which came crashing down, rod and all! That was the exact moment our parents walked through the door! .. I tried to defend myself, saying, “It wasn’t my fault.” But I was wrapped in the evidence and had no alibi! … Where was my attorney anyway when I needed him? …

Busted-and sent to my bedroom to ‘think’ about my behavior. None of these things could have been taught from a textbook or classroom. My lessons first began in the sandbox. Did I have to have therapy? I shared some of those 'good times' in my memoir-which was my therapy.

Thanks for swinging by—And even if you are an adult, remember these three rules. Alibi-attorney-ask no questions.

With much love and affection--- emoticon .... 2bdynamic for a while longer.

I joined Sparks nearly ten years ago, in 2012--and I never thought 'virtual' friends could become so real--But you have and will always have a place in my hearts! ... Oops--said I did not want to cry! (hate it when that happens)

And last--I am sharing a direct link to Spark Friends and Family. Lots of us already there. But if you do join, please add me for a friend if you like but be sure to mention your spark screen name so we recognize one another.

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