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Week 20: Progress Report - up 7 lbs in one week - &@#!$# - GAH. (few days late in posting)

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Last week I got off track - like way off track - and when I stepped onto the scale on Saturday morning, I was shocked (and in disbelief) to see that I was up 7 lbs, which is completely crazy. While I did fall off my eat right and exercise plan - I know that I didn't eat 24000 extra calories last week. So I know a lot of that is due to water retention - I could feel it in my legs and waistline.

And you know what - in addition to feeling all poofy, my stomach and guts weren't all that happy either. AND I've had a low grade headache for several days now too. Talk about a wake-up call to see that eating crummy makes me feel crummy. Not like that should be a surprise to me or anyone, but knowing it and experiencing it are two different things.

So I was so mad at myself for departing from my carefully made plans - which also helped fuel continued poor eating habits over the weekend. I was back to all of my old habits in a flash - and the downward spiral began!

Fortunately, Sunday night I dusted myself off and said this is it, I've got to get back on track. So here I am, Monday and now Tuesday - totally back on plan, drinking all my water, getting to bed early, etc. I'm laying off the exercise a bit this week because I still have an ongoing low grade headache - which I'm sure is related to the poor diet. Otherwise, everything else is back in check.

After having a couple days to reflect on all this - I realized a couple of things. First, it's amazing how quickly my body can go from feeling great to feeling crummy after a week of poor eating. Second, I've always been a headache-prone person, and hadn't realized that I've been relatively headache-free for these last few months, until this last week. Third, I also realized that for at least the last several years that I've been eating poorly, I was probably feeling crummy like this all the time - and didn't realize that that wasn't normal. Crazy. Fourth, I'm not superwoman. I'm going to have setbacks because those bad eating habits are pretty ingrained in my brain somewhere. Fifth - But I *AM* capable of turning the boat.

So for my 5% challenge I've been doing, this one week blew all my progress. Hopefully I can lose at least most of that this week - which is the final week of the challenge. And in two weeks from now is my end of the month photo and measurement day. But whatever. I can do this. I have been doing it. This is only a minor setback so long as I steer the boat in the right direction and hold steady.

And I'll be happy when I'm back to feeling super healthy again, like I was prior to this last week. Eating healthy makes me feel great, and when my body is working optimally - I feel even better which in turn helps motivate me to stay on track and do more.

A good lesson to learn.
Thanks for all the support on my feed this week.
Much appreciated!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I've written similar blogs to this several times. Why do we do this to ourselves, and why do we never learn? Sigh. The important to remember is that the road to success isn't a straight line; we all have our blips, but the important thing is to grab the bull by the horns, and get straight back onto the path. Well done for taking back control, and above all for having analysed and reflected upon what happened and the consequences. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    63 days ago
  • KAYDE53
    I think we all wonder why we fall off the wagon whether gradual, vacation, or special events. It always feels good to get back on track. emoticon
    63 days ago
    Glad you are back to healthy living. I too is prone to headache found out they came from eating toomuch sugar & drinkong not enough water.
    . Wishing you good luck in your journey. emoticon
    63 days ago
    I figure on this healthy lifestyle journey we ALL hit bumps in the road. The IMPORTANT thing is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue to head in the right direction - EXACTLY what you're doing. And you've also got some valuable reminders to carry along with you now, too!
    63 days ago
  • EABL81
    I know that feeling you're describing all too well. Feeling bad is what drove me to SP to begin with. I lost a lot of weight and felt great. However, over the intervening years I've let it come back slowly. I don't even think I realized the change in the way I felt because the gain was so gradual. But over this past year I realized that I felt like cr*p and had been for a long time now. I think making that connection between how we feel and how we live is the most motivating force of all for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
    63 days ago
    I've felt the same way after eating poorly for a few days... How did I deal with being tired and bloated all the time?!
    63 days ago
    Wow, so much truth in your blog. Water retention from bad food choices does a number on me too. I look down and see huge, puffy ankles and it makes me mad. Can't wear my rings right now either. So frustrating. Summer weather makes it worse for me. It is a (temporary) set back, you have a plan and I know emoticon . Good luck theses last few days of the challenge!
    64 days ago
    Keep on keeping on.
    64 days ago
    YASSSS! You got this! 🙌🏾
    64 days ago
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