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The Power is in the CHOICE

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

This weeks Captain's Challenge is to share an inspiration or insight that has helped you make a change.

There have been several things I could mention: tracking, consistency, determination, support, information, start small and build from there to develop healthy habits, self-awareness, realistic goal setting, make and stick to a plan. But, ultimately it all comes down to the power we have in CHOICE.

When I received information that my health was at risk being diagnosed with diabetes, I CHOSE to get honest with myself. I did not allow myself to be a victim of circumstances. I CHOSE to do something to change my situation. I took a class to learn more about diabetes--which as a nurse, I already knew quite a lot about but not from a personal perspective. I CHOOSE to remain active in SP and take advantage of the support and resources. I CHOOSE what to eat and I am aware of my choices and the consequences. If I have the power to CHOOSE a less nutritious option, I also have the power to CHOOSE a more nutritious option and knowing it is my choice makes all the difference. I CHOOSE to exercise daily and sometimes I CHOOSE to give my body rest. Sometimes I CHOOSE to put off doing something I know will be good for me knowing that next time I will CHOOSE differently and I accept that my decisions are mine and I do have my own best interests at heart. I CHOOSE to continue weighing, measuring and tracking my food intake because I know what happens when I don't do that. I recently realized I've been CHOOSING to accept that reducing my sodium intake is a losing battle and I have CHOSEN to reject that notion. I am using the tracking tool and reading labels and doing the math to make CHOICES that keep my sodium intake under control. I CHOOSE to allow myself one day a week to exceed my sodium limit to allow some wiggle room that will enable me to sustain this effort until it too, becomes a habit. And, it shouldn't be a surprise--but it was--it is working! I am having success! Tracking, data, knowledge, CHOICES.

I can CHOOSE to get discouraged when things don't progress as I'd like or I can CHOOSE to learn from any obstacles or hardships that come my way. I can CHOOSE to listen to the self-doubts or give in to temptations or I can CHOOSE differently. I am in control. I am making the CHOICES. Me. Nobody else. Me. And that is all the power I need.
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