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Tuesday ... What a wonderful day .. what are YOU going to do to make it GREAT !!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Our virtual kitchen is Covid-19 free ...:)

Tuesday ...

Monday was a good day .. I worked on my drawing in the morning, and then headed out to mom's in the afternoon .. We had a good chat, and giggled and we talked about our lunch on Friday with her friends .. We talked about her upcoming nerve ablation appointment .. The "trial run" took away her knee pain, but it revealed a new pain .. harder and sharper up in her hip .. I explained to her, that she needs to call and talk with Dr S* to see if the appointment on the 24th is necessary because thats not going to be a "consult" appointment ...but a "do" appointment .. and if they are doing something that is not the solution .. it wouldnt make sense .. I say to continue to find where the actual problem is .. and that the pain from the hip makes more sense to me .. because this started right after her hip surgery Easter 2020 .. and she was so focused on her knee .. but it didn't make sense to me .. however the pain was not mine .. so I couldn't zero in on it like I normally do with ME .. but this tells me that the knee was a resi resi ... resi ... I want to say resilient pain .. but it's not .. it's where it a fake pain to cover up the real pain .. ??

Anyway ..... boy .. looking back .. that was truly a runon sentence .. sorry about that .. I call that blabble sentence .. and that truly was .. lol lol ..

Anyway .. it was a nice chat and just about the time I was leaving, she went into the "apologizing for that visit" .. and I kept telling her .. that's done and over .. I don't worry about the past ..just move toward the future .. so thankfully as the conversation was heading south .. it was time to leave .. She's looking forward to lunch with her friends on Friday .. and heck .. so am I .. lol lol ..

I came home and was as normal, emotionally exhausted .. but rested for a bit .. hubby made fish sticks for supper, and I had a few of mine as fish tacos .. YUM ... I had a salad for lunch, so a bag of chopped salad was in the fridge, and I added some of that, and some mayo ... and it was mega yum ... but could only eat 2 tacos like that .. however I was hungry enough to finish my fishsticks just as is .. finger food .. :)

But my fiber food yesterday was my big salad .. I didn't use the dressing and toppings in the bag, just the chopped cabbage; added tomato, hard boiled egg, and crunchies, with honey mustard dressing .. I'll save the prepackaged dressings and crunchies for something else .. :) BUT I got my fiber yesterday and it was YUMMMM !!!! lol

I worked on my drawing a bit last night.. but it's going to be put "in between" this week; but it will get worked on .. I'm taking my time with this .. and it will all work out fine !! It will !!! lol lol

Oh oo ooo oo ooo oo oo ooo ooo .. I got a call yesterday .. My art class is back on ... starting next Thursday .. Only problem I see .. is had signed up for a 1 night class on June 3 .. but I'm not cancelling that yet .. I may just take off from this class for 1 night; "because of prior committment" .. It was only a $20 class, but it's one I wanted to go to when I found out my original class was cancelled .. BUT .. I'm not panicking yet .. and can always cancel that one later .. but for now .. I'm keeping it .. :) The June 3rd one is a 1 night class on watercolor painting .. :) My original class would have been finished by that time .. DOH !!!!

Anyway .. I'm excited .. it starts this Thursday !!! :)

Today -- I'm planning on running errands with happy hubby .. get some fresh air, and making my appointment for tomorrow for a pedi and nail fill .. :) ... so looking forward to a wonderful day !!! :)

Have a great day !!! I'm going to !!!!!! If you are having problems with your day .. be the first to make a difference .. Make YOUR day a great day !!! and that will transfer to others in the trickle down effect .. :) Have a wonderful day !!!! :)

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    What you’re describing is a referred pain . . . the REAL pain comes from the hip, but your Mom felt it most in her knee. I think you’re RIGHT to have your Mom talk w/the Dr. and get to the source of the pain. Wise thoughts. Well, call me proficient in blabble, but I understood your sentence. HAHA.

    That’s great that you Mom has lunch w/her friends to look forward to. That will be nice for her.

    Good job on the fiber! Way to go.

    Good news on your art class. You’ve got a good plan!

    “If you are having problems with your day .. be the first to make a difference .. Make YOUR day a great day !!! and that will transfer to others in the trickle down effect .” You said it! Wonderful advice. IF it’s to be, it has to start with ME!

    38 days ago
    sounds like a good plan
    I did 32 min cardio today want more lets see
    38 days ago
    38 days ago
    38 days ago
    Glad your time with your mom was good!
    38 days ago
    38 days ago
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