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Day 13: Doing A Lot Better

Monday, May 10, 2021

Today is a lot better than yesterday. Practicing my healthy coping mechanisms has definitely helped. And cutting out the junk food entirely I've found is absolutely necessary. There's just no middle ground for me. I've tried a million different combinations and possibilities where having just the tiniest amount of sugar or even a small amount of just sucralose or a small amount of refined carbs or corn oils or processed meats etc., but ultimately it comes down to all that stuff is trash and should stay in the trash bin. I've found that cane sugar which is a natural sweetener is okay for me but sucralose which is an artificial sweetener and made from white sugar is definitely not. So I'm slowly figuring out what is acceptable for me to eat. I've found dairy which is said can be inflammatory is okay for me as well. So I think I've figured out how to construct my diet and I can really move forward from here pretty confidently. I'm going to clean out my pantry today or tomorrow and get rid of all the offending food so I can be my healthiest again and not have any temptations around or any unhealthy food to fall back on.

Eating High Quality Foods: I am going grocery shopping this week and buying only the healthiest foods. I'm not going to be eating any junk food or any food I am allergic to or eating any of those foods. I'm really focusing on getting back to my best form. I don't want to feel poorly anymore or be super bloated and sore anymore. So even if it's difficult at first this is something I'm determined to do.

Accurately Measure & Track Food: I'm also determined to track and measure the best I can in the coming days. I want to see where I'm at for macros and calories and such right now. I want to get back down into range especially at the lower end so I can get my weight back down and on track again.

Drink at least 64 ounces of water: Water will be especially important right now as well and admittedly so will caffeine. I need to get my energy back up.

Non-Scale Victory: My biggest nonscale victory lately is simply getting back on track and finding my sense of calm. It may have taken me longer than I had hoped, but better late than never.

Fitness: I skipped fitness again today. I was so exhausted and drained from this weekend that I just needed a day to recover.

Sleep: Sleep is improving a little bit. I went to bed a little later than normal last night because I needed some me time and got up later than normal, but sleep quality is up a little bit and I will be getting back on a better schedule today.

Quit Progress: My cigar plan wasn't working very well for me. It was too stressful for me being limited to 20 cigars a day. It was too tough of a place to start out. So I increased the number to 30, which is still cutting back by 10, so it's something.

Meditation: Meditation has been key for me. So it's something I really want to focus on more.

Inflammation/Bloat/Weight Loss: Bloat and inflammation have gone down a bit, but I'm still in quite a bit of pain. Weight is down a bit. So I'm headed in the right direction anyway.

Feeling exhausted but doing better anyway. Much less stressed today and looking forward to going grocery shopping and to payday when I can order my new clothes.

Keep Sparking everyone! emoticon
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