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Working together

Sunday, May 09, 2021

I went with my brother, Jeremy, and his girlfriend, Andrea, to our other brothers (Jonathan) house to work in his yard (both front and back). The back yard was Jonathan’s wife’s provenance until she was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer about 6 years ago. Since then they just stopped bothering with anything except mowing the front lawn, and they really only kept up with that because it’s a law in the village that the grass can only get so high before the code enforcement officer issues a warning, and if the warning is ignored then you can get fined. It has been described to me as a HOA for the whole village! Anyways, suffice to say the backyard was a jungle. Completely overgrown. There were shrubs and trees in strange places that had to be cut back or cut down entirely. I spent about two hours with the big loppers, cutting back the Rose of Sharon bushes to about a five foot height. Andrea was weed whacking all around the edges, and Jeremy had the chainsaw roaring, cutting down the larger trees and shrubs. When I finished with the bushes I started hauling the various shrubs,trees, and bushes to a spot behind the garage. It was a major effort. But it felt good when we finished up and it looked well tended once again. Today we will be all here at dad’s house for breakfast… and then Spring Cleaning the house. I haven’t been keeping up with the basic cleaning, and dad just doesn’t see dirt. So things have been sliding along and getting dirtier by the month. But my brothers think that about two hours of concerted effort should get it back in order. Working together certainly makes the jobs manageable. Working alone these projects would be extremely daunting, but since we are all working hard it takes a lot less time and frustration. But I guess that is true of many things! Well, it’s time to go walk the dogs. Wherever you are in the world I hope you have a marvelous day!!
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