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What Is Your Irritation

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Saturday, May 08, 2021

While I was walking around Walmart doing my grocery shopping, with my daughter helping me, I noticed something bugging me in my shoe.

I thought perhaps it was the support hose I had mended just wadding up. I thought about ignoring it and debated whether I should wait until I got home and examine the problem then, because sometimes it bothered me and sometimes it didn't.

But the irritation grew more pronounced and finally I couldn't take it any longer. I balanced myself by holding on to my daughter's shoulder with one hand and and took my shoe off with the other, right there in the middle of the isle, not caring if anyone saw me or not. That was because I was in too much of a hurry to get my shopping done and I didn't want to go all the way back to the front, where there was a bench I could sit on, to take my shoe off and dump whatever it was that was in my shoe.

To our surprise, look what fell out of my shoe when I dumped it. I could barely see it on the floor. It was much smaller than the picture.

My daughter picked it up and being "quick on the draw", announced joyfully, "Mother you have a spring in your step." We both laughed and laughed, because we were both in a hurry. I am sure others looked at us like we were weird, but we didn't care; I was rid of the irritation. We hugged and hurried on our way.

How that tiny spring got in my shoe was a mystery at the time. But later I remembered I had been trying to get a ball point pen working while sitting on the edge of my bed. I had taken it apart and was trying to put it back together. My shoes were sticking out from under the bed a ways and evidently when I dropped the spring, (and couldn't find it afterwards), it had gone in my shoe. A perfect basket. I missed my calling, huh, I could have been a basket ball player.

What are the little irritations in your "shoe" today? We can all make our little pebbles stepping stones to success, if we try with God's help, or we can ignore the little devils and let them grow until we cannot take them any longer and they have become rocks of offense, that do some real harm But why chose the hard way. It is always easier to get rid of the pebble, which it usually is, before it really causes some serious damage. And it is always a blessing to have support..

Today I am grateful for not only God's continual watchful care, but my daughters and sons that bring joy into my life and help in so many ways to support me. I am also grateful for Spark friends, who I see listening with empathy and compassion, crying with each other, laughing together, praying for each other and singing HIS praises together.

Basically we just love each other, which I have found you all doing so well. I appreciate all your support, as I have taken so long to discover what it was and is I needed to do differently to reach my goals, not only physically but spiritually. It has been over twelve years I have been on this amazing journey, just with Spark People, many years previous on my own. I did have a three year hiatus during the twelve years I have been with you all, and when my sweetheart was ill. before he passed away. I am back now still determined to do it right; and help strengthen others.

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