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My review: NOOM & a bit on Nutrisystem

Saturday, May 08, 2021

I was asked to give my opinion of the NOOM program by spark friends. I have been using Noom for about 30 days, signed up for the one week FREE trial first. Then the 6 month at end of trial. I am not sure what happens at end of 6 months but will let you know.

I use NOOM on phone only for convenience, goes anywhere with all features.

NOOM FEATURES: Noom has meal & exercise tracking, built in pedometer, course work, daily weigh-in (and why), water tracking. Other trackers include weight, blood pressure and blood glucose. Recipes are available.

emoticon emoticon

HOME PAGE: summary of trackers, daily course, menu, has calorie line tracker at top (NICE!) and menu to other options.

COURSE WORK: emoticon This is the educational part which I enjoy, we are never too old to learn. Noom discusses the psychology of eating related studies and has short (10 or less) quizzes. I have had some of this information prior to Noom but not always in the same manner or with the same back up information. At end of course, I am only half way through at moment, you become a Noom Nerd too.

I wish they had a dictionary for all the abbreviations. There are MANY! So yo might want to start your own list. I have been winging it and wish I had thought of keeping track on my own. I thought saving articles saved an entire lesson but it only save that part. :(

You can save articles, information you fill out for your goals and access easily through the Home menu. the Noom Nerds, as they call themselves, have a sense of humor and I am often tempted to pick the funny answer instead of the correct one!

Reminders: emoticon I love the Noom reminders, most of the time! You get one for weighing each day and whatever meals you eat. I eat three meals a day but you can do up to 6. How can we not love a Nerd Mom to tell you it's time?!!??!! emoticon

WEIGH-INS: Daily. This is a love and hate relationship. But it goes with the program and learning about your food habits. I weigh every day.

WATER: emoticon You click on track button, then tap on glasses. EASY! you can do 8 glasses,1 or 12 all at once. again, you set this goal in your course work at beginning. I would suggest adding a couple more than you normally would do.

The article below is from webmd and discusses how water works for our bodies as well. My personal fitness trainer, a PT degree, agrees with this calculation. I will tell you some folks indicate too much water can be unhealthy, I will leave that up to you to discuss with your medical team.

My personal TIP emoticon , my goal is 14-8 ounce glasses of water, and I worked up to that . I drink filtered water, in a water bottle. I save insulated mugs for iced and hot drinks LOL.

FOOD Tracker: emoticon

Noom food is red, green, or yellow. all good for you but color is based on calorie density. I have not done calorie density before so this is a lot of learning for me. Working on it still. they do provide lists.

You track calories not nutrition except through colors. If you add a food, you do input calories, carbs, protein, sugar, fat, carbs, sodium and serving size.

You cannot tell who entered food data, so I check carefully. You can't enter recipes except on ingredient at a time. emoticon

love that you are given many options for logging what you eat. ex., serving, ounces, can, bar, cup, etc.

tracker includes many grocery and restaurant items.

I like to do SPARK also to track certain food ingredients. Protein, fat, etc. plus the recipe calculator is the BOMB! emoticon

FITNESS TRACKING: emoticon Has a drop down list and "rolling" time line tracker for minutes. Apparently there are lots of reasons to work out, and most are not related to weight loss. WHAT??!! Still wrapping my head around this one.

WEIGHT TRACKING: rolling line tracker. LOVE IT!

PEDOMETER: emoticon emoticon Not a fan at this point. I don't carry phone in my back pocket, so hard to change the thoughts someone will come up and take it. I have not found a pedometer I love but my Omron or fitbit were the best so far. (Hmmm were seems to indicate, I better find one and charge it up for use!)


Recipes: I have not used this as I didn't find any to my liking. I am also restarting our Nutrisystem food tomorrow.

************************* NEW SUBJECT*******************

emoticon Nutrisystem: I have used this program 3 other times. This has been the best for many reasons. My husband is actively participating with me, first time on a real eating plan change for him. The good taste is much better, selection of breakfast and lunch is improved. first time in 20 years I have had such great blood work results in ALL categories.

Ok, I think I have been long winded enough.

Questions? Links on calorie density or other related topics are welcomed. Comment here and I will reply in a blog next week.

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