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May 6-Steady at it

Friday, May 07, 2021

As I fed this AM when I let the geese out Hermine walked past me then turned around and honked really big at me . Guess she was letting me know she wanted more of those Yummy weeds and it was my job to see that she got them! We looked up the ones she liked so much and they are some sort of mustard family. So I guess I got a goose that likes spicy goodies!!
I appreciate the idea of a goat. I would really love to have one sadly our fences are not up to "keep a goat in" standards and my fence building days are about over. I can repair and fix..but pounding in Tposts and stretching wire just is not on my list of things to do now days.
So a bubble wrap helmet...I'll get right to work with that...Angela was upset that I did not have my phone with me . Well It was a spur of the moment..gonna go feed now type urge and besides that my pajamas don't have pockets!! I think the bonk Molly gave me hurt worse than the big bruise from the fall. Dern blood thinner makes ya bleed and bruise so badly.
Spent a good part of the day with Tammy doing some fine tuning on her computer and her phone. She couldn't find her pictures on the computer and was so afraid she had lost them all. The idea of backing up is something to be honest most of us do not do as often as we should. Far as I know she never does or has. When I try to explain to her that she needs to maintain the computer..she kinda gets that glazed eye look that folks get when you are breaching a subject they would just as soon never hear or have to deal with. So I just drop it!
Been a long day and sleep is calling my name...night ya'al ..thank you for the kind thoughts.

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