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May 5-Lovely Day to enjoy

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

The day started with a laugh...Angela was saying that when they go out in the AM they can hear the rooster crowing..that gets the geese upset and you can hear them flapping their wings as they do their morning stretch. Then they grump at the rooster and he crows again. Circus of critters and you don't even have to see them to be amused by them!!
After I got feeding done I pulled some weeds..we have a mint like weed that is just taking over the chicken yard and the birds will not eat it. I looked it up and the only way to get rid of it is to dig it up from what I read others have tried everything and nada works except good ole manual labor . So I pulled up what I could till my head told me thas enough. I had a small container full of the weed to put in the trash. The silly geese were sure it was a container of good yummy weeds and were following me honking and demanding I give them that good stuff! Hermine even stood in front of me and stretched her neck out to try to grab the container,,brat!! so I pulled off a few leaves and dropped them, the geese immediately looked to see what it was , then looked at me as if "are you crazy !! We don't eat that stuff!".
They got really spoiled really fast when Sara and Angela pulled weeds in the yard and threw them to the geese,,they now think anytime you show up it should be with a handfull of weeds for them!! I wish they would eat that mint like junk but of course they won't even taste it!
That was about the busiest high point of the day..until this silly head of mine heals I am taking it easy. exercise in short bouts and not too energetically ..only getting in about half or less of my steps, but I know better than to push it till this bruise begins to resolve.
Molly likes to cuddle and when she does she will first always gently lick my forehead as if saying "yeah Mom I know it hurts I'm sorry!!" For a big dog she is so gentle and reacts with such sadness if she does anything that causes injury. A gentle heart is she!!
Now my eyes are telling me they are tired,,about ready to tuck in.
Have a good nights rest with dreams that bring smiles and good feelings.
Nite Ya'al
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