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I'm SO proud of my 63 lb down weight loss journey!

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Hello my wonderful sparkling friends!

I'm so happy that I can now share with you that I'm a whooping 63 lbs down!

Now I can't claim that every single day. I do bobble up and down about 3 lbs. But...I know this will level off into a solid 63 lb. weight loss.

I can say a lot of this weight loss is cemented in walking. I walk the angel girl Ruby...who is the golden retriever of my newfound love, Michael.

He takes her out 4 times a day for long walks. When I spend time at his house...of course I go along. Wow....walking really accelerates weight loss. Try it...it totally works.

The other secret of course is calorie control...or in my case...carb control.

I try my best to eat 1 time a day within a 1 hour timeframe. I try REALLY hard to keep my carbs around 20 c for the day.

Is this always possible? Of course not! But if you keep your focus on 20 carbs or less per day you will find you CAN do it.

ESPECIALLY when you see a clear and consise drop in weight. It just accelerates your resolve..right?

As many of you know I was in deep, deep grief after the loss of my beloved husband of 42 years. This was coupleed with the loss of our only child (a son) 14 years before the loss of my husband.

I can tell you...I never really dealt with our son's loss because I wanted to stay strong form my husband.

Whe you do not reconcile with grief it stays stored in your tissues and your body. So after the loss of my husband in 2019 I absolutely had terrible pent up grief emotions. They did a double whammy on me!

I was eating everything in sight and drinking at LEAST 3 glasses of wine every night feeling seriously sorry for myself.

I really didn't care if I lived or died during those dark scary months. BUT then somehow by the grace of God I was able to get ahold of myself!

I met a wonderful widower from Naples, FL.

I kindled and retained a wonderful friendhip. I devwloped empathy. I developed self control and I started undnderstanding our fellow man and their many, many stugglies.

When we dare to take a look into our souls it can be a wonderful thing!

Keep looking inward my dear friends. You will see a best friend you don't want to miss...I'm a living example of that!

Huggers !

Bobbi Anne
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