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Monday, May 03, 2021

I have been back on my weight loss journey for 2 months now. Really sad, I hit the highest weight of my life. I wonder how I did this and remember the trials for the last 5 years.

*knee replacement.
*retired, with a little help.
*working part time which I loved but didn't love me!
*3 hip repair surgeries for hubby
*preparing to move to a "free" apartment, had started move when I was told by the person taking over the business who I could or could not have visit or stay with me! Nope I will not have a 40 yo telling me that. so moved all back home.
*Home was supposed to be sold and retire to traveling full time, see last item. not happening.
*took bull by horns and went for 4 month RV trip and hit COVID in the middle! Had a great time, no covid, 3 negative tests and now vaccinated (although I have recently been told I was pretty dumb for participating in the experiment and I might shed vaccinated cells on others and make them sick! then was called names and bullied at because I didn't say" OH NO! you are right, I screwed up!")
*hiatal hernia stretched again
*working through family issues because of the move and the fact that I tried to ask/demand respect as an elder in the family.

What has happened to the world when the experience, knowledge and love of an elder family member gets no respect? Elders were part of our education in the 1960s and 70s. I don't understand why my peers forgot to teach their children this. No cares for tradition, inheriting of furniture or other valuables we all preserved for future generations.

TECH stuff: now I know us seniors may need help but grabbing our device and fixing it doesn't help us. We are NOT brain dead, Please explain it to me and let me do it. If you are not sure, figure it out and then show me! Apparently even the youngest are having memory issues.

I blame it on the smart phone, a place to be your brain. It dials your phone for you, takes memory pictures in the 1000s, tells you everything you want to know from a search engine without any verification of the truth. allows yo to sit in one pace for hours without interacting with others. Please I love my online family, but we all need human touch and face to face interaction.

So while I was learning this, I ate. when I was happy, sad, emotional, stressed, angry, bored, you name it, Food was on the menu, and eating out became normal.

I was the poster child for all the reasons yo are fat because you think food fixes everything.

Anyone else relate?

iF only food had no calories when you nibbled while cooking, ate standing, or any time you put it in your mouth.

Not reality you say? ok, you are right, it isn't. so how do we fix us to stop this awful cycle? and how do we do it with the help of others?

Gosh, I have been "dieting" for 54 years now and need to lose at least another 48 pounds but would prefer another 68! OUCH! formidable, Can I quit and eat a cake?

I don't have all the answers. I know I have suggestions knowing what worked for me may not work for others and obviously was not a long term solution for me.

I now have a new goal and plans.

NutriSystem mixed with real food as I learn to lose weight healthier.

Noom: a psychological approach to eating based on science, EXPERIMENTING (oh my!).

Learning new ways to cook with new ingredients. How to make healthier food taste good.


and finally ..

Get rid of all clothes once they are too big for me! My rule now is if pants or skirts fall to top of hips instead of fitting nicely at waist, say GOOD BYE! If my shirt look like a dress, try to make is smaller, use as nightgown or BYE BYE! If that dress is hanging to my calves instead of knees.. you get the BYE BYE picture.

and for the HELLO FUTURE plan, If the waist gets too tight, you can see buttons starting to strain or dresses getting shorter, what to do? why check your eating plan and see what you let creep in. Biggest issue in our home is portion control and needing more protein and veggies!

Today I finished my 67th year. I have not turned into the skinny little being all the women before me have. OOPS that didn't work. A new plan, a new measurement and the final success is what I have in mind.

What is your plan? Always open to new ideas. and I need a new photo LOL
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