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Week 17: Progress Report - Ugh! Up 1 pound this week and End of April Summary!

Sunday, May 02, 2021

So not unexpected that I'm up a pound (and that is since yesterday morning!!) because I had a pretty unhealthy pasta dinner last night WITH ice-cream for dessert. I knew better. It was quite the indulgence and this morning my stomach is like "what did you do to me?!"


So total loss for April was only 3.2 lbs (it would have been 4.2 lbs - which is still a bit on the low side compared to my previous month totals). So I didn't officially even hit my low target weight goal this month which is disappointing. BUT... 3.2 lbs gone is still progress in the right direction!

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This week I had two days of eating way over my calorie budget AND I have hardly been active at all this week. So, if I want to lose a little more quickly, I'm going to have to get more active and stay within my allotted calorie budget, preferably on the lower side of that budget most days.

I took measurements and photos today - although wish I had done that yesterday! lol. I did wear a size smaller workout top because my XL is a little loose and not as good in photos for comparing to previous pictures. The L size is a bit snug still.

Oh I just realized that I should have kept the same weight loss photo "uniform", because that top isn't as loose yet. LOL. Ok, I'm keeping the other pictures above mainly because Marley was up and investigating what was happening. More on him later.

So here's the correct "uniform" photo to compare with last month. Honestly not much difference from last month - it's only 3.2 lbs difference - but that's ok. I'm still photo-documenting!

Here are the new weight loss goals for MAY (updated on my SparkPage too)
Lose 1-2 lbs per week.
High Goal: 8 lbs (203.6); Mid Goal: 6 lbs (205.6); Low Goal: 4 lbs (207.6)

As always, I am aiming to reach at LEAST my mid-goal. In order to do that this month, I'm going to need to increase my activity a lot (this month I've really been slacking off other than the week I was on vacation). Also, I don't have nearly as much room for "cheating", so need to watch that. AND, I need to get back to drinking all of my recommended water everyday - something else I've also let slide this last month.

Ok was playing around with exercise calculator - if I want to lose an additional three pounds each month (from increased exercise), that works out to 350 calories of exercise I would need to burn every single day. That might be a bit much for me to take on right now. But if I do a 300 calorie exercise (like 30 mins cardio), 5 days a week, that *potentially* would be 1.7 lbs extra per month. Although that likely doesn't include the increased metabolic boost you get with the afterburn. Whatever - I'm not going to get too crazy trying to figure that out. Instead, I am setting the goal of at least 30 mins of deliberate activity, 5 times per week. And I want one of those days to be a short 1-2 hr hike each week. Ok, the goal is set!

Plus looking ahead to September - I'm going on a vacation to the beach! So that's 4 months from now that I have to improve my weight. If I even just lose 5 lbs each month, that would be 20 lbs gone by vacation time! That would put me into well into ONEderland. And if I manage to hit my "high" goal each month of 8 lbs, that would be 32 lbs gone - which would put me at my first really BIG goal of getting to under 30 BMI and out of "obese" territory and into the "overweight" category.

My job has been much busier this last month - which I think is contributing to my lack of activity - because I get home from work and I'm just completely worn out mentally. And I *know* that if I could just drag myself for a walk or do anything active, that would help immensely. But knowing and doing are not the same! Also I did bring my hiking stuff with me to work twice last week - but I think I'm a little self conscious about changing into hiking stuff while at work. Which is totally silly. So I need to get over that, and just get changed and then I can go hike in the park on my way home from work. I used to do this and really loved it, especially during the week.

In other news:
Marley kitty isn't doing so well. He's eating a lot less and has less energy. I know his time is coming soon. I brought him to the vet yesterday for another antibiotic shot, but the vet thinks the tumor is growing up behind his eye now. And he lost another pound since he was last there three weeks ago. He was always kindof a big cat, but now you can feel his bones in his back and hips. We got him all patched up with fluids and anti-nausea medicine to see how he does over the next couple of days. He's definitely been slowing down these last couple weeks, but still acting very cat-like. Curious, jumping on counters, trying to snag people food, wanting ear scratches, etc. He's had a very good life since being adopted. Been insulin dependent for the last 7-8 yrs, survived two episodes of pancreatitis, survived a loss of oxygen accident during dental procedure, and prior to me adopting him - I believe he'd been abandoned during the housing crisis. So I know he's gotten the best kitty care, but it's still so difficult when pets get old and sick.

On the real estate front:
I decided that "opportunity" I found out about last week wasn't really that great of an opportunity. So while I was initially hyped about it, I came back down to earth. I'm heading out this afternoon to go look at a cute little house that is on open house today. I finally scheduled my contract writing class - which I didn't realize I needed to do "live", so I can't do that until another few weeks when the next one is scheduled. After that I can officially apply for my real estate license. Yay!

Let's see... this upcoming week is going to be quite busy at work. Our volume has continued to grow, which is great for the company - but doesn't actually translate to more money for me at least not directly. So with short staffing issues, it's been a bit frustrating. And on top of that the additional unpaid work responsibilities (e.g. teaching, etc.) continue to pile up. So.. when can I retire?! lol.

Stuff happening this week:
Formal teaching lectures on Monday and Friday.
Need to talk to the vet tomorrow about Marley.
Informal teaching on Tuesday and Thursday.
Final individual evaluation in my work leadership course. (should be interesting)
Spanish classes on Monday and Tuesday night.
I set up a HELOC on my house, so the closing for that is on Tuesday afternoon.
I'm signed up to attend a real estate investment webinar on Thursday after work.
Oh and I've got to finish my taxes still!
Plus my mom might be visiting for a couple days this week (although she's an easy house guest).
Plus I have a few days off in three weeks, so I need to schedule an A/C tuneup, and a handyman to fix some things around the house so that will all be lined up ahead of time.
Oh yeah, and work M-F too.

Wow. So looks like I am going to have to be deliberate about scheduling time to exercise this week and really stick to the time that I set aside to do it.

Oh also, this last week I hardly got any real estate/finance reading done. I'm currently reading about syndications - which is interesting, but sort of dense reading. Maybe I'll put that on hold this week and take a look at one of the other books in my pile of reading for this year. Ok, so I'll assign myself a few chapters of one or two of those books this week too.

I'm starting to think maybe my plan is to keep myself so busy that I don't have time to snack outside of meal time! lol.

Ok as usual my progress blog has gone on and on.
Thanks for reading.
Have a great week!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Aww. Little Marley looks so cute and sweet in these photos. I'm glad you showed him to us. He was such a handsome boy! I'm sure he led a wonderful life after you took him in. He was certainly loved.

    I hope you don't take that one pound too seriously! Don't let it get in the way of your ultimate success! We can't always go down, and there might be times when the enjoyment of a meal or treat is worth the temporary slow-down. Sounds like you have a lot of other stuff to keep you occupied, though, and that's a good thing!
    39 days ago
    It sounds like you have so much going on that snacking from boredom should be rare!
    Sorry to hear about the kitty - I have an elderly cat that is high maintenance but still holding her own. We just had to say goodbye to our elderly dog - enjoy every day!
    Great pics to track your progress emoticon
    40 days ago
    Any loss is always a reason to celebrate, especially when you haven't been constant the whole month, so it's a win. Hope you enjoy getting back to your Spanish classes. Estoy esperando para poder tener una coversación contigo en español! emoticon
    41 days ago
    First off, yeah for that loss! I am celebrating your achievement emoticon emoticon . I like your goal setting too. I look forward to getting my BMI down to not obese as well. I am planning a beach trip late summer or fall and would like to be able to fit in my suit!

    Wow, what a busy person. I so enjoy reading about your life , it motivates me to get moving! I hope Marley improves but do know as our pets get older they have more issues. Sounds like he has had some extra TLC in your care. My daughter's cats are elderly, over 16 years and every day is a blessing. They are brother and sister, Fred and Ginger and look completely different.
    Enjoy your visit with Mom and the time off that is coming!

    41 days ago
    I love your idea of photos monthly to track! I also was thinking I “only” lost 3.9 pounds this month but am trying to reframe it to...I lost 3.9 pounds!! Hugs as you care for your kitty.
    42 days ago
    That’s a lot to fit into one week! emoticon emoticon
    42 days ago
  • EABL81
    Wow, you're doing great! I know 3.2 lbs isn't what you planned for, but it's 3.2 lbs less than you had in March. Slow and steady wins the race. I'm so sorry to learn that your cat Marley is so ill. It is hard to lose them but they do bring so much joy when they're here with us. I lost both of the cats I brought to Arizona when I moved back here. Tigger died in Nov 2018, 6 months after we arrived, and I lost Bear in Feb, 2020 (yes, it was a bad year in more ways then one). Both were in their mid-teens. They were brother and sister, whom I captured and socialized as feral kittens.

    Your schedule is impressive! No wonder you've had a little difficulty fitting exercise in. I had the same problem when I was still working. Like you, I often found it easiest to walk on the way home from work. Where I lived in VA, there was a pretty little park that ran along the river, between the college and my home. If I got out of work in time, I liked to stop there and squeeze in 30 - 40 minutes. It was a really relaxing way to transition between work and home.

    Hope you have a great week as well as a chance to catch your breath now and then!
    42 days ago
    You sound very busy. Hope your cat gets better soon! Good luck in acccomplishingg your goals. Really e joyed looki g at your pics. Have a greatweek!!! emoticon
    42 days ago
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