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Hauling 48 bags!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

last year I had a new sidewalk, steps to basement and an extension to the driveway done.
My neighbors company was going to do it when the demand slowed down some, well the owner got charged with a DUI, so that fell through. The neighbor asked another friend, they were there THAT DAY, would start the next day and be done in 2 days! talk about fast! Plus didn't give me much time to get the money transferred from another account, dicy timing got it done! working on framing and pouring
all done and you can see where i need to backfill with dirt and sod or seed. this was all done mid October not a time here in Northern Ill to do ground work! so springtime. Well I got the front pretty much done just need to seed it, but have to wit til warmer

we had 2 days in the high 70's so we went to buy more bags of dirt and I back filled where the sidewalk was taken out and 1 side of new extension done, used some sod that my sun dug up for his new garden area so hope it takes ! I still have the side on the right to finish! so far went through 38 bags! Bought 15 more and hope that is enough!

I am not as young as I used to be!! took more breaks than I expected, but with my new knee and the old one still complaining not bad! I did the weeding around all these areas also so those are off the list when I gets warmer out.

Hauling 48 bags in and out of my trunk sure used muscles I forgot I had! bug hope the sod takes supposed to rain today, other wise i need to go out and water it later.
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