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This or That: Website or App?

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Every morning in my 6th grade homebase class, I end the period with a fun “This or That” activity. I created a random online wheel that we spin. Questions vary from “McDs or BK” to “TikTok or SnapChat?”

In the mornings, I log on to the SP website on my MacBook while I eat breakfast. I also have the app on my iPhone and I’ll use it to enter some food throughout the day. That’s usually it for me.

Yesterday, however, I found myself looking at the app as I walked, mainly because I was really excited to see how many comments my friend AMUSICALLIFE’s blog about Happiness was getting. I kept checking in to see if there were more. If you haven’t read it yet, go check it out!


Then I started looking around my Profile section on the app a little more. I saw “Following” and “Followers.” I guess the followers are people who have added me as a friend on their page. I started looking at that list, and while most of the people had a green “Following” button next to them, many had a gray one that said, “Follow.”

I never see SP emails anymore, due to a gmail filter I set up. I can keep up with most things just by looking at the website, anyway. However, the one thing I don’t know is if someone has friended me. I have no idea how long all these people have had me as a friend. Hopefully they don’t think I’m a snob who finds them unworthy or uninteresting. I went through the entire list on my app and clicked them all to green… “following!”

I’ve always thought the app to be inferior because there is so much more available on the website, but I have to say this one feature is a lot better on the app.

So here’s your fun “This or That” today: Website or App?

and… why?

6th graders can hardly wait to share their opinions every day, and you are welcome to do so, too!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    28 days ago
    Website all the time
    56 days ago
    I couldn't do this without the app. Logging my food and exercise that is. I use the website for the blogging mostly and reading other blogs. So I need both for me to be successful at this. I'm incredibly grateful for the app. and this website! Until Sparkpeople I was never able to keep an accurate food journal and I really feel it's whats enabled me to lose 2 lbs per week for so long and so consistently. Since I have a long way to go I really appreciate that it's happening now. the weight is coming off. emoticon
    56 days ago
    I only use the website because I prefer to keep the phone mostly as a phone and relax at home
    56 days ago
  • LIS193
    I prefer the website, rarely use the app.

    56 days ago
    It's easy for me to answer. I don't have a smart phone (by very deliberate choice), so I don't do apps. Website for me.
    57 days ago
    I just use the website. I have an old flip cell and never use apps. I also have a so-called "Smartphone" but rarely use it. Using my laptop is just so much easier for me. emoticon
    57 days ago
    I agree. The ap is very limited and hard to navigate. I use the website.
    57 days ago
    Website for premium features but I keep my phone for logging food, water and now- checking emails and blogs on the go. emoticon
    57 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14476702
    I just use the website on our computer. I don't like to get too fancy. No phone--I'm old. emoticon and like to keep it simple!
    57 days ago
    mostly website read blogs in my email sometimes on phone
    57 days ago
    I use both. I enter my nutrition on the app and most everything else on my computer. In order to find out who your friends are you would have to give the IT peeps approval to send an email notifying you.
    57 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I have both but I have never really used the app very much. I will have to check that out. I find the website much more to my liking. It helps me to plan my meals for the entire day and then I add as I go along if I have made any changes.

    Thanks for the info.

    Take care and have a good night.
    57 days ago
  • THOMS1
    I use both. I'm not home all of the time but I do have my phone with me all of the time so it's just easier to do both. emoticon
    57 days ago
    website - it is more detailed and a larger screen for my old eyes
    57 days ago
    I'm a website girl! It's easier for me to navigate.
    57 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Website only.
    57 days ago
    I use both, but the website when I will do a lot of typing, - commenting on blogs etc.
    Much faster and more accurate with 10 fingers than with only 2

    Glad to see AMusicalLIfe's blog featured. It was a great read.
    On page 1 of the featured blogs, there are 7 different Sparkers - 5 of whom do not blog every day.
    There is much shared wisdom out there.

    57 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/28/2021 1:42:23 PM
  • BA_COY
    I'm a website only person. emoticon
    57 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11945874
    Website only. I use my PC, laptop, or Kindle When I want to use the microphone. Aside from that, I can see you are a fun and innovative teacher!! ...And nice of you to share the blog that is featured. ...I Always love seeing a new face blogging. After all, Isn't variety the spice of life? ... I read her blog too and "Liked" it! Oh yes! ... I would still love to see more people getting featured so we have somewhat of a banquet or smorgasbord rather than the same meal everyday. ... Thanks for sharing!
    57 days ago
    I'm a "both" kind of gal... although my use of them varies. Website is better for blogging and reading blogs. App is convenient for tracking and especially for traveling (so I don't have to haul the laptop on trips). This past year, I've been far more on the website! emoticon
    57 days ago
    I can see why your students must love you! emoticon Website indeed. More user-friendly than the app (I have both but barely use the app).
    57 days ago
    Both! APP - morning login spin, food tracking, water tracking, update weight, bar code scanning, friends feed ... WEB - edit my page, access mail, update other goals, trivia, give goodies ... Great discussion with students, and us! 👏🏼
    57 days ago
    You can see who is following you on the website, too. It's just a bit more digging to find it.
    57 days ago
    I’m mostly accessing via my phone, so my answer is, “yes.” (Both). In fact, I also use both the mobile mode and desktop mode on my phone because mobile mode is so limited.

    Of all three ways to access the site, listed above, I mostly only use the app to connect to my Garmin, and every once in a while to post to the Community Feed.

    The site was originally developed for a desktop interface, so that’s where most of the features are. Also I’m a Curmudgeonly Old Retro-grouch, so I prefer websites and bulletin boards to this newfangled social media stuff! (LOL)

    Lots of us just use SP for social interactions and other things for food & exercise tracking, anyway! (I use LoseIt for food, Garmin for exercise, TrueWeight & HappyScale for weight trends, and SP for support)

    Whatever works! emoticon
    57 days ago
    Website, except in an “emergency”. Back when I was traveling a lot (hope to do it again next year!), I might log in with the app, just to keep a log in streak going. But its options are too limited for most things.
    57 days ago
    I use the website mostly unless I happen to be out of the house and need to enter my food. I prefer the ease of the website. There are so many things that aren't as easily accessible with the app.
    57 days ago
    I use the website. I just use my computer and no phone. emoticon
    57 days ago
    Website. Many more accessible site resources.
    57 days ago
    Great idea
    57 days ago
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