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Week 15: Progress Report - Lost 0.6 lbs this week!

Sunday, April 18, 2021

I gotta admit that I had higher expectations for the scale this week. This week that I've been so good logging everything AND this week that I went hiking FOUR times and got in a lot more activity than usual! Certainly better than gaining anything (and hopefully some of it is just water weight from freaked out muscles) but sometimes I just gotta wonder if my body is conspiring with the scale to get me to go offtrack. LOL.

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1. I got at least 10 mins exercise (and most days closer to at least 60 mins) every day this week!
2. I drank all my water every day this week.
3. I stayed within my calorie range 6 out of 7 days this week.


So at this rate I'm going to miss even my low target weight loss goal for the month. I'm hoping things shape up for the rest of the month! I also need to make a weekly workout plan that includes more strength training. I like cardio so I tend to default to that unless I've written out something different on my planner... so I will work on that for this week!

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Anyway - the big news item this week is that I took and passed my state real estate license exam on Tuesday! WOOT WOOT! I'm super excited about that. Although that still doesn't mean I have my license yet.. I've got another class to take now, and the actual formal application which requires letters of recommendation, etc. etc. But I'm making steady progress. I decided to take the rest of this week off from studying real estate, but starting next week I'm going to enroll in the contract writing class (which is a 6 hr class), and review what else I need to gather for my official license application.


In other news.. the weather in southern AZ has been just SO NICE this week. High's in the low to mid 80's, just beautiful weather. I was happy to be on vacation to get a chance to actually enjoy it - because in this part of the country it won't last too long. Summer is right around the corner. Here's some photos from my last hike. The flowers should start to get spectacular over the next week or two.

Oh and I bought this cool agave art piece for my front entryway, so I put that together on Friday. I think it looks even better than I imagined it would. I've got this huge magenta planter in my front entry way that I cannot keep anything alive in. So this steel agave ought to do the trick.

Other accomplishments this week include finishing reading "Your Money or Your Life". It's on one of the must read lists for those seeking to FIRE (become Financially Independent and Retire Early). If you haven't read this book (and you aren't retired), you should consider putting it on your reading list. It's got 9 chapters and 9 assignments all pretty much about making you more aware of your spending habits and thinking about new ways to place value on the things you spend your money and time on. So I started doing some of the assignments. One in particular has you graph out your monthly income and expenses. It is interesting to see the slopes of those lines (and ideally your income line is higher than your expenses line, and the space between those lines represents left over money you can invest for your future!). And then you add a third line on the graph representing any extra income you are (or could be) getting from things like your savings and retirement accounts. I started using a free online website to keep track of this sort of stuff a year and a half ago, so I was able to pull the monthly numbers for my chart. Anyway, the whole exercise so far has been very eye opening.


Lastly, Marley kitty seems to be hanging in there. At least he's still eating and remaining active. So I'm keeping an eye on him and making sure he gets plenty of love and attention. I'm noticing that he and my other kitty are having more spats than usual. Not sure what that's about...

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Okay. So even though the scale barely moved this week I am feeling more fit and am still just as motivated to stay the course. I have to go back to work on Monday (this last week of staycation vacay was just so nice!), so getting in the activity is going to be a little more challenging.

Queue my weekly planner!

Since i love crossing things off lists, planning out how my week is going to look and finding where I can fit in exercise, etc., is super helpful. Also now that I'll have a little more free time, I'm hoping to start working on some of my other projects for this year too. I should be able to get through this required RE course this week, then I can apply for the state license.

Outline of non-weight loss goals for this next quarter:
1. Finish real estate license application requirements and get license.
2. Resume my weekly italki Spanish lessons.
3. Hike at least once per week.
4. Gotta get my taxes done - sooner rather than later.
5. Continue learning about real estate investment strategies.
6. Make an official financial investment plan.

Hmm. I'm sure I'll add to this, but for now this is a good start.
Thanks for reading - have a great day!
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