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Ancestral Tribes

Saturday, April 17, 2021

I may have joked in the past about how my DNA test came out with zero surprises... white as a sheet. But it also confirmed the heritage we had known from family research: both sides, mom's and dad's were heavily populated by the British. I've felt drawn to the music of the Anglican church, and the language of the eras of Shakespeare, Elizabethan I and the King James Bible. I cut my reading teeth on "The Young Elizabeth", among other biographies.

Add to this the timeline... Queen Elizabeth II was crowned within six months of my birth. My mother was pregnant with ALICIA363 when Elizabeth was expecting her youngest. Charles and Diana married the same year I married my own Charles. Our son was born within a couple of months of Prince Harry.

This morning, waking to the funeral broadcast, my heartstrings were being played upon. I thought back on getting up at 3 a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana live with my newlywed husband. I thought back to Diana's funeral, also watched with my Charles.

The Royal family would have no clue as to my existence or that of my own family, but... I also totally get the identification of ordinary folk in Britain and around the world in Commonwealth Countries with this family who so jealously protect their image and character.

Note their choice to not wear military uniform, even though several of them served, because of a scandal. The whole idea of what is "proper" and dignified comes with their status.

But the music... the music made the hair on my arms stand up, put a touch on my heart. I thought of my non-Sparking sister who once said to me about our affinity for the pomp of the church services as being OUR cultural heritage. So much is said about cultural heritage of others, and encouraging pride in it. As a child, the thought that this particular heritage was the "default", the "norm" and not in itself a cultural heritage could have been expected. My sister's comment made me realize that yes, while I had felt I didn't have a tribe all the time I was growing up (I was somewhat jealous of those who did)... that indeed, I *did* have a tribe. It just happened to be all around me, and all over the television.

What a complex thing it is to try to balance pride in the good and rejection of evil or arrogance... in a culture as well as in ourselves. As for today's service, by the time they got to playing "God Save The Queen", there were tears rolling down my cheeks.

Moving forward, may we embrace the good in all heritages, and reject the things we learn to be wrong in our own and others. Let us move forward recognizing our common humanity, whatever our cultures of birth or upbringing, and with kindness and compassion, build a future that we can all be proud of and feel safe in.

As for our safety, one aspect of that safety is our health, and that's what Spark was built around... may your decisions today support your own health and protect that of others. This is, after all, the one and only Saturday, April 17, 2021 we'll ever get! Let's unwrap it and live it, best can do! emoticon
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