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Saturday, April 17, 2021


April 16, 2020 ... it all began on this date. I had already hunkered down for a whole month, not going outside, shopping, visiting, and so on because there was this COVID-19 virus out there! I gave my N-95 masks to the hospital, and waited, safe inside my home. I ran out of toilet paper, no lie, because I wasn’t going to any stores. And then one day, I decided, this is nuts! I live in a small town and should be able to walk outside quite safely. And so I did. Day 1. Walk 10,000 steps, track my food and intermittent fast 16-8 for a month. (If you don’t know about intermittent fasting, look up Dr. Jason Fung.)
My resting heart rate went down, my weight went down, my body got smaller, and my energy went up. I was inspired! I had joined SP in 2009, but came and went about four times. This time I had discovered the secret sauce! I have to do this - EVERY DAY! I kept a binder and wrote down numbers - weight, IF schedules, steps walked, minutes exercised, and stairs climbed. I wrote a blog at 6 months:

This was working! By November, I was at a good weight, but wondered if 5 more pounds would be better. I got there, but it didn’t feel healthy. I put the 5 back on, and then another 9. Hmmm. This maintenance piece wasn’t so easy. Back to what works - track everything! And back down to 154 I went. It helps that I’m tall, and determined not to regain that weight.

I had done three 5% Challenges, and they were great. The Maintenance Challenge I didn’t quite grasp - I chose a weight I wasn’t at yet, and the spreadsheet made no sense to me. I had no clue what all those numbers meant. It didn’t matter. I have my own challenge, in my binder.
So by now, I’m totally committed to Sparking daily. I signed up to be a Community Team Member, and then I became a Team Leader. To really understand my team, I looked up ALL 450 of them! Well, that was an eye opener! So many write a well intentioned opening header or blog, and then they are gone. No criticism, as I was one of those, missing in action, for years. It is like a New Year’s resolution - we want to change but we don’t want to have to work for it. And then one day, we are really ready. This was my year to get it done, and I did. The trick is to keep at it - spark, track, exercise, commit, repeat, day after day.
If you are stuck, shake things up. Try something new for a week and see how you feel. Keep your metabolism guessing. I heard it said, “Hunger is not an emergency.” True. And if you wait 15 minutes, drink that big glass of water, it will pass. Reduce your processed carbs. Eat healthy. Be more stubborn than your scale! Keep at it!
I’ve found some very supportive Spark friends who cheer me on. We all need that. Click a like, make a comment or just put it out there what you want to achieve. One day at a time and you WILL get there. As for me, onward to day one of year two! It always starts with a blank page, and day by day, the lines get filled and success follows. Keep Sparking!
A commitment to daily sparking is a commitment to yourself.
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