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Climb every mountain

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

I've spent a lot of time this past year hiking, good weather or bad I've been out building up my strength and absorbing the calmness and beauty of nature. In the fall I had done a hike that involves climbing vertical ladders and pulling yourself up chains on a rock bluff. When I got to the chains I had to back off, no way did I have the upper or core strength to haul my butt up the rocks and used the fact that my feet slipped on the wet rocks as an almost valid excuse why I couldn't do it.

Last week my hiking buddy and myself headed out on a hike. Now I should explain we have categories of hikes, everything from "rainbows and bunnies" to "fire and brimstone". That particular day we had picked a rainbow and bunnies hike with a side of brimstone to keep it interesting. As we approached the hike we looked to the right. Pure fire and brimstone. We sat at the light and looked at each other, "Change plans?" I should explain one other thing. Post morning coffee Tami and post morning tea Shelley are way too perky and should not be allowed to make decisions, they can not be considered responsible adults. That being said, we turned right chanting "We hike at dawn, fire and brimstone!"

Like I said, they are not responsible adults.

I texted my a picture to my husband at the start of the hike to let him know where we were.

He immediately recognized it as his least favourite place as well as commenting that we went full brimstone.

The climb involves hundreds of stairs plus huge boulders. Closer to the top we got to the chains, I have been working on my core strength since the last time we attempted this and I am thrilled to say I made it up these chains.

Once you make it up the hundreds of stairs, up one vertical ladder a set of chains and then a combination of chains and vertical ladder you get rewarded with a scramble to the top of the mountain. Cause you know, nothing says fun like crawling up the side of the mountain with nothing to hold on to. Going up took us 3.25 hours to cover 3KM to give you an idea of the amount of brimstone involved.

Once at the top the view is incredible, terrifying if you are like my husband and afraid of heights but that's why I don't drag him out on these with me.

I haven't made a lot of huge changes at once to my life but I have made small changes constantly and I'm really happy with the results. Six months ago I couldn't get to the top of this climb, today I not only did I make it to the top but we cut an hour off of our up and down time including we sat up there and had our lunch.

In a couple of weeks I will start work full time again with my business, my next challenge will be making sure I balance work and health. I did a pretty bad job pre-Covid, hopefully this last year and taught me something.

We were very pleased with ourselves that we
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