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The Visit

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Poliahu blew into Albuquerque yesterday, she paid me a visit.
Poliahu is Pele’s older Sister, the beautiful Snow goddess, she resides on Mauna Kea on Hawaii Island. Poliahu and her 3 Snow Deity Sisters do not align with Pele. Never Did, Never Will.

Swirling Snow, 68mph winds, Creates Illumination, that’s when she appears, with the light, in the snow drift.

Poliahu: “Where is Pele?”

Me: I don’t know. She left after the hike on Tuesday. Nalo was with her.
She knew you were coming, told me to expect you. The National Weather Service tracks your travel.

Poliahu: Ma hea ʻo ia i hele ai? Do you know where she is?

Me: ‘A’ole maopopo iaʻu. No, I don’t know at all.

Yet, Everybody knows Pele is in a self proclaimed “Goddess witness protection program in New Mexico.” Honestly, it’s the worst kept secret, and she could be anywhere.

Tsé Bit' A'í - Navaho, means Rock with Wings - Shiprock, NM

You know how the Mo’o like to mess with her.
Maybe she went looking for a fight in Shiprock.

Poliahu: Maopopo iā ʻoe iaʻu? Do you know who I am?!!

Me: A’e. Yes.
Aloha e Poliahu. Compassionate Goddess Poliahu!


Aia i hea kou mau kaikuahine? And your Sisters, are they here as well? He Waiau, Kahoupokane, Lilinoe?

Pele likes Hwy 550, it’s a beautiful drive, maybe she went to Cabezon at Rio Puerco, she likes to tickle his neck.

But then again, she could be right down the hill at the Albuquerque Volcanoes, she seems to fancy Black Volcano...

Oh, wait, her all time favorite is Taos, at the Gorge, you know she loves that ancient seismic activity of the Rio Grande Rift, and showing off her surfing skills along the Taos Raceway Course,

....while everyone else whitewater rafts, haha!

I’m sorry Poliahu. There’s so much volcanic-ness in New Mexico, she could be anywhere.


She could be back home, on Hawaii Island, sleeping safely....

Halemaumau Crater, Pele’s

White Dog, Pele Kinolau

...And just like that, Poliahu vanished....The weather subsided.
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