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Week 11: Progress Report - down 2.6 lbs this week!

Sunday, March 21, 2021

WOOHOO! I'm feeling pretty happy about the scale this week. Moving in the right direction again. Down 18.1 lbs in the last 11 weeks. I have to say it feels great!

I still have a ways to go, but this is the most consistent progress I've made after many failed attempts over the last many years. I credit most of this to using the bistroMD program - which is actually real food, just frozen and portion controlled and mailed to the house each week. So it saves me oodles of time during my week which is pretty hectic. It's expensive of course, and I know the long term solution is eventually to learn how to do my own thing. But I've learned that higher protein and less carbs really helps me feel satiated, which has always been an issue in the past. So there's hope that I'm learning about what it's going to take to be successful on my own too. Back in January when I was getting started (for the umpteenth time!), I decided I really needed a "win", and that I would try this program for 3 months and then reassess. So that time point is a week and a half from now. Given my success so far, I'd like to continue it. Maybe the best plan is to get to my 50% weight loss goal (although that's still a moving target), and then start doing half program and half on my own.

I'm just so FREAKING EXCITED about my progress. What's even better, is that I'm almost at my low target weight loss goal for my monthly (March) goal, and there's still a week and a half to go. AND I'm almost at my mid target weight loss quarterly goal (Jan - Mar). Yes, apparently I'm a numbers junkie - my sparkpage shows all those goals, so it's helpful for me to see where I'm at and where I'm going. SMART goals for sure!

This week I did not do so great with the exercise plan though. It seemed like I managed to let every little thing derail my plans this week. And I'm thinking that's partly because I didn't actually schedule specific exercise plans out for the week. Something about writing the exact specifics really helps. So only 2 days exercise this week - although planning to exercise this afternoon, so make that 3. Better than nothing, but room for improvement. The getting up to workout before work goal has kindof been a failed miserably plan. Ugh. As it continues to get lighter in the mornings, I'm hoping to solidify this habit - or start this habit!

The weather has been so nice here in Tucson - yesterday it was 81 for a high. I opened up all the windows (hello allergies!), but the cats liked having the windows open.

Also took down the St. Patrick's day stuff and put up some Easter decorations.

Another busy week for me:
Survived work all week - that's a given I guess - lol.
Taught on Mon, Weds, and Fri, which sometimes can be a real burden, especially on Fridays - but it was actually a fun session.
Read two chapters on Real estate rentals (Real Estate Rentals for Dummies)
Read one chapter on personal finance (Your money or your life)
Did my tumor board conference for work this week.
Attended my work leadership class. Just two more weeks to go.
Confirmed the AZDPS received my fingerprint clearance card application (for the real estate license).
Reviewed all the real estate math problems in my book and did vocabulary flash cards.
Took a pre-test for my real estate course examination - got an 80% which I was happy with, but still need to study a lot before the real exam. There's SO MUCH terminology!
Had my first online Spanish class in almost 3 months! Was so fun - I've really missed that. I'm trying to work it into my week at this point, which is already stuffed, but I don't want to forget everything I've learned!
*Finally* got my 401k issue straightened out (I think / hope - lol).
Literally spent almost 4 hours on the phone yesterday with the technical help desk trying to fix a problem with my computer which is resulting in me not being able to schedule my online proctored final exam for the real estate course. UGH. I think it's fixed. So I'm going to try and schedule that today for a week for next weekend (at the earliest).
I joined the Spring 5% challenge. I haven't joined any challenges (or teams) yet! So thinking this should be fun and motivating, as well as help keep me accountable for exercise activities.
Oh, just spent about an hour trying to spend "kohls cash" so that I don't lose the $20 credit from buying something last week. What a game, but bought two new exercise tops in a smaller size (large instead of XL) - which are going to be a little snug right now I'm sure, but I'll get there soon.

Okay - i think that's my wrap up for this week's activities.
This afternoon's activities include
1. running to Kohls to pick up my order.
2. exercise - I'm going to do a les mills bodycombat class.
3. try to see if I can now schedule my real estate exam
4. study study study study study!
5. plan out next week's activities for work, life and fitness

Whew. Kindof long winded blog today - good thing I only do this once a week!
Have a FABULOUS week everyone.
Happy Spring!
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