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Podcasts that will truly change your life

Saturday, March 20, 2021

What if listening to a series of podcasts could change your life? I want to tell you of some that are definitely changing mine. They cover everything a person might need help with in these uncertain times: getting better sleep, dealing with anxiety and depression, overcoming procrastination, making decisions, building confidence, using exercise most effectively, and even raising your IQ.

I've blogged before about my problems with anxiety and depression and discovering the radio program "Doctor, Doctor" from the Catholic Medical Association (CMA). Listening and re-listening to their most popular episodes—the interviews with Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Kevin Majeres*—I finally went to his web page, , and there I found out about a program he offers called "OptimalWork."

Well, to be honest, since I am a stay-at-home housewife who has had lupus for the past 18 years, I ignored the links to OptimalWork, thinking it couldn't possibly have any relevance for me. But then I heard a couple of the CMA doctors recommend it and most particularly the associated podcast series called "The Golden Hour." It still may have taken me nearly a year to see why one of the doctors said that "The Golden Hour" was one of only 3 podcasts he makes sure to listen to every week. And now I'm kicking myself for not having checked it out sooner!

On the website for OptimalWork, it says, “Use the latest advances in neuroscience and psychology to transform anxiety, distraction, and reluctance into meaning, mastery, and focus.” The program is aimed at those in the work environment, but The Golden Hour podcasts which they created to help their members deal with the COVID-19 pandemic have absolutely priceless information that applies to just about any living, breathing human being. Every time I listen to one of them, I say, "I've got to blog about this on SparkPeople--this could help so many people!" My problem has been choosing just one to start with.

So let this blog post serve as an introduction to what I hope will be many more blog posts in the future with good advice from The Golden Hour. As a teaser, let me just say that the last one my husband and I listened to—Episode 50 on Making Decisions—actually helped us see clearly that we needed to move. We have been hopeless at making decisions, but Dr. Majeres proposed an exercise to try that we did immediately after listening, and within 30 minutes it was plain to both of us that moving would be in our best interest. Not the easiest thing to do, but the best thing to do (that's key). It truly felt like a miracle.

So go check out The Golden Hour:

And stay tuned for more great advice as I blog about what I learn from them!


OptimalWork: www.optimalwork.
(It's a subscription program that I believe would be invaluable for any working person. I am considering subscribing myself just to thank them for all the help their free podcasts have given me.)
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