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Motivational Monday Musings

Monday, March 01, 2021

This week I practice . . .

I stay focused on whatever I am doing in the moment, and remain focused on just that.
I do what is needed just until it is complete. My mind is at ease, and I am mindful as I take each step forward until I am finished.
I feel the satisfied and at peace in its completion.
I feel pride in my accomplishment knowing I did my best, and that has resulted in a job well done.
This develops my strength to persist and persevere in all areas of my life.

All of us here have set goals as we work toward building our dreams and making them a reality. Unfortunately, and without warning, detours, obstacles, and setbacks happen. At the end of each month, we access our progress, and our performance to see what worked and what didn't, and how we may adjust our course for the next month.

We must persevere. . . find that well-spring deep within ourselves to keep going and try again no matter what lies in our path. The challenge for each of us is to evaluate where we are in any situation.


"Perseverance is the will to carry on. once we discern our true direction, we stay the course for however long it takes, regardless of the obstacles that arise. When creativity inspires us, we do the work required to bring it to fruition. We patiently pursue our goals, remaining steadfast and focused. We persist with a task until it is completed. People can trust us to finish what we start. When our relationships are tested, we have the commitment to work things through. We are determined to succeed."

Persistence, a.k.a. as persistence, has a long history of making a success out of failure, and creating greatness through accomplishment. Looking back on your challenges and figuring out what lessons lie therein, and incorporating those lessons learned into a persistent pursuit of your goals.

"I Have a strong sense of purpose."
I have the will to overcome obstacles.
I remain committed to what I want to do.
I'm determined to finish what I start.
I am trustworthy in my relationships.
I do what it takes to stay the course."

We are ever-changing, along with life in every moment, adapt to those changes along with the choices we make in improvement and action - perseverance - will determine what the end result is going be.

I have decided that the month of March will be dedicated to keeping me, along with you, motivated to keep moving forward - step by step, no matter how small it need be - toward our goals. Each day will be a little something to keep us motivated, and have dubbed it Motivational March.

Let's step forward together to make our goals for this month a reality!

Thanks for stopping by!
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