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Week 8: Progress report, down 1.2 lbs this week, and -5.2 lbs for February!

Sunday, February 28, 2021

I hit my low target goal for February and came OH-SO-CLOSE to my mid target goal this month. AND, this now makes 8 weeks of consecutive losses on the scale. Woohoo!

I do have to admit though, that I'm a little disappointed that I only managed to lose a pound this week. But I know that's silly to be obsessing over. I was hoping that by 8 weeks in, I'd at least be two decades down from the start. This is a healthy rate of loss though, despite it feeling like I'm sitting on top of a turtle pleading with it to go faster. lol.
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In any event, I took my front and side photos this month. I'm not really seeing a whole lot of difference from last month. I should probably stick with the same outfit moving forward for monthly photos. I did measurements, I lost a half inch here and there since last month - although I'm still not sure my measuring technique is very accurate. But I'm trying not to pull too tight on the tape measure to get as accurate a result as possible.

Here's my photos for the end of the month:

So since starting the end of December, I'm down 13.2 lbs, which according to is the equivalent of 9 iPads! hah. I definitely feel my tummy is flatter, but it's weird to think I've lost 9 iPads worth of weight.

This month food wise I stuck to plan. Had two days of overeating slipping back to old bad habits, but otherwise I did really well. My exercise this month was good except the second week of February. For some reason that week I only exercised once, whereas all the other weeks I got 5 days of deliberate exercise in.

I'm really liking this Les Mills on demand subscription. So many different types of workouts to choose from. A lot of them are a bit more high intensity than I'm really ready for, but I just do what I can, and hit pause as needed to catch my breath. I really like that the sessions change instructors about every 4-5 minutes, so there's an easy place to pause when I need it. I just really started the classes last week, and feel like already they are a better workout option for me in terms of intensity and getting my heart rate up compared to walking on my treadmill. So far I'm doing things a bit haphazard, and discovering new features all the time. There is a 'getting started" series that teaches you all the basics in each of the many different class types they have. So I think I might switch over to working through those plans. I'm contemplating buying the weight set they sell, which is kindof ridiculously priced, but has some nice features that I think I would like. Currently I have some hand weights and some padded weight bars - none of which really offer the same flexibility as their modular set. My birthday is next week, so maybe I'll treat myself to a fitness eq splurge gift. Hmmm! :)

In other news, for some reason I hadn't got anything done this week outside of work. So that means today I'm going to try and play catch up with my study plan. I need to kick up the studying so that I can schedule my final exam in the real estate licensing course, and then apply for the state exam.

I'm fully vaccinated at this point - yay. My dad and his wife were rv camping with some friends on the other side of town near Saguaro national monument for this last week. He's got lymphoma, and has sorta been a bit nilly-willy with precautions for covid. They both finally got their first vaccine last week, so hopefully they'll be more protected soon. I hadn't seen either of them in over a year, so drove over to hang out yesterday afternoon. Wish I had taken some photos, because the desert is beautiful, and the weather was fabulous. Spent most of the afternoon outside just talking with them and their friends and enjoying the day. Pretty soon it will be way too hot here to do that!
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Next weekend, I'm heading to visit my mom and step-dad. My birthday is next Sunday (so expect a delayed progress report from me next week!) It's been since December since I have last seen them, so I'm looking forward to the visit. My step-dad just got his second vaccine last week, and my mom is scheduled for her second this Friday. So I'm looking forward to that and of course some birthday cake!

Ok I'm sticking with my 1-2 lbs per week goal for March, I've got high, mid and low target goals for the month. Here's my new monthly goal info:
Lose 1-2 lbs per week.
High Goal: 8 lbs (213); Mid Goal: 6 lbs (215); Low Goal: 4 lbs (217)

Also, I think (hope) by switching over to the Les Mills workouts, that I will be able to up my calorie expenditure and metabolism. Again, by writing down the specific classes in my weekly planner, it's like some sort of magic - and helps me get the class done about 80% of the time. I now need to figure out how not to waste so much time between getting home from work and getting started with my exercise. Half the time I manage to waste an hour or so on the internet, and then workout pretty late. It would be even better if I could workout in the mornings. But I don't think I'm quite that motivated just yet, which would require getting up while it's still dark outside (ugh!). As the summer gets closer though, this might be easier to shift my schedule to getting up earlier to workout. I *used to* (*cringe* how I hate it when I hear myself using those words) workout in the mornings at 6:30am before work in the past - which was great and very empowering to feel so accomplished before even arriving at work. So it's in my eventual plan, just not yet!

Ok well that's my exciting life this week.
One pound a week is still going in the right direction!
Have a great day.
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    IN looking back to your other photos, I can see your progress. You are doing great! emoticon emoticon
    75 days ago
    I couldn't remember your before photos, so I went to take a peek, and wow what a difference. I can see a clear difference in your tummy, as you've noticed yourself, but also in your calf muscles, the front of your thighs, your arms, and your neck, which may be areas you haven't measured. If you are working out that often, you must also account in for the fact that although you are losing weight you are undoubtedly gaining muscle, and muscle weighs heavier , yadda yadda.... All in all I think you are doing really well, above all for letting 2 not brilliant days derail you completely. Keep on keeping on.... emoticon
    75 days ago
    Wow you are doing amazing. WTG.
    76 days ago
  • KAYDE53
    emoticon emoticon Great job!
    76 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    76 days ago
    Wtg! Keep staying consistent and positive, remember to add more protein to meals. Get at least 100 oz water in daily.
    76 days ago
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