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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The hubby turned the big 5-0 yesterday....and in true pandemic fashion, we had an uber-small gathering of his parents (the people most connected with hubby's existence on earth) and our new small family of 4 (oldest kiddo is now in Delaware at university).

We had balloons present thanks to his younger sister sending chocolate covered fruit mid-day and we had his favorite Italian take-out for dinner.

I made the cake he wanted (white cake with chocolate pudding and cherry pie filling)...pretty good overall although the filling was a tad slouchy in the end (as I had figured would happen). C'est la vie! It tasted really good! LOL

Out of the 4 adults, 3 of us have the vaccine in varying stages...and yet we still wore masks. We each took turns "breaking the law" and giving each other a reprieve when we were out of range. It worked out nicely.

Ten years ago, he got himself an iPad for his 40th. That device slowly turned into a doorstop and wouldn't update after 5 years, so I figured a new one would be his big gift since... lets face it, this was quite the economical major milestone event! LOL He was thrilled! Especially since he can't see as well now!! Hahaha

Truth be told, the hubby was giving everyone guff about his birthday (yes, anti-birthday was a phrase uttered at one point) since he wouldn't be able to do anything he may ask now: well, what did he want? Well, not a big party, but smaller parties with different groups so he can focus on each of them rather than just a cursory how-de-do at a big shin-dig. Ummmm, hello honey....that is a wish come true this have no choice in the matter! Noone does! Small is what has to be, so small is what it is! When the weather gets better, we will have the covid-pod family together again and outside. In the meantime - hang tough!

I look back at the year and a lot of things were strange ""wishes come true" events. For example: no holiday concerts for the kids at school took the a level of anxiety off of my shoulders...add anything with crowds and it hold true for that as well (yes, my son's graduation included); some holiday festivities were altered...and for the better anxiety-wise; saying "no thank you" became a norm for preservation on maaaaaany levels, all in the name of Covid. Many have worked to my self-care advantage. There...I have said it (been meaning to for a while).

As with any yin, there is the yang...other stuff was not so much a good thing as I do really miss seeing people without a mask on...and hugging people. Hugging especially - my hugs are friggin' magic. I'm one of those people. I have thrown caution to the wind on that account and "covid-hug" certain pod people and on special occasions. I can't wait to just hug like I used to! Working from home is a blessing and a curse - finding a balance is challenging, but I digress...

In one week it will be my birthday...2 years the younger to the hubster. I invited my inlaws over to share in my veggie lasagna that I love to make and eat. Yup, I will be making my own birthday dinner and cake as well...because it makes me happy! To share what make me happy enhances it all! It's a gift to myself...all I ask the family is to clean up the dishes and the kitchen after I'm done! LOL

Making the best out of a bad situation, seeing the silver lining, helping when I can in reminding others of that...that makes me happy to. A sing-songy text from me in the morning is one of those things that I do...yes, it may drive my friends nuts, but I really don't care fact, I appreciate it when they inquire when I don't do it and check up on me, because sometimes, that is the case too! (as you well know, my Sparkfriends!)

As for stats: I weighed myself and hello there 137 - my tried and true Sparknumber. That is still 50 pounds done from when I started in 2008, 13 years ago. Putting it into perspective like that changes my mind on how I view 132 as my favorite goal weight. 137 seems to be a set point. I'll split the difference and see if i can just hang at 135. That's the mini-goal for the year.

I have officially hit 201 days of consecutive mediation days!! Kinda cool right?!? Talk about a streak. Now I have to start moving the ol' body again!

Baby steps as, mental health, physical steps and keeping promises to myself...and doing more of what makes me happy!!

I'm so happy the hubby had a good birthday! He served to have a nice day at work and at home. There will be more celebrations to come in the future...all it takes is a little patience!
(funny observation: there is no 13th Sparkversary emoticon! - I guess I will make my own!)
emoticon + emoticon = 13 Spark Years!!! WOOHOO
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