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8th Successful No Night Eating, but...

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

...only after a very crazy night. This success was hard-won. All went well until I tucked myself into bed. About a half hour later, tossing and turning, I started a serious debate with myself. Why am I doing this? Why do it now when I'm dealing with a major something that has arisen (will blog about that another time)? Why why why.

As soon as I'd finally ended the debate by saying no way, jose, would I be getting up to snack then I started planning a revenge breakfast. The biggest, nastiest (calorie-wise), yummiest feast I could imagine. Yes, if I had to wait until morning to eat, then I'd make it worth my while. So there. (such a child sometimes) (smiling)

Then came the dream. It was one of those very realistic ones where you feel that you are actually living it. I was at the fridge, just chomping down on anything I could grab. As I did so, I said aloud (in the dream), "oh, now I see this is truly a habit." I was so disappointed that I wouldn't be able to blog about my success the next day. The disappointment in myself was palpable. That reinforces to me the value of blogs in seeing your intentions, goals, etc. in writing.

I awoke this morning with no hunger or interest in food. But I ate a nice protein-heavy, but moderate, breakfast and feel satisfied. Wow, this is not a linear journey!

Wishing all a wonderful day.

"True generosity toward the future consists in giving everything to the present." Albert Camus
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