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Make It Easy

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

It works better for me mentally to look upon healthy lifestyle choices as EASY. Truly, it's not a big deal to live this day without eating cookies and ice cream. It's not a big deal to get up and do my exercises. It's not hard to track my calories. These are easy things I can do to get and keep my body in shape. I have a friend who, like me, is trying to lose weight in get in shape, and she loves the mantra "Do Hard Things." It doesn't work for me. I get it, and I've done things that seemed hard at first. But with proper education and training, these "hard things" were do-able. I trained to run a 5K. I trained to bike a 100-mile beautiful ride in Door County, Wisconsin. It was challenging (hard?), but I loved it and felt so great about accomplishing both. I think when we tell ourselves that something is "hard," we set it up in our minds as almost impossible. I'm picturing a wonderful dessert sitting on my kitchen counter and me telling myself that it's so hard to not eat it. I'll walk away thinking about it and how hard it is to resist. That dessert stays in my mind as a temptation. If I tell myself it's easy to resist -- No Big Deal -- it removes the temptation. It puts me in control. I have the power to resist. It's also a negative vs positive thing. What's more uplifting and empowering? Telling yourself THIS IS HARD or THIS IS EASY? It's like saying YOU CAN DO IT vs THIS IS REALLY HARD, MAYBE YOU CAN'T DO IT! emoticon Maybe I'm overthinking this.......................... Anyhoo, I know what works for ME. What works for YOU? Do you have a mantra that helps you overcome challenges? #lifeisgood emoticon
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