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Monday, February 22, 2021

Hubby and I have a “cold” … sniffles, headaches, tired and a bit congested. It’s been draggin’ on. We greatly debated about it but we both are signed up for the COVID vaccination. So, we wait.

Our “senior citizens” are still struggling with COVID … they both are in their mid-80s. We neighbors are leaving care packages on their front porch.

DS1 is on his pituitary tumor med … which has the side effect of a daily migraine. He is to be retested the end of March to see if it is going to do the job or if he needs brain surgery. Fingers and toes crossed.

Hubby has been on the edge of a manic episode … but we have been able to keep him this side of reality. Doc is on board. Sleep, sleep, sleep … is our number 1 issue. Hubby had an episode a year ago and stepped off alllllll brain meds in June. So, we are doing good … but watchful.

And as for me … I took 7 weeks to lose 7 pounds. And 2 weeks to gain it back.

I’m tired of the getting fired up and committed to suck on carrots.
I’m tired of the roller coaster.
I’m tired of the failed attempts.
I’m tired of not knowing physical hunger vs emotional hunger.
I’m tired of not knowing comfortably full vs non-ending chomping to fill … the void.

I’m plain tired.

This is insanity at it’s best … wanting something but self-sabotaging and getting in my own way.

I wanted to “shock” my new doc in June and show up miraculously slim !!!

To those of you who have lost weight … how did you do it??? How did you stay motivated???

To those of us who haven’t achieved our goal weight and stayed there … why not???

Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my goodness, my dear friend… You really do have more than your fair share of trials and tribulations.
    But, no matter what is happening, you must you must you must put yourself at the top of the list and take care of yourself.
    There is no other way.
    Figure out what works… You did it before, you can do it again....Kindly gently but consistently… do it.
    I know you can.
    I want you to.
    We all want you to do it… Please take care of yourself.

    73 days ago
    You are dealing with so much. Your reaction is understandable.
    I find myself fighting the "why bother" syndrome myself with nowhere near the challenges you are facing.
    I know there is no magic pill but not having high calorie foods in the house helps me when munching to fill the void. It takes a lot of grapes to reach 3,200 calories (1 pound)

    I don't think you ate an extra 22,400 calories in 2 weeks, so it's likely those pounds will come off faster than you think.

    You have a lot of good advice here. Hang in there and stay connected to Spark.
    That's where I have found my motivation over these last 12 years, especially to stay in maintenance.
    I know the dismal regain statistics and I want to beat them. Staying connected helps me to do that.

    74 days ago
    It can't be all or nothing..daily it is about trigger foods and eating whole foods. We can't beat ourselves us.
    74 days ago
    The only plan that will work for you is the one you choose to follow.

    Food is always there. (At least for many of us.)

    Determination, movement, and healthier choices works for me. I follow the WW blue plan to guide me. I lost 20 pounds before I joined. I just needed the "plan" and the Spark tracker was a lot of work (thoughts in my head) so I wanted something easier to use. I also like the meetings. I am back to studio meetings.

    I no longer blame eating on emotions, or others. I choose what I eat. If I ate a high fat, sugar, or carb food, I chose to eat it and I move on. I am NOT gaining back the 30 I lost.

    I am my only competition.

    No one has the perfect plan.
    There is no magic pill.
    No one can change your mind. Your mind is yours.

    What do you really want?

    74 days ago
    How lovely and kind for you to be leaving care packages on neighbour's porch. So much worry about your son and your husband too. You have a lot on your plate. It is so easy to fall back into comfort eating at these times..hell, we all know that. But you need to take care of yourself if you're to care for everyone else. I put everything into my nutrition tracker first thing in the morning, and when I see that it's perfectly within the ranges, there is (probably) nothing that will make me deviate from that. If I slip it's very hard for me to stop sliding don that slippery slope, hence why I've managed to lose over 120 pounds TWICE in the past decade, and then put it all back on again in no time.

    If you get straight back on it, it won't take you 7 weeks to lose those 7 pounds again. It is only temporary weight gain. So you may not be "miraculously slim" for your new doc in June ( was that ever a doable goal?) but you CAN still be sooooo much slimmer by then, BUT only if you get back on it NOW. I bet you could be 14-21 pounds lighter by then. Wouldn't that be amazing, and worth it? Your doctor would be thrilled with you. And then how much lighter could you be by your follow up appointment? If you continue with this the way you are in this slump, you will only be heavier when you see her. You don't want that do you? What do you REALLy want?

    PS: I have never sucked on a single carrot! I don't know your nutrition plan, but if it doesn't leave you feeling satified, maybe a different approach would be best? emoticon
    74 days ago
    Lots of good info and advice here . . with that focus on "experiment of one". Right now. What works today may not be what worked in the past or will work in the future. But always with that attentiveness to taking care of yourself, trusting yourself, being patient with yourself. You ARE dealing with a lot for sure.
    74 days ago
    Ive lost 175lbs but it took alot of hard work, determination Never giving up on myself Im worth it I kept telling myself that, AND my Dr. Told me that if I didnt make a drastic change I would not see another birthday that was All i needed to hear !
    74 days ago
    Support is here for you, but no magic or one answer. I lost by committing and recommitting in cycles. I lost the first 40lbs pretty quick with planning and Spark tracking in cycles some by month some by week and some day to day. The final 20 took a few years! Heavy on protein (meat) to fill me up, limited fats to prob 2-3 TBSP a day, and 2 fruits and lots of vegetables (green lunch salad and something hot for supper) with usually one starch a day at night. Plan. Track. Learn. Plan. Track. Tweak. Plan. Track. Keep going till you find what works for that day, week, month.
    Rest! You have a lot to deal with and maybe the timing is not right for major weigh loss but find some consistency with drinking water and including freggies daily.
    My exercise is as much for the mind as the body but some gurus suggest no exercise until nutrition is in place...

    Sorry to here of your struggle. You are not alone in feeling this way. You can overcome.
    75 days ago
    75 days ago
    Oh goodness! Hope you and DH feel better. And prayers for DS1. And MANY prayers keeping DH on this side of the reality spectrum. How hard! YOU my dear have may prayers.

    75 days ago
    Wish I had some kind of answer...
    75 days ago
  • SES823
    Hope you all feel better soon! Seems you're carrying a lot on your shoulders that can't be delegated-- unfortunately that "emotional weight" doesn't play well with weight loss :-(
    Try to carve out some time each day that you can devote solely for your own wellbeing-- you can't be the foundation for everyone if you're not doing the upkeep on yourself. I don't mean it to come off as sounding harsh-- I struggle with many of the same issues myself-- it's hard. Try not to make your weight loss journey an "all or nothing" thing-- small, attainable changes for the better add up-- it won't result in great weight loss overnight but it will keep you heading in the right direction. I find it very helpful to use the nutrition tracker and literally budget all my food for the day while I'm sipping my morning coffee (that's what I do for my 'me time'). Since starting on my weight loss journey, I'm down 165 pounds altogether with the last 65 here on Sparkpeople-- I still have a long way to go to meet my final goal though. It's a daily struggle, but the non-scale victories like fitting in an old pair of jeans are so worth it.
    Good luck on your journey!
    75 days ago
    My long term loss was with a commercial place that sold me the food. And on a work schedule. And training for events. Now, I'm struggling with consistency, but... oh, well! I think it changes over time!
    75 days ago
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