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Jeans, Jeans, Jeans, Oh MY!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Today I decided I would start organizing my closet - eek! It's been awhile, and fortunately I don't have to share it with anyone, so there's never really a need to get rid of any clothes due to lack of space.

I knew this would be quite the task, which is why I have kept putting it off. Okay. Whew. Baby steps. So I decided to start off with one corner and organize my jeans in this one closet. As you can see, they are all stuffed in here and most of them don't actually fit me.
Starting project.

Okay. I actually have 42 pairs of jeans in my closet!!! Well part of this I think was magnified during the pandemic, where I was buying clothes off the internet as needed - the only problem with that is women's sizing is literally all over the place. So some of these I kept with the intention that I'd fit into them eventually.

I figured it would be easier to organize if I took everything out first. The task today wasn't to try on everything - because I know most of these do not fit me, but rather just to get organized. (The cat helped too.)

So to say that one more time. I own 42 pairs of jeans. Spanning sizes 6-16. It's completely ludacris. And it's not like I've been carting these around with me for the last 20+ years. About 8 yrs ago I was wearing size 6's and 8's. But then all heck broke loose, yadda yadda yadda, a lot of yo-yo dieting, and those smaller jeans just got pushed to the back of the closet to make room for the bigger ones.

Breakdown of sizes (this is interesting):
size 6 - 1 pair
size 8 - 8 pairs
size 10 - 1 pair *
size 12 - 7 pairs
size 14 - 12 pairs
size 16 - 5 pairs
*unknown sizing - 8 pairs

Weird, right? At first I wasn't quite sure what happened once I reached size 10. Did I wear that same pair of jeans the whole time?!? But then I realized I had another pile of jeans where the tags had been ripped out or had a weird size (size 32 anyone?). And they started being named things like "Relaxed" and "Curvy". I guess I didn't like the fact I was in size 10-12, and took most of those tags out to make myself feel better in some type of delusional way. Hah. The lies we tell ourselves.

So everything looked to be in good order - and these size 8 jeans are so cute! Some of them have rhinestones on the pockets! Holding them up to me, I feel a bit ridiculous because they are so many sizes different. So for kicks I laid them on top of a pair of jeans that I wore yesterday, which fit fine. Oof. The different between size 16 and 8 in plain sight.

So I'm not necessarily planning to get back to a size 8 - although for sure I'd love to be able to wear these old pairs of jeans - but I think getting rid of them (at least right now) feels too much like throwing in the towel. And some of those smaller sized jeans are designer brands which cost a lot at the time I bought them! Since I've got the space, I put everything back into the closet, but organized by size (I even put little size labels on the shelf - because yeah, I'm weird like that. Well actually, I figured it would be a good visual queue for me in terms of the span of clothing I own.)

And yes I know I'm goofy, since I decided to spend my Saturday afternoon not only organizing my jeans closet, but blogging about it as well. But look how nice and organized it is now. And how easy it will be for me to "move up a shelf", when I reach that point.

One small step for me, one giant step towards getting back to where I belong!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I like doing stuff like this, too! And like you, I dread it until I actually start doing it, at which point it becomes fun and feels creative. I have lots of clothes in many sizes that I can't throw away, stuff I used to wear and stuff I've never worn before. I agree with you that it would feel a little like giving up if I threw these things away, and if I ever reached my goal, I would remember them and regret throwing them away (there's no Goodwill in Japan).

    In my opinion, organizing your jeans was a fun and productive way to spend an afternoon, and I think Sasha was happy to participate!
    78 days ago
    This was great and gave me ideas for organizing my own closet. Also, goofy people rule! 🙌🏾
    83 days ago
    You have as many jeans as I have black leggings....hahahaha! I loved this blog, it just made me smile.

    Way to go on organizing your closets! I need to do the same with my husband's.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    83 days ago
  • LIBELULITA can actually open a jeans shop with the stock you have emoticon I , sadly, can actually count the amount of jeans I've owned in my life; 6!!! I had a pair from 12 to 14 yrs old, a cool baggy pair in the 80's (14 to 16 yrs old), a pair of ripped knees 501s in the late 80s, all in tiny sizes. In 2003 came my next pair, in a comfy US size 20, a new pair in 2012 US size 8, then a few months later a size 6. I haven't bought any since then! I seem to live in black yoga pants emoticon

    it all looks so neat now. Aren't cats just the best helpers?!!!
    84 days ago
    I had probably 15-20 pairs in assorted sizes before I moved. Nothing too fancy so I got rid of everything that didn't fit before moving! Now I get to look forward to buying new jeans eventually!
    84 days ago
    84 days ago
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