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Saturday, February 20, 2021

I truly believe one will never takes for granted when one is without something for some time. Seriously, WATER? But before I begin with that, I will NEVER EVER take for granted for electricity! I was without it in freezing weather for 4 days. Thank the Gods and Goddesses it is back on but I am now without water. Just call me Pioneer woman. I am digging what snow is left in the shaded parts of the garden to melt so I can have water for "flushing"...Water bottles are scarce, I have 4 in my possession at this point. So hopefully, fingers crossed, my daughter and son-in-law will scout out today for more precious water.

They tried yesterday, but the lines were ridiculous and so they decided not to wait for 4 hours to get water. It is a hardship for all of us now in Texas. But look on the bright side!!!!!! The vortex is gone, we will be warming up today and that my friends is the best news I have heard in days!

My plants unfortunately do not look like they will survive. But that is least of my worries. I am praying my pipes won't burst as the weather warms. I knew moving to Austin from my beautiful home in Marin, California was going to be an adjustment but I never expected the challenges I have had since moving here. I do hope this will all be behind me now and it'll be smooth sailing for now on.

SO, lessons learned. Never take for granted when you can turn on the faucet and have fresh clean water flowing! Lesson learned never take for granted switching on a light switch to lighten a room, and have all your appliances turned on. I am and will be so ever grateful when my life returns to be somewhat "normal" and that the water will be turned on for all of Texas. This is some state I moved to, still questionable if I will ever feel at home here.
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  • PHOENIX1949
    One of my sisters, who lives in Central Austin, was without power from Monday morning until last night. Turned her water off at the main meter in hopes pipes would not freeze in her absence. Her son & daughter-in-law she stayed with never lost power or water. Yep, this vortex experience has upped our sense of gratitude.
    56 days ago
  • EISSA7
    You have SO been in my thoughts and prayers!! You have AND continue to endure beyond challenging conditions that are so stressful. Me seeing Austin on the news is nothing like you actually “living it”....I know the thawing water pipes IS a big worry.... I am hoping it is a non-event!! emoticon
    57 days ago
    Kudos for staying positive in the middle of all that mess! Who would have ever guessed you would have to go through this trauma after your move! As other said, make sure you have emergency supplies from now on. Hoping you will get water soon.
    57 days ago
    I am sorry you had to experience this trauma. I too am from the north so we always seem to be prepared for dire situations. I hope that relief is on its way quickly emoticon
    57 days ago
    I am sorry you had to experience this trauma. I too am from the north so we always seem to be prepared for dire situations. I hope that relief is on its way quickly emoticon
    57 days ago
    What a tough transition. Here's hoping that the water problem is resolved very soon. So glad to hear your electricity is working again.
    57 days ago
    I agree with several that we learned the survival skills at a young age up here in the ice bowl. It is nothing to go 4 days without heat here, we don't like it either, but we are prepared for it. I know you living in Cal. all your life, so far, that you wouldn't know all these little tricks. Yes, I always have water in gallon jugs for flushing, and bottle water for drinking just in case, and with our whole farm on electricity we do have to be prepared. Always have food in the house that doesn't need the stove. A can of Campbell's Chicken noodle soup is just as good cold as it is hot. It just doesn't soak up the crackers as fast. lol And it is best to have one of those hand can openers, as the electric ones wont cut it. But, on a serious note, Larry and his clutch of coffee friends were wondering if houses in Texas or Calif. have insulation in them, as the houses down there got so cold so fast to burst pipes. I know here when buying a house that is an important question to ask. I do hope that you eventually consider your new state and home as at least partially home. Good luck on finding water.
    58 days ago
    I moved from Nova Scotia to Ontario in 1977, and am very happy here, but Nova Scotia will always be home.

    I agree with Molliemac make room for a cache of water, maybe even consider installing a generator so that if the power goes off it will kick in. We've done so much damage to this poor planet that I believe the weather conditions will only get worse... sorry.
    58 days ago
    Now is the time to plan for the next time; make space in your pantry for an emergency cache of non perishable foods, bottled water (replace every few months), candles, matches, pet food, first aid supplies, "real" cash when the ATMs aren't working, keep your vehicle gassed up and lay in a supply of blankets. Batteries, kitty litter or road salt for your sidewalk and steps and a snow shovel. Bigger jugs of water for flushing and washing are good too if you have the space and they don't need to be refreshed. Whether hurricane or blizzard it will help get you through.
    I hope this all reverses very soon for all of you. emoticon
    58 days ago
    Oh, I was so hoping Jaimey and Justin would have found water. You are learning lessons that you should never have had to learn. These are the things we in the North land have had to learn from youth. Always have a good supply of water on hand. Keep flashlights in every room and candles always ready. Buy a generator in case you need to keep the freezer running. And never leave home in the winter without extra blankets in the car and warmer clothes in the back seat. Tom travels with a huge bag of all kinds of things - even when he's just going up to the art center.

    You, dear Fredie, have persevered and won. You are a true Pioneer Woman at heart!
    58 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I truly do understand your frustration of this all. Living here in Michigan, we have lost power but not like you have for that many days. Never have we lost water. Really makes me want to do more to stop the destruction that we are doing to Mother Earth. This is not a natural thing and if the powers at be don't see this as a sign of things to come, we are in big trouble.

    At least you are back home and have power. I know what you mean when you say you'll never take electricity for granted again and hopefully the water will be back. I'm hoping your daughter will be able to score some more water for all of you. I hear that they are shipping water to Texas, like they did here when one of our cities had water problems.

    Wishing you all best and praying that your pipes don't burst with the warm up. We are going to get warmer here this weekend and the beginning of next week. Looking forward to it.

    Talked to our friend who has children who live in Austin. They are in the same boat. All struggling to obtain water.

    Remember we will survive all this and better days are coming!
    58 days ago
    Oh my goodness!
    You really have gone through a lot in the last few months.
    All my best wishes for you and the lovely state of Texas.
    58 days ago
    Sending positive thoughts your way. I hope you get water today on our news I saw that they are sending huge quantities of it on trucks your way, not sure if to Austin but they said Texas.

    God bless emoticon
    58 days ago
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