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God's Blessing; Satan's Curse

Friday, February 19, 2021

Do we all have a skinny, little kid inside us who never walks when they can run or never runs when they can do cartwheels? I had a neighbor as a child and this is how she described me. My mom had to make all my clothes because I was so skinny and long-legged that she had to make pants with a pattern for a much younger child…and then add a foot to the length.

Those were the years when food was something to be “inhaled”, years before it became a means of controlling myself or others. Before I used it to torture myself and cause others to fear. Before it had the power to kill. Back when it was something to be enjoyed; when my mom had a chance to shine as a great cook.

How does that happen? How does food become our drug of choice? The best means of celebration and the secret silent nights when we pile a plate high and gulp it down, hating ourselves more with every bite. A book I read pointed out that it was the passion of appetite that led Eve to take the fruit and bite to the core of death, “when she saw the fruit was good for food, she took and ate it". The enemy serpent knew the greedy heart in mankind or rather the one that was awakened in our first parents as they shared the forbidden fruit. And we have struggled with our errant senses ever since.

Maybe the sick regret that is our payment for self-indulgence will be our ultimate undoing as we look at the test reports touting their dire outcomes and hear the doctors’ bleak prophecies unless we change our ways. Whether too much or too little food---the fact is that if it is misused, it has the power to kill us---once it has done its best to humiliate us and shame us into thinking we are somehow less than we are in fact.

Food can be God’s greatest blessing—and Satan’s worst curse and most powerful tool. And there is the pursuit of the ability of keeping food within its proper boundaries….to pare off the puffy pounds of flesh we have lugged around for too many years. God grants us second chances. A second chance with every morning’s awakening. Welcome to the gates of new beginnings and second chances.The Bible says that we "have all we need to live lives of godliness and self control."

And there is the pursuit of the ability of keeping food within its proper boundaries;to pare off the puffy pounds of flesh we have lugged around for too many years. God grants us second chances. A second chance with every morning’s awakening. Please beware that the path is steep and narrow and that good balance reigns supreme. There is a way through and there is also the possibility of becoming lost amongst the temptations that riddle the landscape. It is a journey you must ultimately make alone. You must succeed nights of temptation when there will be no one but God to help you navigate through the lures and bait that the Enemy dangles before your eyes. God is your only hope in those moments; the only one present and your greatest source of strength. It is a hard journey but it carries such reward for those who cross the minefield and find a way to love themselves and their bodies. Yes, we are alone. But we are alone together and that experience of aloneness will become one of our greatest strengths. It comes when you realize that no one will or can do it for you. We are all responsible for the ways in which we treat our bodies and we will learn of the deep joys this path carries us to. We can celebrate with those whose paths cross ours. It reminds me of the Army commercial. “The Army; the toughest job you will ever love.” Finding the body God meant for you to have is likewise as challenging. You can do it! Soldier on!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Very well written! This is why the Spark team of Emotional Eating is so huge. A very serious and pervasive problem, our war with food.
    I was a runner when I was younger -at one point I had made it across the bridge when they found me as a toddler -a four block walk from home!
    34 days ago
    Well written! Thanks for sharing this encouragement! It is indeed a great assessment of the battle. emoticon
    50 days ago
    That IS right Soldier ON!!!The reason we could eat like that when
    were kids,our foods did not have Hormones,Antibiotics&MSGs
    Now we have to buy foods that does not contain these unhealthy
    things added to foods.If you can buy foods that that are healthier
    they will cost more.But we are worth it!!! emoticon emoticon

    51 days ago
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